HyperX Cloud Flight S Review • Gaming Headphones with Wireless Charging!

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Of the headphones that can be recharged without cable? Haven't you ever heard of it?

Well, neither do I before trying the new ones HyperX Cloud Flight S!

We had the pleasure of testing this wireless headset super interesting of HyperX who provided us with the sample.

Let's not get lost in further chatter and let's go into the essence of this review!

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review • Gaming Headphones with Wireless Charging!

Le HyperX Cloud Flight S are wireless gaming headsets equipped with an extremely interesting feature: in addition to being recharged with the common cable Micro USB you can use a Wireless charging base on which we just need to place them.

Among the main features of these headphones we clearly have the Dolby Sorround 7.1 which helps to expand the list of technical specifications of the headset.

Le HyperX Cloud Flight S are designed to be compatible as well as with PC also with console: support is provided for installation on Sony Playstation 4.

This model of gaming headset guarantees us one from the factory battery life of 30 hours before having to recharge.

Headphones are rechargeable without cable: a charging station can then be used wireless (not supplied with headphones) for convenient charging.

La warranty made available to the customer is then 2 years from the time of purchase.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review • Sound quality and microphone

We now come to the crux of this review as well as the cornerstone of any review on gaming headphones.

In fact, when we buy a product of a certain amount, it is essential to expect it to give us back from the point of view of quality what is promised by the technical specifications.

Fortunately these HyperX Cloud Flight S they perform really well in almost all areas: they are perfect for playing, especially competitive.

They also do a great job when it comes to watching movies and listening to music.

The only flaw that these headphones have is the Dolby Sorround 7.1 which being virtualized does not return anything concrete and actually preferable to a good traditional stereo.

In all the gaming sessions with which the headphones were tested, in various competitive games (CS: GO, Valorant, WOW etc.), they behaved as expected with the stereo: returning a excellent sound quality.

Il Dolby Surround it remains instead as in almost all headphones in which it is virtualized a bit muffled and superfluous, especially when you have a stereo that does its own and does it really well.

Also with regard to listening to music and viewing multimedia content, the Dolby Surround it tends too much to distort the original composition and is not preferable to stereo.

The quality of the microphone it is not excellent as it could never be on gaming headphones but it is all in all among the most acceptable I have ever heard in circulation.

The headphones then allow you to adjust from the left pavilion the volume of chat or game chat with that of the ambient sounds of the videogame.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review • Convenience, Design and Packaging

La package inside which the headphones are supplied is robust and good-looking and inside it we find beyond the headset the USB for the Wireless connection, the charging cable and the manuals.

After about more than a month of constant use I can give a definitive verdict regarding the comfort of the pavilions used in theheadset.

The weight of the headphones is normal, it does not cause any fatigue even if you use them several hours a day.

I pavilions they are also extremely soft and insulate great from outside noise providing a high-level listening and gaming experience.

The design of the headphones is simple and clean, there is none RGB if not on the microphone to indicate the possible "mute" status.

On the structure of the headphones we then find several keys that allow us to interface with the functions made available by HyperX.

In addition to the classic button to adjust the volume and the power button we have the button that allows us to quickly and immediately activate or deactivate the Dolby Sorround 7.1.

Then there are in the left pavilion 4 additional keys which can be configured on the software area of HyperX which takes its name NGENUITY and which we will talk more carefully about below.

Recensione HyperX Cloud Flight S • Software NGENUITY

One of the low blows that I would never have expected from a world famous and quality brand like HyperX would have been a headset management software poorly maintained.

Instead, however sensational it may seem, the software NGENUITY for the management of the HyperX Cloud Flight S it is still in its version of beta and besides being a bit thin and a beginner, sometimes it doesn't even work well.

It is truly a shame that headphones that aspired to such a high standard stumble right on the prettiest where you would ever expect it.

The software NGENUITY it can be downloaded from Windows store and can bring together all the various components that bear the name HyperX by setting the RGB colors and all the details of each specific peripheral.

Sometimes for some absurd reason the headphones are not even recognized without having to remove and reinsert the Wireless-USB after startup.

This problem continued to occur even after a reinstall of the HyperX monitoring program.

From the control panel HyperX we can modify the settings concerning the audio but also those concerning what the side keys must perform when they are pressed.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review • Conclusion

What to say about these HyperX Cloud Flight S?

They are headphones that come at a cost that is certainly not negligible and that have their merits and some small flaws that hopefully will be solved over time through an improvement in the management software.

However, there is clearly to be warned that despite the good audio quality of the stereo and the convenience of wireless, it is legitimate to look around and also evaluate alternatives since the cost of these headphones is also around 150 euros.

The overall judgment is positive but with a little regret for those small defects that could be fixed with little.

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