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You have certainly heard of Fractal Design around here lately. The Swedish brand has already supported us with several products for our reviews.

After having reviewed the Fractal Design Define 7 the brand has made the new available to us Meshify 2 Compact: A case per pc da gaming high quality.

Meshify 2 Compact • Technical specifications

Il Meshify 2 Compact it is a case that promises a certain quality standard. Although in its name appears the word "compact" in reality this case and gaming it is so well structured that it seems more spacious than it should.

Case size424 x 210 x 475 mm
Net weight7.7 kg
Top fans2x 120/140 mm
Front fans3x 120 or 2x 140 mm, (2x Dynamic X2 GP-14 incluse)
Rear fans1x 120 mm, (1x Dynamic X2 GP-12 inclusa)
Dust filtersTop, front and bottom included
Velcro strapsSi
Front panel1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0, Audio I / O, Power and reset button
Maximum GPU length341 mm (360 mm without front fans)
Maximum CPU heatsink height169 mm
Technical specifications of the Meshify 2 Compact

Il CASE​ it is recommended for the installation of any system ATX, M-ATX o Mini-ITX. It therefore supports all the most classic types of builds.

The case is born equipped with 3 fans: one from 120 mm in the back and well two 140mm in the front part.

Both fans are of absolutely enviable quality.

It is also important to underline how almost all of this case can be disassembled to simplify assembly operations; we will cover this detail in the next paragraph.

Il case allows us to install radiators for liquid systems in the conditions explained in the following images.

In fact, we will be able to install a radiator with a maximum length of 360 mm, while for the upper one we will have to stop at 240 mm.

Fractal Design it also gives us an indication of the arrangement of the fans inside the cabinet.

We can indeed go to install up to two 140mm fans in the front and top section or three 120mm fans in the front one and 2 in the upper one.

In both cases we will be able to mount an output fan from 120mm nel retro, nothing new.

Finally, as we can read from the indications provided by the manual, we have all the specifications regarding the fans from 120mm and 140mm which are included with the CASE​.

Meshify 2 Compact • Build quality, cable management and modularity

All the armor of the CASE​ it is in steel, which makes the product certainly not negligible in weight. However, the longevity, solidity and strength of the product will benefit.

Il CASE​, as indeed every product of Fractal Design, is engineered to perfection. This allows us to disassemble it according to the assembly we are about to do.

Meshify 2 Compact with top bulkhead removed

The whole upper section, as well as the front one, can be removed and installed in an absolutely simple and intuitive way.

Even the various internal components such as bay per HDD ed SSD they can be removed or moved according to how we prefer to manage spaces.

Instructions for removing the top panel

Furthermore, as we had already seen for the Define 7, also in this case the front bulkhead supports the opening and closing function. This can also be removed as it has a snap-fit ​​mechanism. Beyond it, the entire panel can also be removed quickly and easily.

Altogether we therefore have a totally structure modularized, versatile and characterized by a simple and intuitive use.

All this allows us to assemble in an orderly manner, recover space and better manage the cable management, this, aided by the presence of Velcro straps in the rear panel (rear motherboard).

The build quality is therefore enviable, unsurpassed. I could not find any flaw in this product from every point of view, much less the constructive one.

Meshify 2 Compact • Aesthetics and RGB functions

Perhaps the only small shortcoming of this gaming case is theabsence of RGB lighting and a possible specific controller.

Not considering it a fundamental condition, however, you can call it a lack. If anything, it is something more that is not there.

In fact, we are now used to seeing houses with very overbearing and invasive plays of light. Fractal Design rather it goes towards the minimalism and absolute cleanliness of design, which I personally admire and adore.

In fact, we must not forget that having acceptable quality RGB fans , it will never be as good as having excellent quality ones without lighting. This is the case with every case Fractal Design.

And if we wanted to add RGB lighting then this can be done without a doubt given the infinity of special products that can be purchased.

Il case is instead served with a clean design, simple, elegant.

Meshify 2 Compact • Final thoughts

One thing that is important to point out without any doubt is that Fractal Design make available i best instruction manuals I've ever had in my hands.

These give us a clear and broad representation of the potential of the house we have purchased.

On the other hand, they are also a reflection of the commitment made by brand in the realization of his projects, which in this, as in other cases, border on perfection.

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