How do I complete the quest "Seirai Storm Chasers"?

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Seirai's Storm Chaser sends you to the heart of Inazuma's most troubled island to encounter the Manifestation of Thunder! We will see together how to achieve this quest!

Go see Catherine in Inazuma!

To get started, meet Catherine at the Inazuma Adventurer's Guild. She will tell you more about the problems with Seirai.

Direction Seirai

To get to Seirai, you have two options. The first is to take a boat and go there directly, but you can also get there from the small island southeast of Tatarasuna using an electrogranum. Then activate the portal and go through it.

This 2nd method will allow you to obtain an electroculus!

Island Adventurers

You will have to meet the adventurers on the island. They are looking for a way to reduce the storms raging in the heart of Seirai to nothing. For this, you will have to solve the mystery of ancient stones of protection.

No puzzles yet, just follow the indicated positions and talk to the NPCs.

cat footprints

Follow the orange areas. These will take you to the small island where Asase's shrine is located. You will meet Neko there.

This one will teach you how to use the protective stones once you have repaired his offering box.

Fix the box

Go to the village and exterminate the treasure looters. Then, head to their camp to steal their planks, nails and ropes after defeating the other looters who didn't ask anyone.

You can then return to the shrine, fix the box, and talk to Neko again.

The enigmas of the sealed stones

Neko explains to you that you must move the stones so that the papers on the sticks near the stones are the same as those on the stones.

You also learn that there will be 4 stones to activate to reach an Electro bird (the manifestation of thunder).

Sealing the foundation stone

Go to the first stone and free the pillars by interacting with them. Then move the protection stone so as to give it this position.

Seal the second stone

Direction the 2nd stone. Kill the enemies there then free the 3 pillars.

The first two are very close to the stone, the third is on the small island a little further north indicated on your map. Grab the Electrogranum to get there faster.

Then put the stone in this position and talk to Eiko.

Seal the third stone

Go to the location indicated on your map and talk to Taisuke. Then go through the portal and then use the many electrogranums to get to the 3rd stone and activate the 3 portals.

Then put the stone in this position.

The last stone

Do the same for the last stone and put it in this position.

The demonstration

You will now need to defeat the Manifestation of Thunder. Be careful not to take his reward if you do not want it.

Continuation and end

Take the electrogranum located on the platform and head towards the strange feather. Then report to the adventurers to complete the quest!

There you go !

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