Raijintek Orcus 360 RBW • Review from a liquid cooler test

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Today we have an article by Raijintek: brand that produces various items for the PC gaming, including cases, heatsinks (air and liquid), fans and accessories.

Today we have tested and reviewed the Raijintek Orcus 360 RBW. a liquid heatsink with dimensions of 360mm.

Raijintek Orcus 360 RBW • Technical specifications

THEOrcus 360 it's a liquid heatsink really very special. Although in fact it is referred to as a All in one, Raijintek also provides the consumer with a bottle of replacement liquid that can be added to the loop.

It is not a solution that is seen very often but we will deepen it later.

Let's see what the technical specifications of this Orcus 360 di Raijintek: the radiator is obviously 360mm long and therefore are well 3 the fans provided in the package. Nothing new so far.

The already mentioned bottle with the additional liquid for the loop, the screws and the installation kit for AMD and Intel (universal) and a HUB for lighting control RGB of the fans, as well as the remote control attached to it.

Establishing a price range for this product with certainty in Spain is not at all easy. At the time I am writing the review it is affordable at approx 140 €. A price therefore of a certain weight.

Pre-installed fans: 3 x 120mmHub RGB: Si
Radiator thickness: 28.6mm / 57.15mm with fansRadiator dimensions: 393 x 117 mm
Weight: 2.1 kgConnectors: (1) 3-pin, (3) 4-pin PWM, (1) 4-pin RGB
AMD Sockets: AM2(+), AM3(+) AM4, FM1, FM2(+)Intel Sockets: 2066, 2011x, 1366, 115x, 775

Raijintek Orcus 360 RBW • Test e performance

Let's now move on to the key paragraph of this review: the one about the dissipation performance of this Orcus 360.

I test were conducted for 10 minutes in full load su AIDA 64 Extreme and always in 10 minutes for values ​​of idle.

It is important to remember that the values ​​in the graph do not represent the minimum and maximum temperature recorded but a neighborhood of the same, one weighted average (based on the time spent in a given range).

The results unfortunately do not see this Orcus 360 triumph, but indeed, when compared with the Fractal Design and Silentium PC (always 360mm AIO), the proprietary product Raijitenk it leaks for several points in temperature.

It can't even do better than some counterpart definitely cheaper such as Grand 3 EVO, which costs less than half and is a air cooler.

It also loses comparison with the Noctua NH-D15 and Deepcool Assassin 3, which represent the excellence of air coolers, but we believe it must be at least the minimum for a 360mm liquid heatsink, be able to match the best air coolers.

All tests were carried out on the same processor and with the same thermal paste to make the results comparable.

SilentiumPC Grandis 3 EVO ARGB • Assembly and installation

Let's start fromassembly of this liquid heatsink.

Il installation kit for this heatsink we have seen it before: it is universal, for Intel and AMD.

In our test session we assembled and disassembled several heatsinks: the one that took the most time of all was theOrcus 360.

The instructions in the manual are not very clear, the multilingual is confusing, the images are detailed but not clearly explained, the kit is bad, as in most cases when dealing with something universal.

Also on the manual it is shown how to fill the loop with the liquid supplied by them between the assembly steps. Perhaps because their engineers believe a small part can evaporate over time or otherwise get lost. Which is true and generally happens, but after a long time.

In fact I tried to add the liquid but it was already full to the brim.

Once tried to mount on ours test bench I realized that the screw that generally holds the radiator, fans and case hole together wasn't long enough for me to do.

So I connected on one side the fans with that same screw and then on the other the radiator with the test bench.

This obviously means that the 3 elements cannot be installed in cascade case, radiator and fans with the same screw, very bad solution.

Il mounting so it was not particularly encouraging for the evaluation of this product.

SilentiumPC Grandis 3 EVO ARGB • Appearance and HUB

This, like so many other heatsinks, is equipped with RGB lighting, it is certainly not a novelty now for the products hardware.

THElighting does its own. However, even here we have found some fairly significant shortcomings.

First of all theHUB for lighting management it also does not allow you to install connectors PWM of the fans, which we then connected to the motherboard with fan splitters in our possession (not supplied).

This is because the fans are as many as 3 on the radiator and if you have others in the case the connectors on the motherboard may not be enough.

THEHUB it can be controlled with the remote control, a solution in our opinion a bit tacky and outdated, but fortunately it can also be connect to motherboard to be managed by the mobo software as is now the case for most products.

Le fans finally they are not of excellent quality. The plastic with which they are made is not the top and to the touch they do not return the solidity that other brands offer on products in the same price range.

SilentiumPC Grandis 3 EVO ARGB • Conclusions

Unfortunately our conclusions regarding the Raijintek Orcus 360 they cannot be positive.

Il product costs enough and on its price range we find really many very valid alternatives.

This Orcus 360 in addition to offering performance by price inferior to the competition, it also presents obvious problems in installation.

We thank the guys from Raijintek for providing us with the sample and we hope that this, like other reviews carried out professionally, can help improve the quality of the products of any brand that interfaces with the media.

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