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Working from home it is an idea that attracts us more and more, both because we are tired of the work we do, and because we would like to have more freedom and more time to live life to the full. How many times have you wondered how earn online e make money from home, from the comfort of your living room? 

Many, I know. Being able to decide how much, how and where to work really seems like a dream. Many, however, believe that all job offers to make money online are scams or in any case not very serious, while the work from home it can be very serious and profitable. Of course, scams also exist, and we'll talk about that too. 

In fact, today you will discover everything you need to know to make work from home your reality: in fact we will see all the possible work to do at home, the sites to make money online and never having to take the bus again at 7 am and go home late at night. 

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Making money online from home: is it really possible?

If you are wondering whether to get to make money online from home it can become a real thing, possible to achieve, the answer is soon said: yes. 

Making money from home is always easier, moreover: it smart working it is also gaining ground among "canonical" companies, and during the last period many office workers have found themselves working from their homes. 97% of companies have in fact adopted smart working during the pandemic. And, since it worked, in many cases it remained an option even after reopening. 

Do you know why it works? Because in your home you don't have to be accountable to anyone, and therefore:

  • You are more relaxed, and when you do things calmly and without pressure, the efficiency triples
  • You can follow your timing, and most of the time this means less time and more hours of the day free¬†
  • Savings on transport and take-away lunch, not having to go anywhere

In short, working from home gives you the ability to manage your life, to be in control of your days. Don't think it's a B-grade job, though, or something to be taken lightly. You will have to work hard to be able to make money online from home, and do things seriously. 

Working from home: online scams

First of all to prepare for work from home, you will need to be aware of how many and which online job scams exist.

While these scams have existed on the Internet for decades, many people still let themselves be duped and end up losing money. The online scams which we will talk about in this article are:

  • Packaging from home
  • Bagging from home
  • Home assembly¬†
  • Data entry from home: data entry
  • Earn money from home by writing addresses¬†

Are these home jobs always scams? No, sometimes the ads for these offers are real, which is precisely why we will now see them one by one so as to try to understand how to distinguish and avoid scams.

Packaging from home

Il home packaging it consists in receiving, in fact, directly at home the material that you will have to pack and prepare for sale. 

If you search on the Internet "work from home packaging"The most common offers concern:

  • costume jewelry
  • Penne
  • Favors
  • Objects in general¬†

Where is the deception? Quite simply, we are in 2022. Do you really need to ship some material to a person's home, have it manually packaged and send it back? 

What's more, in these scams you are told that in order to work you will have to buy a kit or material that comes to your home. In short, since when do you pay to be able to work? 

Bagging from home

Same goes for thebagging from home, which usually refers to:

  • Leaflet
  • Buttons¬†
  • Various documents¬†

They promise you one euro for each envelope, so if you do the math the numbers you could earn from home are high. But come to think of it, which company would outsource material to a person they can't even control? What do they know that you will get the job done? 

And even here, they will ask you for an initial amount, around twenty euros. And then poof, they will disappear. 

Home assembly: work from home by assembling objects

The work of home assembly requires little skill and a lot of patience, and refers to:

  • Toys
  • timer
  • Jewellery
  • Furnishings
  • Tailoring works¬†

In this case years ago a scam was released that still runs on the web today: work of assembly of Kinder eggs. If you happen to see an ad for this job, turn away!

And if the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčworking for a company like Ferrero intrigued you, here on this official page you will find all the Ferrero job offers and the various open positions‚Ķ all over the world.

Data entry from home: data entry

The work of data entry from home consists precisely indata entry. These job positions can take different forms:

  • Data cataloging
  • Data entry in Excel or other spreadsheets¬†
  • Control of the orders of an e-commerce

And it's a job for which you don't need who knows what technical skills: you don't have to be a LINK graphic designer or a web developer, to say the least.

This then leads to the emergence of many online scams for this job. How to recognize them? Well, the ads for data entry from home who promise you to earn ‚ā¨ 2000 a day for 3 working hours do not even consider them.¬†

Earn money from home by writing addresses

And we conclude the list of online scam jobs with perhaps the longest-running and most famous scam of all. In fact, since 2006, advertisements and job offers for earn from home by writing addresses.

But what need will there ever be to do transcribe addresses from home to someone with the technology we have today? 

Also in this case they ask you ‚ā¨ 20 to protect themselves. But to protect yourself from what?¬†

A nice X above, giant scam. 

Working from home: how to make money online from home in 2022

And now that we've seen which online jobs to absolutely avoid, let's think about instead how to make money from home safely, e earn online truly. 

The methods that we will see together are:

  • Paid surveys
  • Call center from home¬†
  • Give reps online
  • Selling eBooks¬†
  • Become an audiobook reader
  • Create an ecommerce site
  • Fare dropshipping
  • Become an influencer on Instagram¬†
  • Open a YouTube channel
  • Create a blog¬†
  • Fare affiliate marketing¬†
  • App to earn money
  • Fare trading online
  • Become an editor or proofreader
  • Translation from home
  • Selling used online

Paid surveys: sites to make money online

One of the first methods of making money online that you will surely already know are the paid surveys. Are they reliable? Yes, because companies actually need to carry out these market surveys to understand what consumers need, what they need to buy.

And that's why they hire people to answer gods online paid surveys which last from 3 to 10 minutes.

It's not the way to get rich, of course, but done consistently can be a great way to round up, a second job to do in your spare moments.

Some of paid survey sites to make money online better and more reliable are:

  • Toluna. In this paid survey panel with 4 million subscribers, you can earn from 50 cents to 5 euros per survey. It actually works in points, which you can decide to convert into cash or vouchers from Amazon, Ikea, Chicco and other stores.¬†
  • Life Points. You can earn up to 100 points on each LifePoints survey. For every 500 points you will have earned ‚ā¨ 5. Also in this case you can decide to use them also in the form of vouchers, for example for Zalando.¬†
  • Opinion Center. On this survey panel you will be able, in addition to earning money with surveys, to test and comment on the products that arrive directly at home. Working from home 2.0!
  • UniVox This is another reliable survey panel, you will receive about 5 questionnaire invitations per month but the more experienced you become the more this number increases, even up to 15.
  • Forest of Opinions This panel is one of those with the highest payout, ‚ā¨ 3 for each survey. Except that he doesn't send many surveys and to be able to sign up you have to wait for his recruitment campaigns: he is very selective, he does not accept anyone!

The most effective way to make money online with paid surveys is to subscribe to multiple panels at the same time and devote a lot of time to this activity.

Call center from home

Working from home can mean transforming your room station into a switchboard. The telemarketing it is in fact a possible way to make money from home: it will be like working in a call center, only you won't have to go out. This work can be of two types:

  • Inbound, if your job is to answer incoming calls to help consumers solve problems¬†
  • Outbound, if instead you have to be the one to call people to communicate offers and promotions¬†

Usually the pay for the call center from home it is weekly and there are also commissions based on the sales you manage to complete (in the outbound).

Give reps online

As well as university professors and teachers found themselves exploiting the new method of education DAD (distance learning), even those who dealt with giving repetitions had to adapt. 

And here in fact you can do it from home: give reps online it's not that different than doing it live. The only things you will need are a computer, knowledge of what you want to teach and… a lot of patience! 

You can give reps online to the guys you already followed before now using platforms like Skype, or subscribe to sites like:

  • SuperProf
  • Social Academy

On these sites you can give online tuition on anything: languages, school subjects, free time… What can you do? Then teach it! 

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Selling eBooks

If maybe inside you have always wanted to be a writer but you have never given great importance to your interest, now is the right time to do it! 

Selling eBooks has never been easier: with Amazon's KDP Kindle Direct Publishing platform, you have the ability to write an eBook (or as many as you want) and put it up for sale without any other step.

What is certain is in order to sell an eBook you must know how to sponsor it well: how to do it? 

  • Create a website that can direct users to your ebook¬†
  • Using social networks to advertise yourself
  • Get good reviews, because the more an ebook is judged well, the more it will be highlighted on Amazon

In short, it is not really a walk but it can be done! And what about the topics of what is best to write an ebook? Well, about what works best for you, what you know and what you can do. 

Ask yourself: What can I teach others? Whether it's a guide on how to take care of your garden or a series of diet recipes, if you know the subject you can write an ebook!

Here are some readings that I recommend if you want to give yourself to this type of business!

Become an audiobook reader

If you have a computer, a microphone and a voice acting nature, you might want to become a working from home audiobook player. 

You will simply have to narrate, interpret children's books, novels and any other type of text for people with blindness or for anyone who wants to listen to a book instead of reading it. 

It's a fun and dynamic job, but remember that you'll have to put in a lot of effort to make it a real job!

Collaborating with Audible, the audiobook platform signed by Amazon, is very difficult also because they are not the ones who select the audiobook readers but the publishers themselves do it.

But you can use the Audiobook Creation Exchange platform, also owned by Amazon. Or you can propose yourself on the various freelance job sites:

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Peopleperhour

In any case, I have an updated article on how to become an audiobook reader right here!

Creating an ecommerce: working from home with an online store

One way to work from home and make money online is definitely create an ecommerce site, Or a Online shop. In fact, it will allow you to start a business and make money from home without having to bear the costs of renting a space. 

In order to create an ecommerce site you will need:

  • A product to sell¬†
  • Register the business in the commercial register¬†
  • Create the website¬†

If you want to sell a product created by you, something artistic like portraits or sculptures, you can use the site Etsy shop.

Or you can use the site Shopify to create an ecommerce and sell: of course, as with ebooks, you will need to know how to do some advertising. 

Again, there are some books and manuals that will be right for you!

What if you don't have a product to create or have created especially for you? Well, you can try dropshipping! 

Fare dropshipping

Il dropshipping it is a sales system for which you will be an intermediary and you will be able to sell a product without having it physically in a warehouse. In practice, you are just the link between the company and the buyer. 

To sell in dropshipping you will have to 

  • Create an ecommerce site
  • Implement a marketing and optimization campaign to advertise your site¬†

Il dropshipping with Aliexpress it is the most common form among industry experts. You will be able to import the products you want to sell with Aliexpress on your site using the Oberlo app.

How does the dropshipping with Aliexpress (and in general)? It is a three-step process:

  • The customer buys a product from your site at a price of 100 ‚ā¨ (retail price)
  • You buy that product from the seller on Aliexpress for 60 ‚ā¨ (wholesale price)
  • The seller sends the product from the warehouse directly to the customer, that way you don't even see it

Simple, isn't it? If it's not that bad, you can always study with a good dropshipping book!

Become an influencer on Instagram

Who wouldn't want to become an Instagram influencer and get paid to travel all the time and take a dream vacation that is practically given as a gift or even paid? All this is possible: if someone else has succeeded, you can easily do it too. But how?

become an influencer on Instagram you have to:

  • Find a theme for your profile. People need to have a reason to start following you. Whether it's fitness, photography, nutrition, or whatever, your Instagram profile will need to be consistent with a theme
  • Post quality photos, well done, original and attention-grabbing. Not necessarily made by a photographer, but still cured and with the right filters
  • Write descriptions that show who you are, which inspire sympathy and which make your followers interact. For example, below a photo of a trip you could ask your followers what their dream trip is. This will create many Comments below the post and Instagram will give you visibility, letting you end up in the Explore
  • Use hashtags, but not at random! You need to use the right hashtags, consistent with the type of content you are posting. You can use Hashtag Finder to find the most popular and relevant ones.
  • Have patience. You don't get 1 million followers in two days, but it takes patience and perseverance to build a profile that has some credibility.¬†

Then, when it does, you can earn from home by sponsoring products and brands that will contact you directly! 

As an alternative, then, I leave you here the article on how to become famous on TikTok

Open a YouTube channel to work from home

And how not to think about open a YouTube channel?! In the last decade we have noticed a drastic change in the world of entertainment: television has been gradually replaced by many people with the web, especially YouTube.

Videos on YouTube keep us company, educate us, entertain us or reflect: in short, they entertain us in any way. And behind a content there is always someone who worked to produce it: in this case the youtubers. On this platform you can create content on any topic. The most common are:

  • Video game play
  • Video haul di shopping¬†
  • Tutorial on make up
  • Vlog
  • Storytime
  • Information

become youtuber and open a YouTube channel, all you have to do is:

  • Sign up and create your channel
  • Record videos
  • Publish them

Of course, if at the same time you have a well-followed Instagram profile or a website it will be easier to direct visits to your YouTube channel and, consequently, to acquire subscribers.

You will have noticed in fact that the best thing for work from home and make money online is to start multiple businesses at the same time! The trick is right there.

Create a blog

Create a blog (just like this) means writing articles on the Internet related to one or more topics, in order to end up on the first page of Google and get hits. The great thing is that you can create a blog about what you like and care about the most, about the topics you are very knowledgeable about and would have to talk about for hours.

But, there is a but. 

To get to make money with a blog you cannot rely only on your passions to choose the topic, but you have to evaluate several factors:

  • Competitiveness of the sector¬†
  • Difficulty in positioning
  • Search for users

If you want to talk about ‚Äúmaking money online‚ÄĚ, for example, the competition is super fierce and finishing in the top positions will be very difficult, but on the other hand, the search for users is very high.¬†

Speaking of "food for mice" on the other hand, will certainly allow you to position yourself more easily. But how many people do you think are looking for it every month? Far too few to make any money.

The purpose is to find a niche not too competitive but not too little. To do this you will have to do a lot of research and use the function of keyword research on the Google Ads platform.

Ma how to monetize a blog, once started? When you start to have consistent monthly visits and good Google rankings, you can monetize your blog and make money from home in multiple ways. In fact, you can take advantage of the blog to:

  • Selling an info product, that is to propose and sell an ebook with the topics of your blog more in-depth¬†
  • Place advertisements and get passive earnings with every click thanks to the Google Adsense platform
  • Fare affiliate marketing, i.e. affiliation (which is our next topic)

Make money with a blog It is a long process and at the beginning you will have a lot of work to do: over time, however, you will make a minimum of effort with a great profit.

Dedicated article: how to make money with a blog: start monetizing

Do affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliate

Making money with affiliate marketing, if done with commitment and perseverance, is possible and also very profitable.

THEaffiliate marketing It is the promotion of a product of a company for the purpose of sales that will earn you a commission. 

Of course to be able to make affiliation as we said before you will need to have your own space on the web in which to promote products and generate sales through links. For this you will have to create a website. As you can see, for most of these work from home to make money online you will need a website, which you can create at a minimal cost on SiteGround. 

From then on you can start do affiliate marketing to earn. The simplest way is theAmazon affiliation: I'll give you an example. You make an article on your site that talks about drawing on the best colored pencils on the market. 

As soon as you name the brand X pencils, put the Amazon affiliate link to be able to buy them. If someone opens the link and buys the pencils (or whatever else they have in their cart) from Amazon, you get the 10% of the product price.

To become an Amazon affiliate, simply sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program and select the product to promote to get the affiliate link. 

However, to enter the world of affiliation I recommend watching video courses and reading books focused on the topic of web marketing: you have to study to be able to emerge! 

Why not start with one of these books?

App to earn money

To earn money from home, there is another resource always at hand: applications that can be downloaded directly to your mobile phone. 

Think about how many hours you spend with your smartphone in your hand every day: it would be a shame not to make use of all that time, right? Then you can count on some app to earn money, type:

  • Foap, an app to earn selling your photographs. If you are a LINK professional photographer or a lover of photographic art, this may be the application for you
  • BeMyEye LINK, in this case more than working from home you will have to work around the shops! It is in fact an app of mistery shopping: you just have to choose the mission and go to complete it to receive compensation. The missions can be to check that a product is displayed in a shop, to photograph it and the like. Some say they earn ‚ā¨ 300-400 per month with BeMyEye! A similar money making app is AppJobber. LINK
  • Sweatcoin. Also in this case I work from home not much: they pay you to walk! Every 1000 steps you get 1 sweatcoin, and every 20 000 sweatcoins you will have earned 1000 ‚ā¨‚Ķ and even lost a few kg!¬†
  • Hold This earning app is a bit unusual: it rewards you for not using your mobile. Every 20 minutes without touching your smartphone you earn 10 points, and with 60 points you can get rewards such as half-price cinema tickets or a free coffee, or even Amazon coupons.¬†

Once there was LiveQuiz, an app for earn real money playing a general knowledge quiz, but unfortunately it closed its doors! 

Fare trading online

And how not to name the online trading when it comes to working from home? Trading online means buying and selling financial instruments that have a listed value on the stock exchange, in order to obtain much higher figures than those invested. 

Based on the financial instruments you buy, online trading can be:

  • Forex , in the case of currencies (currency market)
  • Commodities, if you buy raw materials
  • Equities, if you do stock trading
  • Bond, if instead you buy and sell bonds (they are like loans you make to a company on which you earn an interest rate)

Earn money with online trading it is more than possible, but you will have already understood that to do it well and not go at a loss you need to learn and devote a lot of energy to this activity. 

To start without doing too much damage you can think of doing copy trading, that is, to imitate the strategies of already experienced traders to obtain identical or very similar earnings. To do copy trading you can use platforms such as:

  • eToro
  • Zulutrade

Of course, online trading involves some investments initials, so it is much better to inform yourself before starting!

Become an editor or proofreader

Some jobs that were previously done in offices and editorial offices now take place mainly remotely: this is the case, for example, of editors and proofreaders, who very often correspond to the same figure.

THEeditor (or editorial editor) is the one who revises a text written by someone else, to provide for the correction of:

  • Form: inconsistent stylistic choices, coherent language, probable chronological order
  • Contents: plot holes, incorrect information

Il proof-reader, instead, it deals with correcting:

  • Typing errors¬†
  • Sequence of time
  • Lexical errors¬†

In short, it is not uncommon for these two figures to be concentrated in a single person who is in charge of 100% proofreading of a text by a writer or columnist. 

If you are a perfectionist and are able to keep the attention very high, you can work from home as a proofreader or editor! You find many job offers on the various job sites, or you can always decide to go directly to companies and publishing houses.

Translation from home: being an online translator

Il translator's work by now it is totally freelance: if you want to work from home as a translator, you just need to be at least bilingual (if you know more, even better) and you will already have all the necessary requirements.

You will simply take care of examining texts in another language and transforming them into your native language. 

But how do the online translator work? There are several sites that allow you to offer your translation service:

  • TextMaster
  • translated
  • Fiverr
  • Unbabel
  • Write me

You know you also become Netflix translator? They have in fact created the Hermes platform from which they recruit translators from all over the world to take care of the subtitling!

Selling used online

Even if it's not really a work from home, I couldn't help but make a little parenthesis on sale of used online.

Nobody displeases a few more bucks and a tidier house, so while waiting to start earning online you can think of sell used clothes, items you no longer use or even furniture online and make some money from sales. 

The internet is full of sites and app to sell used items! A few examples:

  • Of pop, is an app for selling used clothes. From each sale the platform retains a 10% commission
  • shpock is a real online flea market. Publish the photo of the product, write a description and here it ends in the window. On Shpock you can sell any type of item.
  • Letgo This app to sell used online is useful because it allows you to search for offers or buyers in your area, thus bypassing the shipping costs.
  • Vinted and how not to mention Vinted, the brand new app to sell used clothes but also toys, furniture and various objects! The particularity? It does not withhold any commission.

Online Network Marketing: Making Money Being a Representative

Very often we come across friends on Facebook who from one day to the next become "entrepreneurs", "their own bosses" and who finally can "work from home and be independent and free". And they will give you info in private if you contact them.

Surely these words are not new to you and it will have happened to you at least once in your life.

And you may have wondered: what did he do to get so rich? 

The answer is simple: he has been contacted by someone who does the same thing and has entered the "magical" world in network marketing online. It is mainly about promoting things like this:

  • Representative of beauty products
  • scents
  • Travel
  • Slimming products

Network marketing consists of a pyramid sales system. Basically, if I sign up, I have two ways to earn: 

  • I sell the products, and therefore I get one Commission
  • I get someone else to sign up, and if he sells I get one percentage even from its sale

So 50% of the job is to promote the products while the other half is to contact as many people as possible to get them to join the community too. Suddenly, that friend you haven't heard from since 2012 rewrites you to ask how you are and tell you how well she earns with her new home job. 

You understand well that Network marketing can only make you money if you have a large following on social media, certainly not if you have a private profile with 200 followers (although the representatives will try to convince you that it is enough). And instead you will find yourself writing to all your relatives, friends and acquaintances in the hope that someone will buy something to get back at least the initial money.

Yes, because you will almost certainly have to pay for one entrance kit, products for a total ranging from ‚ā¨ 20 to ‚ā¨ 40.¬†

In short, I'm not saying that it is not possible to make money with network marketing ... I'm saying that only 5% of representatives get decent figures. Others can aim to earn ‚ā¨ 100‚Ķ per year.¬†

How to make money with crafts from home

There are many jobs that can be done from home. Some provide an initial investment for the purchase of the necessary material or for the use of web platforms, others allow you to earn without any initial investment. The important thing is to create a business and start a new "entrepreneurial" career with a lot of good will. The jobs that can be done at home are innumerable and allow you to have large sums.



Let's see now what can be some of the do-it-yourself jobs from home that allow for a certain income:

  1. Comics trading: the comics market is experiencing a moment of prosperity reaching a turnover of hundreds of millions of euros. You can try to start this specific business initially by selling the comics that have collected dust in the garage or in the attic, and then expand by acquiring new ones at low cost prices in the flea markets. The sale can be done on the online auction portal Catawiki, here you can see that some comics are sold with incredibly high prices, even ‚ā¨ 50 the piece, ‚ā¨ 100 the piece.

  2. Web columnist: Web writers or copywriters are columnists who, despite not having a journalistic or editorial career, love to write or correct digital proofs. There are numerous online platforms such as which, in the face of a free registration to the portal, offer new users to earn good money. Generally an article is paid for the number of words, with prices ranging between 0,01 and 0,03 per word based on the experience, skill and difficulty of the piece. To start earning you just need a passion for writing and a personal computer.

  3. Online teacher: if you are an expert in any field whether it is computer science, mathematics or literature, it is possible to offer training courses for adults and children through video chat lessons. There are numerous portals that allow you to start this activity such as, Many of these platforms offer the possibility of filming their own video lessons and then posting them in special sections. You will get paid every time a person downloads one of these videos.

  4. Antiques dealer: Are you a restoration expert? You can buy cheap antique pieces from second-hand dealers or flea markets. Once restored, they can be sold on Ebay. There is no need to restore large objects such as furniture, for example you can specialize in small retro 80s and 90s objects such as chandeliers or toys that are still in fashion today.

  5. Electrical Appliance Repairer: If you have the right skills, it will be easy to repair small appliances and stereos. To make this activity known, you just need to advertise from your butcher, butcher or seller of electrical and electronic equipment, but also use Facebook social functions such as the Marketplace.

  6. Translator: if you have a good knowledge of both grammar and syntax of a foreign language, you can do paid translations from home using specific platforms such as

  7. T-Shirt design: If you have a good imagination and you are an artist, you can create T-Shirts depicting your own works or graphics born from your own imagination. There are platforms such as that provide you with an editor for your creations, allow you to create a 100% functioning online virtual store. You will only have to manage your affiliate site, Spreadshirt will take care of the shipping and printing of the graphics on the t-shirts.

  8. Pet Sitter: If you have experiences with pets, love for animals can become a real job. This activity consists in replacing the absent owner in all respects, as if to make him walk out of the house or make him eat. This is one of the most popular jobs for young and old alike. The required fee is around ‚ā¨ 8 per hour. The tax regime is part of occasional services.

  9. Creation and sale of jewelery: in case you have a lot of imagination in creating jewelery or even costume jewelery, it will be possible to create and make accessories for both men and women to be sold on platforms such as which will sell for account of those who made it by taking a commission for themselves.

  10. Aspiring seamstresses: if you are skilled seamstresses it will be possible to create and make clothes and accessories to be sold on sites such as Dawanda (Etsy), eBay, Facebook Marketplace. On some sites you will pay a percentage of the sales, on others a monthly fee, on still others like on Facebook you will be able to sell and keep all the proceeds for yourself.

  11. Creator of handicrafts: you can create handicrafts and put them up for sale either in local markets or online on sites such as Etsy, eBay, Facebook.

  12. Painting and selling paintings: if you are a brush artist, you can paint paintings to sell them on your own or on sites like eBay, the Facebook Marketplace or Blomming. In the latter case there are no commissions but a monthly fee is paid.

  13. Trader: is a financial operator who, using the computer, trades in financial products such as shares, bonds and derivatives. Working as an online trader is not easy and requires having studied and attended courses also online. It requires a minimum of investment and if you have the basic knowledge, the timing to get started is quite quick.

  14. and then again ... Packaging of favors.

  15. Assembly of objects.

  16. Bagging.

  17. Tailoring works.

  18. Create jewelry.

  19. Making puzzles.

  20. Knitting and crochet.



These listed above are just some of the jobs you can do to make money working from your home.

The important thing is to transform one's passion into a profession where you can pour out all the will necessary to succeed. It is essential to understand what you like to do and where you want to go. In this period where unemployment, especially for young people, is taking on dramatic figures, it is essential to create a job by yourself capable of giving a decent salary.



If you have good dexterity you can buy the raw materials necessary to build handicrafts and then sell them. To date there are numerous guides available to create objects of any type to be resold from Youtube to sites such as where you can indulge yourself and let your imagination run wild.

The handmade object is always synonymous with quality. In almost every city, markets are organized for hobbyists where they can go to sell or buy artifacts. In order to sell your work it is not necessary to have a VAT number, but you must know the regulations of the municipality where the market takes place and respect it if you do not want to incur fines.

It is clear that selling your entire product is, especially at the beginning when you are not known, very difficult. However, once you have reached a good consensus and appreciation of your work it will be easy to establish yourself. It is necessary not to participate in a single market, but also to be present in several markets. Word of mouth will help a lot, especially if your creations are liked and in demand. If the products on display are consumer goods, another useful technique is to offer small samples to passing customers.



When you want to calculate the selling price of your "handmade product", you must first of all evaluate how much you have spent on living material to make it. In addition to the cost of the material, it is necessary to take into account the time dedicated to making it and the cost of setting up the exhibition. At this point you need to check the price of the object you see exposed by the competition and so you can evaluate the minimum price that will be reasonable from which to start to ensure a good profit.




Working at home is a precise choice or a necessity that transforms the home into an office or a laboratory. This has advantages and disadvantages compared to a profession carried out in an outdoor space as it normally happens. We evaluate the advantages and disadvantages that can be determined by working from home.

The advantages are: flexibility of working hours without stamping cards, savings on car or transport expenses to go to the workplace, more time available and the possibility of dedicating oneself to different activities. It is also possible to organize yourself independently, carry out multiple job opportunities, earn with affiliations, enter data in computer systems, carry out recovery lessons in subjects you are the masters, sell products and earn a percentage on the sale, manage investments and online platforms. .

Among the disadvantages there are: working environment which is the same in which you live, continuous availability, greater distractions than you have in the office and the possibility of poor management of flexible hours because, due to the lack of timetables, there is a tendency to work harder. Furthermore, there is less real contact with people resulting in low interaction with the work team and sometimes the possibility of low social consideration given to those who work at home.

Working from home: conclusions

Okay, after this super guide let's try to draw conclusions: is working from home possible? Of course yes, but not overnight.

To build a stable and continuous online income you will need to:

  • Committing many hours
  • Have patience
  • Combine multiple home chores together
  • Dodging Scams

Only in this way can you truly earn online from home and use your time and life as you wish.

If you are discouraged by the idea that so many want to work online, think about this: How many people do you know who actually do it?

Few, or probably none.

This is because the idea is very tempting, but then they realize that it is not money given away but must really commit, and then they give up, give up, go back to what they were doing.

If you persevere, however, you will be perfectly able to make money online and live as you want.

I hope this article has been useful to you and helped you understand what you want to do with your life - good luck with everything! 

At the next orientation! ūüôā

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