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If you can't activate a landline phone line, there are excellent alternative solutions today.

In fact, even in Spain, mobile telephone operators are providing more and more GB in their promotional packages, allowing for extensive use in hotspots.

However, for professional use and stable navigation, we recommend that you buy a modem router with a SIM slot. We, after testing various so-called "soaps", even on good paper, once again preferred AVM, the undisputed leader in this specific sector.

Review Fritz!Box 6820 LTE

So let's see together, in more detail, the complete review of the Fritz! Box 6820 LTE, after about a month of in-depth tests.

Unboxing Fritz!Box 6820 LTE

The packages containing the Fritz! Boxes are complete with everything necessary for their quick and effective configuration.

Within this package we found:

  • Fritz!Box 6820 LTE;
  • Power supply with 12V 1A EU plug;
  • 1,5m Ethernet cable;
  • manual perfectly translated into German, English, Spanish, French, Spanish, Dutch and Polish.

Fritz! Box 6820 LTE • Top quality LTE modem router

The technological heart of the Fritz! Box 6820 LTE is enclosed within a body in solid and well made hard plastic

The only metal parts are the four lower screws that firmly fix the entire structure. The first impression is that of having a product in your hands well assembled but not premium, as it should be (given price and quality).

It should be noted that this device, after all, is designed for typically domestic use, so it is not subject to shocks, displacements and any other event that could compromise its integrity.

As usual, on the front of the modem router, there is a section delimited by the red color in which all the LED information (from which to infer, therefore, reception, connection and switching on).

The overall dimensions of the product are 134 x 99 x 64 mm. A profile, this, definitely in its favor because the modem is small and versatile, with a truly negligible weight. This means it can be placed wherever you see fit, as long as it has an outlet nearby.

The shape of this Fritz!Box 6820 LTE it is very special. It is designed so that the power cable can slide comfortably under the entire structure, without creating problems or imperfections. The refill compartment is positioned, in fact, at the bottom, next to the slot for the mini SIM .

The network access keys are located at the bottom.

On the back, however, there are the keys Wifi e WPS, to ensure related connections in case of problems, and a port Gigabit LAN.

From the front, as mentioned above, the LEDs indicate, starting from the bottom, the switching on of the router, the actual connection to the network and the intensity of the signal, which can be obtained from the last three LEDs at the top.

Connection and configuration of the Fritz! Box 6820 LTE

The company always pays great attention to its customers and, in this case, also wanted to include all the steps related to configuration in the instructions.

For registration it will be enough insert your mini SIM into the appropriate slot and then connect the router to the network inserting the keys present both under the modem router and in a special sheet present in the package.

The first two lower LEDs will light up and after a few seconds of waiting we will be able to go to the site, as indicated in the manual instructions, to complete the configuration process.

All this takes place in a series of very simple steps that will end in less than two minutes, after which we will certainly have access to our personal page.

Technical features Fritz! Box 6820 LTE

This Fritz! Box 6820 LTE it's a modem router LTE. Thanks to the integrated SIM slot, take advantage of our mobile connection to create a Wi-Fi access point and allow any device to connect. Obviously, the GB provided for in the contract with our mobile operator will be used.

As for Wi-Fi, it is equipped with the standard 802.11 b / g / n using Wi-Fi N technology with speed up to 450 Mbit / s a 2,4 GHz

The LTE module is instead Cat.4 , with speed in download to 150 Mbit / s and upload to 50 Mbit / s. In addition, it is compatible with most common bands, including a 800 MHz (essential in areas where reception is not the best and transmission takes place on this frequency).

In addition to the LTE connection, this Fritz! Box 6820 also includes a connection UMTS e GSM.

There is also one porta Gigabit Ethernet to connect directly to a computer, console or any other peripheral.

Benefits brought by the Fritz! Box 6820 LTE

For all tests I simply used one SIMs. 4G the wind with 100GB included (sim, this, provided by my subscription to the fiber optic for the fixed line). And, even if I can't get optimal reception at home (unfortunately only the first of the three LEDs to indicate signal quality lights up), the Wi-Fi performance has far exceeded sufficiency.

It must also be considered that, in Ischia, in this period, there are also 400.000 presences compared to a resident population of 60.000 people. The repeaters, therefore, cannot withstand such a load, a bit like it happens on New Year's Eve or on the occasion of other special events.

However, taking as a term of comparison the wired home network (where I also have an ADSL Wi-Fi connection), I could see how the performance is lower than that of the Fritz! Box 6820 LTE router. 
In download I got, in fact, 8 Mbit / s, While in upload about 10Mbit / s.
With the ADSL I arrive at 7 Mbit / s in download and less than 1 in upload.

The ADSL will never exceed that threshold, unfortunately, while the SIM Wind could (and indeed should) do even better. This will likely happen with fewer tourist presences, from October onwards.

The wifi reception is excellent. In fact, it is possible to move away several meters without obstacles. 

Clearly the presence of a bearing wall leads to an inevitable and important loss of the signal.

Personally I will keep this router for myself so that I can use it in a studio apartment consisting of a bathroom, kitchen and large living room.

The advice is, therefore, to use the Fritz! Box 6820 LTE for a studio apartment or for a few rooms near which the modem router is installed.

Modem-router and web interface management

Through our personal account, configured in the initial stages of installation, we will be able to have full control of the network. L'interface it's very simple thanks to Fritz! U.S, useful both for those who are more familiar with some data and for those who pay less attention to details.

We can control the data flow, both in download and upload, measure network consumption at any time. All devices connected to the network will be visible on the main screen, so that we can check their behavior during the connection.

Through the parental Control we will also have the possibility to manage the times in which a specific device can have access to the network, establishing days and time slots dynamically.

A special menu within the network settings will allow you to decide if the LAN port will be able to benefit from navigation a 1 Gbit / s or 100 Mbit / s.

Also, much of the connection information will be easily visible in this interface, with the ability to edit the name of the networkPassword and various other aspects.

All the menus are translated in a simple and perfect way: it is impossible to make a mistake, a bit as also underlined in relation to the instruction manual. In this sense, AVM is an international brand that takes great care of relationships with customers.

Fritz! 6820 LTE Box • How to access the router configuration panel

Also from this point of view, AVM devices are very clear and linear: so for modem-routers just access the configuration page at, for powerlines at http // fritz .powerline and for repeaters to http //fritz.repeater.

You can't go wrong and there are no IPs to necessarily remember (the classic for example).

However, there is another way to monitor our network: theMyFRITZ! App application, Available for Android iOS, thanks to which it is possible to have a simple overview of the connection performance and signal strength, as well as other general information.

Fritz! Box 6820 LTE review • Personal opinions and conclusions

Il Fritz! Box 6820 LTE it costs today 149 € su Amazon Spain, low price compared to the 200 euros initially planned for this device. The product is aimed at anyone who owns a home with Slow ADSL or anyone who wants to surf even in locations where there is not particularly good Wi-Fi. It is not a mobile device in itself, but its size and ease of installation bring it very close to a solution of this kind.

Personally I could use it both in a house designed for tourist rentals and in my future home, where initially I would have neither ADSL nor optical fiber.

The Fritz! Box 6820 LTE, if used with intelligence, can represent a temporary solution for those waiting for the switch to optical fiber or the subscription of a new fixed line, but also a definitive alternative for those with specific needs. Ironically it should offer better performance than the classic Spanish ADSL.

This judgment, certainly positive, can further improve with the proposal by mobile telephone operators, also in our country, of tariffs tending towards flat navigation at reasonable prices.

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