How and with whom to play Tartaglia?

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Tartaglia is here! Again ! Tartaglia's second rerun is coming to an end soon and you are still hesitating? Let's go back together on the character and his gameplay, maybe it will help you decide.

How to play Tartaglia?

Tartaglia is a character who dates back almost a year in the game. But unlike other characters, he remains very effective currently. This is a hydro character that can be played as a hydro element applicator and DPS support or as a DPS hand if desired.

His gameplay mainly revolves around his elemental ability. Indeed, if this character is an archer, he fights much more often in close combat with daggers that he materializes when you press E. When you switch to this combat mode, Tartaglia hits very quickly and all his damage are Hydro. This is called the demon pose. The cooldown of his ability is proportional to the time spent in demon stance. We therefore advise against staying too long in the stance if you do not want to have to wait 45 seconds of cooldown.

His ultimate can be cast normally, when not in Hydro dagger mode. He will then do area damage in a sphere in front of the character. On the other hand, if you throw it with the demon posture activated, you will do damage in an arc in front of the character which will be slightly higher.

But that's not all ! Because Tartaglia has a mechanism with its talents and skills that will add Hydro damage.

You can leave a mark on your enemies, either with Tartaglia's charged shot or with a critical hit in Demon Stance if you have the level 70 talent unlocked.

This mark will have several effects:

  • If you do a charged shot, it triggers three small Hydro explosions around the target.
  • If you kill an affected enemy, it will create an area explosion at the location of the enemy's death.
  • Tapping an affected enemy in Demon Stance also triggers area damage (with 1,5 second cooldown).
  • If you hit an affected enemy with the ultimate in demon stance, again, area damage.

All this mechanics therefore makes Tartaglia a very good DPS in the area because if you gather 3 or 4 enemies and use this mechanic, you don't need a diagram to understand that it will blow up everywhere.

Torrent Size

normal attack : Chains up to 6 shots. Inflicts counter current when fully charged.

counter current : Enemies affected by Backwash suffer a random area Hydro type of DMG when Tartaglia attacks.

Charged Attack : Performs an aimed shot, inflicts Hydro DMG if the arrow fully charges in element.

Combo : 41,3% / 46,3% / 55,4% / 57 / 60,9% / 72,8%
Aimed shot : 43,9%
Charged Shot : 124%
DGT during the fall : 56,8%
DGT Low/high drop : 114% / 142%

Countercurrent: Flash : 12,4% * 3
Countercurrent: Shard : 62%
Duration Counter-current : 10s
Unleashed Tide

Weapon Change : Tartaglia switches from distance mode to melee mode which changes its attacks.

Normal attack (under skill) : Chains up to 6 Hydro cuts. Inflicts counter current when fully charged.

Inflicts Backwash : Slash when used on a monster with Riptide

Charged Attack : Executes a quick cross strike and inflicts Hydro DMG.

DMG on activation : 72%
Combo : 38,9% / 41,6% / 56,3 / 59,9% / 55,3% / 65,4 + 37,7
Aimed shot : 43,9%
Charged Attack : 60,2% + 72%
DGT Counter-Current Notch : 60%

Max duration : 30s
TdR : Duration used + 6s (6 to 36s)
Burst (mode distance)
Ravage: Obliteration

Fires a Hydro Arrow in front of him that inflicts area DMG as well as the Riptide effect. Restores a portion of elemental energy at the end of the attack.

Skill DMG : 378%
TdR : 15s
Energy cost : 60
Burst (melee mode)
Ravage: Obliteration

Executes a large circular Hydro slash to all nearby enemies and generates the Torrent effect on enemies under Backwash

Torrent: Consumes the Counter-Current effect and inflicts area Hydro DMG. Counts as damage from an elemental unleash.

Skill DMG : 464%
Countercurrent DGT: torrent : 120%
TdR : 15s
Energy cost : 60

What set of artifacts for the Fatui?

We advise you to equip it in 4 pieces castaway if you use its skills completely, in DPS/Hydro Applicator. You can also ignore his skills and just use the ultimate to deal big Hydro damage. Then use Ancient Royal Ritual Coins.

Click to show build - DPS Hydro

Click to view build - Burst Hydro

With whom to play Tartaglia?

 Tartaglia hits very fast and you won't be able to Evaporate on every attack. That's why we advise you to play it with Electro supports to do a lot of Electrocution or with characters who can trigger big damage in Evaporation while being outside the field, (like Xiangling for example). Tartaglia will be there to apply the Hydro state en masse and the supports will react.


Few people will have access to it but the Tartaglia constellations are mainly used to reduce the cooldown of the skill and slightly increase the damage. They are absolutely not necessary to play the character. If you're using supports, most of the time the cooldown will be nearly complete by the time you reroll their skills.

The third and fifth, as usual, increase Tartaglia's skill levels.

Constellation #1
Demon Stance: Wave of Calm
Reduces the ToR of Demon Stance: Unleashed Tide by 20%.
Constellation #2
Demon Stance: Undercurrent
Defeating an enemy affected by Riptide can restore 4 Tartaglia Elemental Energy.
Constellation #3
Chaos of the Abyss: Vortex of Unrest
Skill level Demon Stance: Unleashed Tide +3. Max level: 15
Constellation #4
Chaos of the Abyss: Flower of Condensed Water
When Tartaglia is in the Demon Stance: Raging Tide melee state, a Riptide: Slash is triggered against enemies affected by the Riptide effect every 4s; otherwise, it triggers a Reverse Current: Flash. The Riptide: Slash and Riptide: Flash triggered by this Constellation are not influenced by the trigger intervals of these two Riptide effects, nor do they affect their own trigger interval.
Constellation #5
Ravage: Formless Blade
Ravage skill level: Obliteration +3. Max level: 15
Constellation #6
Ravage : annihilation
While in melee, activating Ravage: Obliteration removes the ToR from Demon Stance: Unleashed Tide. This effect occurs after returning to the ranged state.

The final word

Tartaglia is a fun character to play because he is fast and does a lot of reactions and area damage. This displays numbers all over the screen and very effective, especially in multi-target. Feel free to use the test available in in-game events, if it's still available when you read this.

If you have any questions, feel free to find us on Discord. You can also follow our Twitter to not miss any information!

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