Hu Tao Banner Details and New Events!

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From March 2, the banner of Keqing gave way to Hu Tao. The weapon banner will not change. The new character banner will be available for 2 weeks!

We come back right away to everything there is to know!

Banner of Hu Tao – March 2 to March 16

The first banner features Hu Tao, a second Pyro Spear! We currently don't know anything about the character's stats but it will be based largely on their HP with skills depending on their max HP or how much HP they have left.

Hu Tao will be accompanied by the excellent Xingqiu but also by Xiangling and Chongyun!

Quest for Hu Tao – From March 2

Hu Tao will come with a dedicated quest that will be available to AR players 40 and above. You will need to have completed Act 2 of the Archon Quests to unlock her.

To try it is to adopt it – March 2 to March 16

As usual, you will be able to try out the paid characters of the banner during an exclusive dungeon. Xiangling will therefore not be tested.

20 gems but also other rewards!

Geosaur Hunt – March 5 to March 12

Adventurers of AR level 20 and above will be able to participate in this event to collect Primogems, Moras, and various rewards usually obtainable against Prime Resins!

The event will last for a week from March 5 and our guide will arrive the same day!

Having friends can help you enormously because you can use their characters!

And you, are you going to pull over?

Hu Tao? Xingqiu? Both maybe?

Feel free to tell us in the comments or come and discuss the quality of this banner on Discord! Don't hesitate to join us to carry out the Geosaur Hunt event!

And if you want gacha tips, this guide is for you!

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