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By now an exorbitant number of people have a notebook in use and, among the various necessary accessories, the pc bag it is certainly among the most important.

Of course, a choice in this sense will mainly be based on the ability of the bag to contain the size of our PC. However, the functionality it is not the only element that we could evaluate; in fact, making a good choice also means having met our personal aesthetic taste.

Summing up in a practical way i factors to consider when buying a laptop bag  we would like to evaluate together the distinctive and decisive elements to make a right and prudent choice.

Functionality of a laptop bag

To determine the functionality of an accessory such as a laptop bag is basically the measure.

In fact, it will be necessary that the internal compartment of the bag is designed to contain the basic notebooks inch of the same.

In this way, having for example a 17 "pc, we will buy a bag whose internal compartment is designed for 17" notebooks.

This feature is fundamental in order to ensure optimal storage of the device

It is also important to keep in mind that some of the PC bags on the market have more compartments in which it will be possible to house additional objects such as a tablet, a mobile phone, workbooks or other necessary documents and so on.

Aesthetics of a laptop bag

Taken for granted that personal taste is integral part of a choice, on the market you can really find models and materials or patterns of many types and all different from each other.

It is interesting to note that there are models of unisex laptop bags, for men or women.

In fact, it will be possible to range from decidedly luxurious, elegant models, or with the typical shape of a 24 hour, to informal, practical and less demanding models.

Materials of a laptop bag

It is extremely important to make an informed choice about the materials of a bag for our pc. The external cladding material will have to be waterproof, just to totally isolate the devices that we will contain.

The materials commonly used can be nylon, polyester, skin.

As for the internal materials of the bag, generally, it will be the  Memory Foam. It is a viscoelastic polyurethane foam that guarantees perfect adhesion to the shape of our pc.

In this way it will be held firmly in place avoiding dangerous jolts or damage, moreover the thickness created by the Memory Foam softens the blows that the bag can inadvertently receive.

even the neoprene it is one of the most used materials for the internal lining, thanks to its ability to isolate and protect the PC.

Having evaluated the most important aspects to evaluate for the purchase of a pc bag, let's see below what we can find on the market.

Best laptop bag

In light of the analytically considered parameters in the epigraph, the selection of the best models of PC bags offered on the market seems a natural consequence.

For each recommended product, a name, data sheet, description and link to the purchase will be offered in the light of concrete tests and evaluations carried out with bags in hand.


The first shoulder bag for pc that I would like to consider is from a little known brand, REYLEO, which offers a bag of unsuspected build and aesthetic quality.

It is a lightweight waterproof nylon bag and elegant, entirely black and adaptable to any use.

The bag is really beautiful and comfortable, compact, but still capable of carrying notebooks, notebook up to 14 ", power banks, pens, tablets and everything you need, in general, for professional or university daily life.

In reality the bag can also act as a backpack, so much so that the shoulder strap can be hidden around it so as to retrace the perimeter without dangling.

The spaces inside are well organized and the hinges treated in detail with a leatherette cover.

Meanwhile, our advice, if you are looking for a cheap laptop bag, absolutely falls on this multipurpose, economical, beautiful to look at, waterproof and comfortable product.

Piquadro Blue Square collection briefcase

We open our guide with a must in terms of luggage, with this laptop bag we are in high-end by category price.

Piquadro Blue Square briefcase it is an accessory that combines refinement with practicality and is, for this reason, a bag as aesthetically appealing as it is functional and with attention to detail.

In fact, the presence of one is relevant external zipper which allows you to increase the capacity of the PC bag in case you need to carry more objects than just the PC.

Of course, one of the choices we will make with this article will be the color, which in this case is available in different shades.

Its features:

  • pc compartment size: 15,6"
  • item weight: 1,43 kg
  • product size: 41 cm
  • height: 30 cm
  • width: 10 cm
  • length: 41 cm
  • material: calfskin with mineral tanning (hand-painted edges)


It is a product that does not hide the luxurious intent although it presents itself with soft lines and a decidedly refined aesthetic.

Together with personal taste, which can also be satisfied thanks to the different colors of the individual bags, the functionality and top quality materials make it a bit of a "business card".

Inside there is also a iPad holder / iPad air fixed holder and the possibility of fixing the laptop bag to our trolley, using the specially applied cord.

Samsonite Zalia bag in Nylon

With this laptop bag we are in middle band with regard to the prices of the category to which it belongs.

Samsonite Zalia is a bag intended for women. In fact, it has a soft line and is cared for in those details that make it even more aesthetically pleasing.

It is equipped with a front pocket in polyurethane with saffiano effect, while the small parts are in nikel lucid; the practical feet placed on the lower part of the bag are made of metal and have the clear purpose of stabilizing the accessory when it is placed on a surface.


Designed for women, it can be found in different colors. The material with which it is packaged makes it particularly soft and light therefore suitable for a daily use.

Inside there are several compartments equipped with hinges and intended for the PC, mobile phone and all that inherent material that could be used.

Borsa stand per pc from 17-17.3″

With this accessory we are in medium / low price range category. It is a practical and sturdy laptop bag, also made of waterproof materials.

It is suitable to hold notebooks up to 17 inches and its interior features multiple compartments organized to make it perfect for school, work and even free time.

The interior of the Bag for pc Estarer it is divided into two main compartments that will contain, as mentioned, both the PC and everything that could be bulky.

It is also equipped with a organizer which is very useful for storing pens, keys, documents, cards or anything else you want.

Let's see more details:

  • item weight: 1,2 kg
  • dimensions: 47 (L) x 15 (D) x 35 (H) cm
  • monitor size that can be contained: 17 / 17.3 "
  • material: waterproof canvas
  • compartments and compartments: 2 inside pockets; 3 front pockets (including an organizer pocket), 2 side pockets and 1 x back pocket;
  • closures: both velcro and zippers
  • shoulder strap: radjustable to preference


Estarer Bag for pc at 17/17.3 inches looks like a sturdy accessory and perfect for everyday use. The material is, in fact, waterproof but what seems to be its peculiarity is the great versatility, recognized by those who bought it.

In fact, it appears to be perfect for work, as well as for studying and even for carrying multiple items of different dimensions, perhaps intended for leisure time.

Undoubtedly a relationship quality / price relevant considering the opinions of buyers, fully satisfied with this accessory.

Concluding about the laptop bags

This guide is intended to present those features that they can make a difference between one product and another. In considering a purchase in this sense, we have found that the factors to keep in mind are not numerous, but certainly decisive for a targeted choice.

Choosing the right laptop bag, especially if we need it for work, is in fact a "business card”As well as choosing a bag instead informal will allow us to use it also in contexts other than the working one.

Now all that remains is to make our purchase among the proposed bags, based on our aesthetic preference and on the use we will make of them the most. I would also like to point out that this guide is constantly updated after the evaluation of new laptop bags.

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