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I Blu-ray discs they allow to watch movies and full-resolution, high-definition 1080p or 4K television programs with unmatched visual quality and uncompressed surround sound. But for a clear picture and an incredibly real audio experience, you need playback software that can play any Blu-ray disc. The program BLU RAY PLAYER is a Blu-ray player that allows you to easily play any Blu-ray disc with excellent audio visual effect. The scenes will be rich in detail, the movements will be linear and the images even more crystal clear.

Here are the simple steps to follow to watch Blu Ray movies on PC / Mac at the highest quality and without having to worry about Blu-ray disc compatibility anymore.

How to Watch Blu Ray Movies on PC / Mac

First, download and install Blu Ray Player on your computer (Windows or Mac) by clicking on the relevant button below:


After downloading the program, to start the installation simply double click on the downloaded file and the installation wizard will start:

After the installation and the process of uploading the program files, the main interface will be displayed, as shown below. As you can see, this is a very classic but elegant screen at the same time, designed not to distract the viewer while playing the movies.

In the main interface you will notice two large buttons: OPEN FILE which allows you to open any video file; OPEN DISC instead it allows you to select the Blu Ray disc (inserted in the appropriate drive of your computer) to start playing it.

Once the Blu Ray disc has been loaded and opened, the movie will automatically start in the program's central screen (which is easily expandable to full screen for a better and more detailed view).

Tip: BluRay Player also offers an alternative way to open a disc, that is to use the File option in the main menu. From here you can choose Open Disc from the various options and a small window will open at the bottom showing the name of the Blu-ray disc. If you use this player to play videos in other formats, you can also read the format in this small window.

Other Features of BLU RAY PLAYER


In order to get the best entertainment, you can adjust various settings while watching the Blu Ray disc.

1. In the top menu there are these options: File, Control, Audio, Video, Tools and Help. From these menus you can adjust and change the audio track, audio channels, audio devices, video track and size of the playback screen.

2. Right-clicking on the playback area will open other options that allow you to open the navigation panel, pause the movie, stop it, watch the movie in full-screen, etc ...

3. When the Blu-ray disc is playing in "Full Screen" mode, by right clicking you can click on "Restore" to return to the standard viewing mode so that you can then re-access the control bar at the bottom of the screen. program. Or just click on the ESC key to exit the full-screen.


If there is any scene you want to capture and save in image format, with Blu-ray Player you can easily do it. In fact, just click on the camera icon at the bottom of the player to “photograph” the screen and then capture the desired scene by saving it in an image.

How to Watch Blu Ray Movies on PC / Mac -

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