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By now Hyper-X is really breaking into the world of peripherals and, being now affiliated with the brand tech, we are able to bring you more and more reviews on high-caliber products!

This time we got hold of one of the new innovations of the CES 2021 and on which we could not wait to get our hands: it is Hyper-X Alloy origins 60, a 60% gaming keyboard!

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Review • Technical Specifications

Part of the top end of the gaming keyboard series from Hyper-X, this Alloy origins 60 it makes its way between the market trends and reaches the top of our desires.

Type of switchRed switch (linear, Hyperx owners)
Key actuation force45g
Button travel3.8 mm
Key actuation point1.8 mm
Materiale KeycapsABS
Information about the type of switches installed

Obviously this is a mechanical keyboard, equipped with proprietary red switches, which we also find on many other products in the line Alloy, also integrated into the anti-ghosting technology.

When compared with the Cherry+ they turn out to be even faster in terms of activation, which makes them more suitable for the most demanding gamers, to whom only 2 millimeters of travel make the difference.

It is immediately perceived that this is not a keyboard aimed at everyone, precisely because of the form factor reduced to 60%, which forces the manufacturer to remove most of the common keys.

Like all peripherals Hyper-X boasts of proprietary software support, NGENUITY, object of much criticism and that we will deepen in the following paragraphs.

USB cable length1.8 meters
Weight/size970 g
Keyboard width (X axis)296 mm
Length in depth (Y axis)105.5 mm
Size information

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Review • User experience

Although I'm used to other keyboards, I have to admit that the user experience really is excellent, especially if we talk about feedback.

The surrender of these Red Switch it's really good, both in writing and in game.

The ride is short and linear, there is therefore no step that requires greater effort and the risk of not pressing the button fully.

At first glance it seems to have something to do with memcanic keys, as they really turn out to be soft e silentexcept when using it for writing.

I reserve the right to point out that, being the keys closer together, it is likely that double or incorrect typing is frequent at the beginning but with a little practice it is easy to get used to.

After some tests we can say that it is absolutely not a keyboard suitable for productivity, precisely because of the excessive limitations of use imposed by the form factor.

However, this one HyperX Alloy Origins 60, remains an excellent solution for gamers of titles FPS, while a little less for MMO lovers.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Review • Design, ergonomics and build quality

La keyboard it is comfortable, reduced to a minimum but resistant.

You will immediately understand that not everyone will appreciate this design choice, yet the form factor of the 60% is gaining momentum especially among competitive gamers.

This time I have to take the side of those who prefer a keyboard with standard functions, since I use the function keys and the numeric keypad, which, alas, physically do not fit.

However, the presence of the function keys remains, as well as many other omitted keys, which can be activated through various shortcut involving the Fn key.

We really appreciated that the feet of two different inclinations, one more accentuated than the other, although I prefer to keep it resting directly on the top, especially when I'm not using a wrist rest.

I materials are good: knowing the series well Alloy from Hyper X we had high expectations and were struck by how such a small keyboard actually comes to weigh so well 970 grams!

To conclude this parenthesis on the aesthetic side, rather than functional, it is right to mention the fact that it arrives combined with a cable USB-c, fully lined and long enough not to receive criticism.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Review • Software and backlight

It is not the first time that we have dealt with the software it makes available in a dedicated section Hyper-X, known as NGENUITY.

Unfortunately, our ratings are always negative, or at least very critical of the user experience regarding this software.

We remember that it is still a beta, so the room for improvement is still large, however, we would like to express our discontent to see an application that has yet to rely on Microsoft Store.

It must be admitted, in this case the competition wins hands down, especially when it comes to Logitech o Corsair, which with their software create a truly efficient ecosystem!

Beyond this sore point, the software allows you to personalize the keyboard for the bare necessities, including recording macro functions and managing multiple profiles for RGB lighting.

Still on theRGB lighting, we find that it is really well done, bright at the right point and does not distract from the eye, on the contrary, it makes the station much more conspicuous without compromising the readability of the letters.

There is no shortage of lighting effects, which can be managed both from the function keys and directly from the software control panel NGENUITY.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Review • Conclusion

Overall the keyboard is loved it, regardless of the target to which it refers.

As already expressed, we found aottima qualità of the materials, both of the plate and of the key caps, which, albeit in plastic, maintain a truly enveloping tactical feedback.

The only thing we want to emphasize is the fact that it is not a product suitable for everyone.

This time not in terms of price but in relation to the type of work you are going to do: excellent for sessions from Gaming competitive or for laptops, therefore for those who are often on the move; not recommended, however, for productivity.

Be that as it may, we invite you to look at ours complete video review on the YouTube channel to get a more concrete idea of ​​this Hyper X Alloy Origins 60!

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