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As you may have noticed from one of the latest publications we have had the pleasure of testing some peripherals produced by Patriot, surprised by the fact that it too had approached this market.

If you missed it, we invite you to take a look at the review of the new one headset from gaming by Patriot, Viper Gaming V380!

Today, however, we're introducing the new top of the range mouse of the brand, the Viper v570 Blackout RGB, a mouse designed purely for gamers MMO o FPS.

Patriot Viper V570 Blackout RGB • Un mouse per MMO+FPS

Now the fashion seems to go in the direction of ultra-light mice, almost forgetting those that are balanced mice.

Patriot, on the other hand, takes up the professionalism of the balanced mice, giving you the possibility to decide the weight and how to distribute it thanks to a series of small allocable ballasts.

Moreover, it is equipped with a laser sensor which reaches i 12.000 DPI, which, together with the key-rich design, is very suitable for title players MMO o FPS.

But all that glitters is not gold, in fact we will see together, along the review, that this too V570 Blackout RGB it has some major flaws.

In the meantime, let's move on to technical specifications of the Viper V570 Blackout RGB!

Patriot Viper V570 Blackout RGB • Technical specifications

To begin with, you need to know that it mounts a Avago laser sensor, sensor that boasts of extreme precision in movements at any sensitivity.

The sensitivity it can reach is precisely of 12.000 DPI, adjustable by means of the two keys underneath the wheel, with relative indicator light which indicates the degree of sensitivity set.

Another feature available is the adjustment of the polling rate, that is the updating frequency of the pointer position, through the software, up to a maximum of 1000MHz.

A feature that I very much appreciated seeing in a mouse of this type is the presence of a series of weights to be inserted into the mouse shell to make it heavier if necessary, to make movements more precise.

To be precise, a box is supplied that encloses it inside 7 small ballasts with a mass of about 5 grams each, although a maximum of 6 can be placed in the mouse.

In addition to that it has 13 programmable keys, including 7 on the left wing and one concurrently with the thumb, designed to temporarily decrease sensitivity to offer high accuracy.

As for connectivity, being a wired mouse there is little to say, it has a sleeved and braided cable that is sufficiently long and resistant.

Speaking of prices, you can find it, at the time of writing this review, at the beauty of 70 euro on Amazon.

Patriot Viper V570 Blackout RGB • Build quality, aesthetics and software

Regarding the constructive quality I have to admit that Patriot I was rather positively surprised.

Now, I'm not an industrial designer but the juxtaposition of materials rubberized and satin I really liked it.

Of course we are dealing with a plastic mouse but if nothing else it is well made, with a particular attention to detail: the keys do not creak the various modules are well positioned.

One thing I personally didn't like is there key layout programmable that run along the entire lateral band of the mouse, positioned, in my opinion, a little awkward to reach immediately.

However, this criticism can also be dictated by the fact that although I am a lover of games such as first person shooters, I do not like too much mice, even if for fans it is perhaps an advantage.

Another point in favor is obviously theRGB lighting, which is quite characteristic of this Viper V570, obviously programmable through the software even if limited to a couple of effects.

Now that I have mentioned the software I'll explain what is the biggest flaw of this mouse.

First of all it is not downloadable through Google Chrome, I wasted a lot of time looking for an executable online but nothing to do, I had to try alternative search engines (Firefox Works).

After that, as I mentioned in the Viper V380 RGB headphones review, it's a unique software, so if I went to buy an entire peripheral kit I would find myself having to use at least three different programs.

If it were designed correctly, perhaps I could even overlook it but unfortunately it is not: there are many functions to be able to assign and different selectable profiles but it turns out to be really a lot confusing.

However, it really is a lot customizable according to your specific needs, a feature that does not save Patriot from a scream.

Patriot Viper V570 Blackout RGB • Final Thoughts

In conclusion I cannot say that I was disappointed with this Viper V570 Blackout RGB, however, there is a lot to improve.

While it sounds flawless from how I described it, there are some things that make me turn up my nose, including the user experience with the software, really the worst but also the reliability of the sensor that has not always seemed super responsive to me.

It has often happened to me that, after a few minutes of inactivity, it took some time before the sensor was ready for use again.

Maybe it will be an isolated case but it is my duty to point it out, as even with far inferior devices it has never happened to me.

Other than that, however, it would still be one very valid alternative, if it were not for the slightly higher price to that of competitors, a surcharge that I do not find justified.

Taking it for what it is, I would compare it to the Logitech G502 Hero, both for functionality and for target market, however, the latter often goes on discount at really affordable prices.

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