How and with whom to play Yae Miko?

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Yea Miko is finally available, several months after the character's introduction. But is it good for you? Today we bring you a character analysis to help you decide.

How to play Yae?

Yae is an Electro Catalyst, the second in the game after Lisa. His gameplay centers around his elemental skill which functions similarly to Fischl's Oz. So we advise you to ignore Yae's basic attack skills. The multipliers are quite low.

Yae's elemental skill is therefore the central part of her kit. It allows you to place up to 3 totems simultaneously (which you have to do), these totems automatically attack nearby enemies. The range is pretty good, but the shots will all be single-target. In addition, the skill tends to target the elements of the environment when you are exploring. The damage of these totems increases if they are close enough to each other.
In the field, they are connected by a light purple beam. This indicates the level of additional damage they have acquired. We therefore advise you to place the totems in a triangle so that they are close enough. 
It should also be noted that the totems use Yae's current stats and not the ones she had when the totems were placed. Buffs therefore need to be on Yae, even when she's not on the field to continue applying. Which is not the case with Bennett's buff, for example.
A passive from Yae will also boost totem damage with Yae's elemental mastery. However, it is not profitable to invest heavily in mastery, this bonus is still less interesting than a traditional critical damage bonus equipment. It's just a little extra to have control over the substats of your artifacts.


Yae's rampage is also interesting. This is a huge damage burst with up to 4 layers of damage. Indeed, for each totem on the field, an additional line of damage is added. Don't be afraid to destroy your totems as well, a passive allows you to reset the cooldown for each destroyed totem. The rampage however has a very long cooldown and a large energy hit.

We therefore recommend playing the character in DPS support by placing the 3 totems permanently on the ground (easily doable) and using the unleashing on slightly stronger enemies to inflict heavy damage on them. The permanent Electro app makes her a good candidate for playing Yae in a composition using Electrocution.


Sin-Eating Vulpes

normal attack : Summons Kitsune spirits, chaining up to 3 attacks that inflict Electro DMG.
Charged Attack : Consumes stamina to inflict area Electro DMG after a short delay.

Combo : 39.66% / 38.52% / 56.89%
loaded : 142.89%
DGT during the fall : 56.83%
DGT Low/high drop : 113.63% / 141.93%
Evocation of the Yakan: Devastating Sakura

Moves quickly, leaving behind devastating sakura.
Devastating Sakura
The following characteristics apply:
• Strikes a nearby enemy with lightning intermittently, inflicting Electro DMG.
• When there are other devastating sakura nearby, their level increases, improving the DMG they inflict.
This ability can be used 3 times.
A maximum of 3 devastating sakura can exist at the same time. The initial level of a devastating sakura is 1, and the highest level a sakura can reach is 3. If a devastating sakura is created too close to another sakura, the old sakura is destroyed.

DGT aptitude : 60.67% / 75.84% / 94.8% / 118.5%
DGT coordinated attack : 42%
Duration : 14s
TdR : 4s
Secret Technique: Embodiment of Tenko

The legend of "kitsunetsuki", or possession by a Kitsune, is one of Inazuma's folk tales. Among them, that of the Celestial Kitsune is considered special, overwhelming enemies in Narukami Shrine as a lightning bolt that descends, inflicting area Electro DMG.
Using this skill, Yae Miko unseals nearby devastating sakura to destroy their outer forms and transform them into lightning bolts of tenko descending from the sky, inflicting area Electro DMG. Each devastating sakura destroyed in this way triggers a lightning bolt.

DGT competence : 260%
Tenko's Flash DGT : 333.82%
TdR : 22s
Energy cost : 90

What sets of artifacts for Yae?

Depending on what you prefer between totems and unleashing, you can use multiple artifact sets.

  • A 4-piece "Anger of Thunder"
  • A 4-piece "Shattered Destiny"
  •  A two-piece combination between the two cities and the “Gladiator” or “Nostalgic Reminiscence” sets (bringing 18% attack). A two-piece "Vagabond band" is also possible.

Lots of stats are interesting for Yae: you're looking at Electro damage, crit (rate and damage), offense, energy recharge, and elemental mastery.

Click to view build - DPS Support
Click to view build - Burst

Who to play Yae with?

 Yae being a DPS support, she can enter any team that is not hindered by an Electro element contribution.

All Electrocution or Physics teams (using Superconduction) will therefore be interested. Yae however remains quite selfish, as she does not provide a boost to the other members of the team and will need a lot of energy and therefore ideally another Electro character to recharge her outburst.

You can also accompany it with an Anemo character with the 4-piece “Shadow of the Green Huntress” to lower enemy resistances.


The character can be used without. They will help generate energy for the rampage (with C1) and boost Yae's skill damage (C2 C3 and C6) and her Electro damage (C4). They are useful but not essential. Only go get them if you really like the character and can afford it.

Constellation #1
Offering of the yakan
When Secret Technique: Celestial Incarnation fires a Tenko Bolt, Yae Miko recovers 8 Elemental Energy.
Constellation #2
Yelp under the moon
Devastating sakura start at Lv.2 and can go up to Lv.4, and their attack range increases by 60%.
Constellation #3
The seven glamors
Yakan Evocation Skill Level: Devastating Sakura +3.
Constellation #4
sakura channeling
When the lightning bolt from a Devastating Sakura hits an enemy, all nearby party members gain 20% Electro DMG for 5s.
Constellation #5
Relentless mockery
Secret Technique skill level: Incarnation of Tenko +3.
Constellation #6
Taboo art: Daisesshou
Devastating sakura attacks ignore 60% of the enemy's DEF.

The final word

Yae is a fairly easy to use character who will bring some damage to your team. However, it is not essential, other characters can fill a similar role.

If you have any questions, feel free to find us on Discord. You can also follow our Twitter to not miss any information!

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