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Choosing your Pokémon team is one of the hardest decisions to make in any Pokémon game. I guess the average gamer is like me and picks the Pokemon they find the most aesthetically pleasing. Archeduc was slow as the heck Pokémon Sun and Moon, but I kept him in my party throughout my Moon game journey.

However, not all Pokémon are created equal; some are definitely better than others; few have better individual value (AKA IV), effort value (AKA EV), overall nature and statistics. For example, a Charizard with The Electric Vehicles and The Fantastic Electric Vehicles sits above that of a normal Caratroc. We go into more detail about what IVs are and even explain how to get The Pokémon with The Perfect IVs.

Pokémon Sword and Shield has made the process of upgrading your IV vehicles and EVs much more convenient. Drugs that increase specific EVs in a Pokémon have become much cheaper. You can now send The Pokémon for The tasks which will improve a particular stat for any Pokémon group of your choice. Games have made getting your perfect Pokemon all the more convenient.

Despite the simplicity of EV and IV training, there is still a disparity between a few selections of Pokémon and the vast majority of them. You can maximize your personal Caratroc, but no matter how hard you try, your Perfect Caratroc will never beat a Tyranitar who has precise nature and stats. Which leads to the question - what are the best Pokémon in Sword and Shield?

Top 10 The Best Pokemon In Sword And Shield

Determining which Pokémon are the best to use usually depends on your preference, so take this list as you will. Overall, the Pokémon listed below are considered the best due to their high average stats and high potential with EV training.

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Leviator has a base stat of over 540, along with high attack and special defense, which makes Leviator a formidable offensive fighter. He can learn a lot of moves which can cause a lot of physical damage. He has Moxie's Hidden Ability, which increases his attack stats whenever he KOs an opponent. If you teach a Leviator Dragon Dance, a move that also increases attack stats, the Leviator can cause some of the most damaging physical attacks in full games. If you train for maximum speed, the Leviator can be unstoppable.


Snorlax is the ultimate Tank Pokémon in the series. With one of the highest base HP in games, as well as the best special defense, Snorlax can take a lot of hits before falling. The real downside to Snorlax is the weak stats in everything else, aside from the attacks. Despite this, Snorlax can learn a variety of good moves that help overcome these awesome ones. He may even know movements that aren't of the genre, like High Horsepower and Hammer Arm.


In the Sun & Moon Pokémon, the base stats for the leaving final evolutions were not correct. The three starters in these games had terrible speed and other issues. In Sword and Shield, however, the final evolutions for all three starters are pretty good. It's hard to say if Pyrobut, the latest evolution of Flambino, is truly one of the “best” Pokémon games. But there is something special about having your first Pokémon in the strongest category. Pyrobut's high attack and speed make him an opponent who can be trained, and with the right training he can potentially become one of the fastest attackers on your team.


It might not be as fast as Pyrobut, but it's more of a big hitter. Gorythmic, the final evolution of the Ouistempo climber, has high attack stats. It's best if you train him to have stronger Special Attack and Special Defense to make Gorythmic stronger. Drum Beating is a vital asset in their moving pool. It might not be a strong hit, but beating the drum lowers the speed of the Pokémon hit, which helps Gorythmic overcome its low speed.


Salarsen is mostly on this list because of its unique typing. Salarsen, an electric and poisonous type, is able to learn a wide variety of very useful movements. Her poison moves make her a vital asset against the fairy typing, and her electric moves allow her to cripple enemies. He has very high special attack stats, which is good, as many of the best electric and poison moves are special moves. The downside to Salarsen is that he's extremely vulnerable to ground movement, which can be the remedy if you train his defense and special defense.


Lugulabre is a pretty amazing Pokémon. It's a ghost Pokémon with a chandelier - what's not to love? An incredible combination of ghosts and shots and awesome special attack stats. The special suit type allows Lugulabre to learn many special attack moves such as Flamethrower, Overheat, and Shadow Ball. You can train him to overcome his weaknesses, such as his low health and attack stats. You can also maximize stats where he already specializes, like his special attack.


Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon are The Pokémon Evolution Lines where the Final Evolution has a base stat of 600. These are usually the most powerful non-legendary Pokémon in the games and each Generation introduces at least one new Pseudo-Line. Lanssorien is the new nickname making his debut in Sword and Shield. He has high speed and attack stats, and his unique strike makes him effective against opponents. Dragon and ghost type, Lanssorien is immune to all combat and normal moves. He can also learn a lot of effective moves, like dragon dance and phantom force.


Tyranitar is a Dark and Rock-type pseudo-legendary Pokémon featured in Pokémon Gold and Silver. He has excellent stats on offense and special defense. He can learn great moves like Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Crunch. Its Sandstorm ability summons a sandstorm that damages all Pokémon on the battlefield that are not on the ground or rock. If you train him to hit the fastest speed possible, Tyranitar can be one of the best heavy hitters to use in battles. Unfortunately, the Tyranitar evolution line is only available in Pokémon Shield. Fortunately, Pokémon Sword wins the Pokémon directly below.


Hydra-trioxide is another nickname, this time dark and dragon-like. It has very high attack and special attack stats, with decent stats throughout the rest. This is perhaps the more balanced nickname in The two games. He suffers because of his type weaknesses, as he is four times weaker against fairies. But its large pool of moves and incredible stats make it a Pokémon to own. EV trains to get maximum speed in most battles and hits hard with whatever you have.

Zacian and Zamazenta

It may seem inexpensive to include the Legendaries on this list, as they are supposed to be very pungent The Pokémon, but that's not always the case. Regigigas, a legendary of the fourth generation, is terrible as his ability halves his attack and speed during the first five turns.

Zacian and Zamazenta are useful, however, with the amazing stats and good moves that make them practical. Their characteristic moves, Behemoth Blade and Behemoth Bash, deal additional damage to Dynamax Pokémon. These become the precious moves during The Raid Battles, where you have to face Dynamax Pokémon with a group of trainers. They both have very few weaknesses and they can be trained to have even higher stats that go beyond their base stats. Their abilities increase their stats and defense at the start of each battle, respectively. Zacian and Zamazenta are perhaps two most useful Legendaries in the entire franchise.

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