How to get the new spear and the breeding pool quickly?

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We have seen that many of you were looking for the new 4-star spear available with the catch or the basin for your teapot. That's why today we offer you a guide to locate the fish necessary to buy this spear, its upgrades and the fish farming basin.

In addition, the fishing tutorial and the location of merchants are accessible by reading this article.

Unlock Fishing

To be able to fish, you must first complete the quest offered by Catherine de Mondstadt for the fishermen's association. You find Nantuck the fisherman for a tutorial on fishing. This unlocks your first fishing rod. In addition, you will learn the location of two fishing spots. Do not hesitate to mark them on your map thanks to the new corresponding icon.

Unlock bait

Then, you will have to unlock the different baits. You will need to purchase the blueprints from the Fisherman in Mondstadt for 3 Medakas each, giving a total of 9 Medakas which will allow you to craft them at the Synthesis Table.

You will be able to find these Medakas at the locations given during the Intro to Fishing quest as well as many others.

Most are listed on our interactive map. Here are the stitches used for Medakas when writing this guide:

Once the crafts are unlocked, we invite you to make a few dozen of each, you will need them.

What do I need to do to get the spear and the fish farming tank?

Both items are obtainable from merchants in Liyue and Inazuma. The basin will only cost you 10 copies of Médaka, a simple fish to obtain. You can quickly buy it.

The spear, on the other hand, requires more investment: it requires a total of 46 fish of three different species.

Likewise, to refine this weapon, you will have to buy a component from the Inazuma merchant who will ask you for a total of 23 fish per refinement.

Where to find the required fish?

To catch the fish needed for the spear and its upgrades, you will need "False Fly" bait (for "Koï" and "Puffer Fish") as well as a few copies of "Dummy Worm" (for "Raimei Angelfish"). ").

The "Raimei Angelfish" can only be found by night and in the electrified waters of Inazuma. There is only one place and therefore only about 4 “Raimei Angelfish” per world. If you want more, you will have to wait for the fish to respawn, which takes several days.

You can also ask your friends or on our Discord to come and fish for another player.

Koi (golden or rusty) can be found in many fishing spots around the world and we invite you, again, to consult the interactive map for this. These fish will not always be present when you arrive at your destination but may appear after you have caught a few other fish.

Again, you won't have enough fish from the first harvest. You will have to wait for the respawn or go to multiplayer.

Here are the places where we were able to find Koi:

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