Noctua NH-U12S Review • The compact design air cooler

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You have certainly already heard of the brand Noctua, a leader in the PC cooling industry for years.

Today you will be able to discover in every detail the performance of a air cooler as important as theNH-U12S.

Noctua NH-U12S Review • The compact design air cooler

THENH-U12S it is a fairly small size air cooler. It is an excellent solution for those who want good air performance but do not have a lot of space available.

Today we have carried out some very interesting tests for you that you will need to compare the performance of this gem with those of other products on the market.

Of course, the build quality is undoubted, as is that of reliability.

Noctua, an Austrian brand, has left little room for uncertainties and problems for years now. Every product that comes out of their warehouses is always qualitatively valid.

In particular this NH-D12S which is an excellent synthesis of performance and reduced structure. It certainly doesn't offer the dissipation of the top of the Noctua NH-D15 range that you can find reviewed on our portal, but in any case it is behind it with just a 120 mm fan and a much lower number of dissipation blades.

THENH-D12S has 5 heatpipes and is accompanied by a by default NF-F12 fan PWM da 120mm with optional “Low noise adapter”.

A tube of NT-H1 type thermal paste, one of the best on the market, is then added to everything.

Grazie a quest features theNH-U12S it is extremely compact but at the same time performing.

Il The contents of the box, in addition to the aforementioned components, the protagonist is:

  • screwdriver
  • intel assembly kit and instructions
  • amd assembly kit and instructions
  • Noctua metallic badge
  • x12 anti-vibration pad

Without getting lost in further talk about the product specifications, let's see together how it behaved when put to the test!

Noctua NH-U12S Review - Test & Performance

test they were all carried out on the same day with an ambient temperature of about 29 degrees.

On ours test bench we also made two measurements for the Dissipator Noctua NH-U12S: the first sees the standard fan included in the package as the protagonist.

In the second test we used a single NF-A12x25 fan, the flagship of the Austrian company and the difference was quite noticeable.

In this heatsink there is also the possibility of installing a second fan if desired. However, we did not keep it necessary since this product is chosen on average for its performance in relation to silence and small size.

Adding an additional fan would certainly have increased performance but also inevitably distorted the intended use of the product.

As clearly visible from the graph below, theNH-U12S it also performs very well when compared to the top of the range NH-D15 Noctua.

A good margin for improvement is achieved by using Noctua's best fans, the NF-A12x25, as seen in the second test.

The tests were carried out for a duration of about 15 minutes each in full load su AIDA64 Extreme and in a fully open test bench. In a closed pc case the temperature they could increase in the long run.

Impressive results for a heatsink mid range which has a not exorbitant cost but still important. If coupled then with the right model of Noctua fan you can really get the most out of the least effort.

Noctua NH-U12S Review - General Considerations

Il Noctua NH-U12S it's a air cooler medium-high range that becomes the protagonist of excellent performance in confined spaces.

This is why it is highly recommended: it also comes in case da gaming small in size and still does its duty.

Unlike the NH-D15 model which may not fit on all types of pc cabinets.

I advise you to buy theNH-U12S if you want good performance and have little space available.

If, on the other hand, you expect the best and space is not a problem for you then you should consider buying a Noctua NH-D15 where you can find our official review if you are interested.

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