PG100PRO Review Pyramidea Gaming • The optical-mechanical keyboard made in Italy

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It is quite rare to hear of Spanish brands who market their products, especially if they are in the field hardware e gaming.

Today we are dealing with a made in Italy article which bears the signature of Pyramidea gaming, a young brand that has its roots in the Spanish market only starting from this 2020.

The product in question bears the name of PG100PRO and it is a optical-mechanical keyboard with Spanish layout. And enthusiasts know how a quality gaming keyboard, capable of smoothly transmitting input, can offer a significantly different gaming experience.

PG100PRO Review • The optical-mechanical keyboard made in Italy by Pyramidea Gaming

La PG100PRO is a mechanical keyboard with optical axis 104-key, recently produced.

It is a gaming keyboard but it also lends itself extremely well to writing.

However, it turns out to be quite noisy due to the switch meccanici mounted.

Without getting lost in further talk, let's go together to see what the technical specifications of the product are.

PG100PRO Review by Pyramidea Gaming • Technical Specifications

La PG100PRO mount some mechanical switches with optical axis with an implementation at just one millimeter of travel: this makes it one of the most interesting proposals for the competitive gaming.

What does the use of mechanical optical axis switches involve? With mechanical optical axis switches, the actuation is achieved using light. After pressing the rate, a laser beam crosses the key stem in an imperceptible moment, causing the actuation and sends the signal to the computer.

Il feedback returned, as well as audio, it is also tactile since, beyond the point of actuation, it will be felt under the fingers as a click of a slight step.

The optical implementation of these keys also ensures greater longevity and responsiveness in use.

The keyboard is clearly equipped with RGB lighting on the single key and possesses well 26 lighting effects pre-installed and controllable by key combination (as it has no software).

There are also others 3 game profiles and one customized where it will be possible through a combination of keys to restore the keyboard lighting.

La keyboard it is also equipped with a technology that bears the name of Nkey RollOver.

This ensures that there are no problems in registering the keys when pressing them even if they are numerous.

All in the absence of ghosting and delays of any kind.

There are no dedicated media keys, nor for macros, nor for lighting. Everything is managed by a combination of keys and keys F1, F2 etc.

The keyboard has a weight of 1 Kg and is also compatible with PS4.

Recensione PG100PRO by Pyramidea Gaming • Design & materiali

Il design of this PG100PRO it is all in all very appreciable.

Certainly a far cry from the appearance that certain keyboards of the most famous brands bring, however it is essential to recognize that this is a debut product in the keyboard category for this company and has been very well conceived.

La keyboard is equipped with a rigid wrist rest which is not extremely soft but provides support during longer gaming sessions.

The shell material is in high quality plastic and returns pleasant touch feedback. To be clear, we are not dealing with a product with flaws in build quality.

The keycaps are made of Polyoxymethelene material which is a very durable material.

Il USB cable for the connection is coated and looks appropriate to the overall design of the entire item.

PG100PRO Review • User experience and general considerations

After testing the PG100PRO mechanical keyboard by Pyradea Gaming for different sessions and in different types of games it is legitimate to draw conclusions about the product.

The price at which it is placed on the market is 100 euros.

La keyboard is performing and fast, the key feedback is pleasant and it was very comfortable to play. However, the longer the sessions got longer, the more I felt the need for a softer, more comfortable palm rest.

One of the points against the keyboard, although the choice of the brand was deliberately taken, is the absence of a customization software.

In fact, there are several keyboards on the market that are equipped with them for that amount.

Il design it's good but not eye catching enough to provide a plus point. It simply does not leave any negative or positive traces in its passage.

Build quality is really great and removing the switches for cleaning seems to be a breeze.

The impression for this PG100PRO it is that of a keyboard that has several strengths and few defects, which, however, it is legitimate to be mentioned since the price is not the lowest.

As it is also legitimate to shop around and evaluate different options.

Even the packaging inside which the keyboard is contained is still rather rough and approximate: although it guarantees good packaging, aesthetics play an important role in the image offered by the brand.

It is a performing keyboard and excellent for gaming but that needs to improve in some respects. On the other hand, we give all our support to a Spanish brand that was born recently and we are sure that over time we can improve in certain aspects.

Among the most important gaming peripherals, besides the keyboard, we also recommend the purchase of a good gaming mouse.

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