MFAVOR Review • The low budget ergonomic office chair!

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Are you looking for one office chair that it is not too poor nor do you want to spend exorbitant amounts?

Do you still think that for your working hours you need a chair that ensures correct posture?

La MFAVOR office chair then it could definitely be for you. Let's find out in the detailed review!

MFAVOR Review • The economic ergonomic office chair!

We have now said countless times how the world of ergonomic chairs is very vast and expensive, while that of gaming chairs is much more affordable.

Talking about ergonomic office chairs it is not like talking about ordinary chairs: they are important devices for the treatment of incorrect posture.

When we find ourselves faced with the term "ergonomics", however, we inevitably enter a world of really expensive items.

True ergonomic chairs can clearly never be cheap. This, like all other office chairs that bear similar words, are not real ergonomic chairs, but are office chairs with an optimization for ergonomics.

In other words: the MFAVOR is a simple office chair with small tricks, very appreciable, but it is not a chair for treating postural problems.

This, as indeed many other products in its category, are however more suitable than the classic armchairs, if you want to take care of your posture.

La MFAVOUR reviewed by us it can be purchased at a price that is around i 170 €.

MFAVOUR Review • The assembly

Il assembly of the MFAVOR was simple and intuitive.

No particular significant shortcomings. The tools and screws provided were clearly sufficient for the installation.

Although the chairs are now assembled in about the same way, we can find the instruction manual. In any case, the MFAVOR however, it has a quick and intuitive installation.

Once the armrests have been fixed to the seat surface and the latter to the backrest, the game will be practically done. Then we will only have to insert wheels, fix the headrest and then fit everything together.

There is only one bizarre detail: the manual includes a section in Spanish, which however is practically all in English.

Despite this, you can understand the procedure even only through the images.

MFAVOR Review • Technical Specifications

Lumbar adjustments

Find the technical specifications of this MFAVOR it wasn't easy.

Unfortunately, the brand has not created names for the various models, and it really takes a lot of effort to track them down individually.

In any case, the MFAVOUR ergonomic office chair is equipped with multiple functions:

  • Backrest inclination between 90 ° and 120 °.
  • Height adjustment of the lumbar curvature area (5cm).
  • Headrest adjustment: 45 ° in inclination and 12cm in height.
  • Armrest adjustment: 30 ° in rotation, 5.5 cm in longitudinal movement and 7 cm in height.
  • Seat height adjustment: 10 cm.
  • Knob for backrest rigidity adjustment.
  • Maximum weight supported 150kg.

Let's see now what are the technical specifications regarding dimensions and not the functions:

  • Seat height: 45 ~ 55cm
  • Backrest dimensions: 70 x 50 cm
  • Seat dimensions: 50 x 50 cm
  • Ground clearance: 115 ~ 130cm
  • Armrest on the ground: 65 ~ 75cm
  • Headrest dimensions: 34,5 x 20 cm
  • Total width: 64 cm
  • Base diameter: 71 cm
  • Backrest height without headrest: 73 cm
  • Weight of the chair: about 19 kg.
  • High strength alloy gas piston.
  • Star base in polished aluminum alloy, backrest and seat cover in polyester mesh and polyester fabric.

Most of the functions will be discussed in the next paragraph!

MFAVOUR Review • Functionality

Le functions of this MFAVOR they are all quite basic: we can adjust in a limited way the major points of interest: armrests, headrest, position of the lumbar curvature area (in the backrest), stiffness of the backrest, seat height, etc.

Armrests (side view)

What of which I was not particularly satisfied is the adjustment of the headrest, which can be raised and lowered or tilted, but cannot be moved forward or backward to bring it closer to the head or not.

Il rests head it is also not very stable and does not give an impression of total reliability. He does the of him, but without excelling.

Headrest (rear-side view)

La Lower back height adjustment is helpful, but it would have been ideal to also integrate that of the intensity of the curvature.

Good as far as the armrests are concerned, a little less for the inclination of the backrest, which is a bit cumbersome and rigid.

MFAVOR Review • Materials and comfort

The materials adopted for this MFAVOR have already been mentioned above.

The backrest upholstery is in polyester mesh, while the seat is in polyester fabric, both of good quality.

The star base is in aluminum. The quality of the wheels is also good, which is often underestimated.

Bad as far as the plastic used, this is little worked and appears rough, of mediocre quality.

All in all reasonable for a product of this type, but the quality of plastic negatively impacts aesthetics, which with better plastics would have been considerably better.

As for convenience this office chair certainly provides an appreciable session.

Much better than what classic office chairs offer, which tend to be a suicide for our backbone.

Clearly the features of the seat could have been more modular, and certainly they will be on more expensive models than this one, but for a product that can be purchased for just over 150 euros, that's just fine.

La chair is comfortable, and that's what matters. Ergonomic measures are positive and functional for the health of those who use the product.

MFAVOUR review • Conclusion and judgments

La MFAVOR is a office chair with ergonomic features and all in all economic.

Le implemented functions are fine and help maintain a correct posture and ensure comfort.

What is not convincing is the quality of the plastics, at the level of the store of the trusted Chinese that we have nearby.

The aesthetic does not betray but it does not surprise.

Il value for money is very valid and we can also use this product in a gaming station.

It is useless to hide that in these figures there are really no chairs ergonomic e with premium quality.

But if your budget is limited and you still want to aim for a comfortable and partially ergonomic product, then this chair winks at what you are looking for!

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