HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review • Wired Gaming Headphones!

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Le HyperX Cloud Alpha S they are gaming headphones, which carry on a tradition: that of the most classic Cloud Alpha: gaming headset extremely reliable and long lasting.

In fact, while the Cloud Alpha I & II are the best gaming headphones in the price range where they are placed, we will have to discover this model "upgrade" how much it has to offer in relation to the price increase it undergoes.

Let's not get lost in further chat and let's see them in more detail HyperX Cloud Alpha S! "

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review • Wired Gaming Headphones!

If we leave out details like the Virtual Sorround 7.1 (which as we will see, as in almost all virtualized headsets, is of little use), the adjustment of the bass and the game balance in fact we have in the hands of the communes Cloud Alpha.

Therefore, the difference is substantially more felt by the wallet, which has to face a surge of at least 30 euros compared to the basic model.

If you want to take a closer look at these gaming headphones I suggest you take a look at ours Video-Review below.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review • Technical Specifications & Features

To get started let's take a quick look at the technical specifications of these HyperX Cloud Alpha S:

Headphone typeover-ear
Connection typewired
Frequency response13 - 27000 Hz
Impedance62 ohms
Drivers50 mm
MicrophoneBi-directional with noise cancellation
Weight/size321 g
HyperX Cloud Alpha S technical specifications

Let's now review all the functions that this one headset makes available, and that is what differentiates it in practice, from the basic version.

The first is certainly that of Dolby Sorround 7.1 virtualizzato.

The second is the game/chat balance: from the cuffie da gaming HyperX Cloud Alpha S it is in fact possible to adjust the chat and game volumes.

Convenient function during gaming sessions, but certainly not a striking novelty.

Finally we have at the disposal of Switch that allow you to adjust the intensity of the bass directly from theheadset.

Most of these functions, with the exception of the purely mechanical and manual bass switch (which happens on the headphones themselves) are controlled by the software HyperX NGENUITY.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review • Design, materials and comfort

From the point of view of the design these headphones, just like the base model, particularly excel.

Il design is clean, minimal and attractive. THE materials with which the armature and all the primary sections of theheadset they are resistant and well made.

All this made it possible to shape a lightweight but strong headset, and not so to speak! In terms of robustness, these headphones, just like the basic model, are unscratchable!

Even after several hours of play these are not a burden or an element that causes annoyance.

La comfort it is therefore another of the strong points of these products, which obviously are designed not only to last, but also to take care of those who use them.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review • Sound and microphone quality

As for sound quality le HyperX Cloud Alpha S they are very good and clean.

The accuracy of the reproduction is also guaranteed by the 50mm thick drivers.

They are in fact excellent for traditional use (listening to music, watching movies), but they are above all designed to give back the best in game sessions.

The overall cleanliness makes them precise and excellent for any competitive game, but also engaging and accommodating for more role player experiences.

This as far as stereo sound is concerned, it is quite evident as the Virtual Sorround 7.1, is instead a choice to be avoided.

This technology is the beast of every headset virtualized: why use it if it's just a game of reverbs and equalization, which literally sends every calibration and detail perceptible in stereo to be blessed?

Well, this too, like most Dolby Sorround 7.1 virtualizzati, it makes no sense to be used neither in the videogame nor in the traditional field. Especially when you have a system at your disposal stereo that does its job admirably.

The quality of the microphone is good for use in voice chat, a tad above the average of traditional gaming headset (you can check it in our video review).

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review • Conclusion

So what to say about these HyperX Cloud Alpha S? The outcome of the review it is certainly positive: we could not speak ill of this headset which has what it takes to be a solid and valid purchase.

However the big problem with this product is its basic version: if there is a basic version that does the same things and costs less, why should I buy this one?

On closer inspection all the functions that are available in more than the standard model are precisely those that leave something to be desired:

  • Il Dolby Sorround 7.1 that leaves the time it finds and that certainly loses the comparison with the use in stereo.
  • La bass adjustment with mechanical switch which is practically inaudible and is just a marketing move (what would you need to be able to adjust the bass on headphones designed for gaming?).

Well there game/chat balance, but that's not enough.

despite the Cloud Alpha S are excellent headphones, unfortunately these have no reason to be bought, when there are Cloud Alpha I o II (standard version) which offer the same sound quality and overall structure, while costing less.

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