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Once again we are faced with the pair of headphones that made the history of this blog, namely the Hyper X Cloud II but in version wireless!

The series Cloud II di Hyper-X now it needs no introduction but this time we review them in different guises as it is a headset designed for the Gaming ma with wireless technology.

Like all sisters, they aim to be a valid choice, if not the best, for those who practice Esports or gaming at intermediate levels and within this review we will try to best introduce you to these Cloud II Wireless.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Review • Wired Gaming Headphones!

Beyond connectivity wireless and to be equipped with support for the Virtual Surround 7.1 they turn out to be practically identical to the lower models of the brand, also in terms of sound quality.

Except that also the price plays an important role, given the doubling of the value of the wired version.

But if there really are so many similarities to the products already seen before, why should you choose them Hyper X Cloud II Wireless?

If you want to learn more about this product, please see the Video-Review released recently on our channel YouTube!

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Review • Technical Specifications & Features

To get started let's take a quick look at the technical specifications of these HyperX Cloud II Wireless:

Headphone typeover-ear
Connection typewireless
Frequency response15 Hz – 20.000 Hz
Impedance60 ohms
Drivers53 mm
MicrophoneBi-directional with noise cancellation
Weight/size309 g
HyperX Cloud II Wireless Technical Specifications

To give you an overview of this product, just know that they are wireless gaming headsets equipped with support for the Dolby Surround 7.1 virtualized.

The same technology is also implemented in the line Cloud S, from which it stands out for the characteristic red color of the brand.

Not being equipped with all cables controls are delocalized on the body of the pavilions, which, generously sized, house the power, mute, volume and charging port controls.

Again with regard to recharging, this is done through the cable USB-C supplied in the package, only 50 cm long, while the connection to the PC takes place through the wireless reception key.

An interesting feature is that once turned on, the on / off button is used to switch between the stereo mode e 7.1 surround, which although it has not impressed us for the quality is still an additional support.

The usual software runs the game Hyper-X, NGENUITY (still in beta), which as we have already highlighted several times turns out to be a bit thin compared to those owners of the competition.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Review • Design, materials and comfort

As regards the design there is very little to say about this headset, we love them precisely because they remain faithful to the historicity of the range Cloud II.

Il design it is very clean, modern and the characteristic colors of Hyper-X contribute to making it captivating but still remaining sober.

I materials they are the same that we find on the wired version, so a soul in aluminum which makes the arch flexible but resistant, all covered with a padding in memory foam and leatherette.

I pavilions they are replaceable and are also very soft thanks to the memory foam they are made of, which really makes them comfortable even after the longest gaming sessions.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Review • Sound and microphone quality

From the qualitative point of view of the sound we have not carried out accurate tests but we have carefully observed them in thedaily use and being by now in some way an expert in the acoustic field, I reserve the right to state some assertions.

La sound quality is very good, this is due to driver renewed by 53 mm, which allow you to listen even at high volumes without the sound being distorted in any way.

They therefore remain a lot faithful in reproduction of highs, mids and lows even if the volume is not that powerful, preserving the sound well and making the listening experience enveloping.

There are excellent so both for listening to music or movies, video editing and obviously for competitive video games, given the overall cleanliness of the sound.

On top of that, the padded earpads allow for a mild soundproofing, pleasant to the hearing, without being too muffled but letting the sound of one's voice shine through even when listening.

Regarding the technology Virtual Surround 7.1, as always, we do not have sweet words to describe the user experience, as we believe that to obtain satisfactory results there are many other products to be evaluated, however it is useful in game to better capture environmental noises.

Finally, the quality of the microphone is good for use in voice chat, perhaps better than most gaming headset of competitors.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Review • Conclusion

To conclude we can say that these Hyper X Cloud II Wireless they liked it, especially for a purely use Gaming, as we had stated in previous reviews.

However, as already mentioned, it has some weaknesses, such as the Virtual Surround 7.1 and the market cost, which, hovering around 170 euro does consider some alternatives.

Another questionable point is precisely the fact that they are wireless, which suggests a deterioration of the battery in time.
On paper Hyper-X declares an autonomy of 30 hours but in the long run this value could drop significantly.

There is always the version to consider Cloud II wired, which as such potentially solves two out of three defects:

  • it is about 80 euros new
  • does not have the battery problem

Finally, we can therefore say that it remains an excellent solution for those looking for a system of wireless headphones without wanting to give up the sound quality that remains very faithful without pretending to be buying a professional headset.

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