How to unlock the Brutus skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

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With Fortnite Chapter 2 entering Season 2, it's time for a new battle pass. While Deadpool is the main attraction this season as the final prize at the end, at level 100 there are plenty of other skins available for players to earn along the way. One skin that you can receive is the skin of Brutus.

To unlock the Brutus skin, you need to purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass. You can do so for 900 V-Bucks, which comes to $ 9,99 in the Fortnite store. After purchasing the Battle Pass, you must progress to level 20. At level 20, you have a choice of two versions of Brutus, the Ghost version or the Shadow version.

Brutus Shadow is on the left
Brutus Ghost is on the right

Brutus Shadow skin features a skull mask with bones on his forearms on his costume. He keeps his look sleek, despite his attempt to look like an undead brute. The Brutus Ghost skin features a white mask from the Ghost organization with a stylish white jacket, pants and tie, along with a dark undershirt. Both are available to players when they reach level 20 on the Battle Pass.

You can only choose one option. After that, your decision is final, and Epic Games is hinting at the ramifications of the choices players make regarding skins in this battle pass.

The fastest way to clear your way through the Battle Pass is by playing games with challenges like dealing damage to henchmen, disguising yourself in a phone booth, unlocking doors while in disguise. and increasing your medals. Keep playing Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 to earn all the skins.

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