Review Gamdias Achilles E1 • La sedia da gaming RGB!

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Today we are dealing with a very particular article: the first sedia da gaming RGB that has happened in my hands so far!

The article produced by Gamdias and in name Achilles E1 RGB it is indeed very special and unique in its kind.


In this guide we will discover its characteristics together.

Review Gamdias Achilles E1 • La sedia da gaming RGB!

La Gamdias is an emerging brand that produces high quality products that often lack that something to make the definitive leap to be a top of the range.

Also the Achilles E1 RGB is a gaming chair built with materials of high quality and the same for the padding, however there is also some flaw that is hidden around the corner.

In this Gamdias RGB gaming chair review we will discover together PROs and CONS of the product!


Gamdias Achilles E1 RGB • Unboxing e Montaggio

As for the initial phase, the first impact with the product and the unpacking, everything went ok.

The pieces were excellently sealed and secured inside a really huge box (also due to the large back of the chair).


Something went wrong in the second part of the editing: inexplicably, in fact, two really strange inconveniences happened to me.

In the first case the tool, key, to screw the bolts, which I was provided with, could not be used on all the bolts but exclusively for the first 8.

For the remaining 8 I had to equip myself with a key taken in case.

It is really strange that they provided different sized bolts and a key that could not be used with both.

I hope mine was an isolated case.


Secondly, I was forced to waste much more time than I should have as the remaining 8 bolts that I have already mentioned previously were not supplied as usual inside a bag but were directly screwed into the holes of the supporting structure.

The consequence is that I had to first unscrew them and then screw them back on after fixing the side armrests.

This game cost me then twice as long than if they provided me with the screws in a sachet.


These two missed tricks made me waste a little more time than I should have during assembly.

Finally, at the end of the assembly, I was able to realize that the chair was crooked, not perpendicular to the ground and this can be felt while sitting as it can also be felt when looking at the final product.

I hope that this, like the previous ones, is only a truly isolated case.


Gamdias Achilles E1 RGB • Technical specifications

THEAchilles E1 RGB is a sedia da gaming RGB very special: equipped with unique functions on the market and easily available on The Amazon at a price between 170 and 200 euros approximately.

It is available in the traditional black and white colors plus red, blue and yellow ones.


THEminimum seat height it is about 43 centimeters from the ground and the maximum is 54 centimeters.

The backrest is very high and measures 86 centimeters while the chair in its entirety is between 130 and 140 centimeters high.

La seat depth without lumbar pad stands at around 47 centimeters.

Lo back it can be reclined up to an inclination of 150 degrees.

The maximum weight supported is 200 Kg.


Beyond the RGB function which can be used via direct connection USB with the PC or by putting a Powerbank in the special rear pouch.

Le RGB functions can be controlled and managed through the Software Hera, which, however, would need an important restyling as it is quite sparse and obsolete to the eye even if it does what it has to without problems.


Also side armrests they come with a feature I've never seen before: they can be rotated left or right to fixed positions beyond the central one.

Although it is a particular feature and which is not so easily found, I don't think it is extremely useful. Indeed it is sometimes a nuisance when the armrest rotates involuntarily by applying light force.

It would have been better to create more resistance so that the armrest could only move its axis when a sufficiently higher force is exerted.


Gamdias Achilles E1 RGB • Comfortable material

materials used inAchilles E1 RGB they are of high quality.

Il bust of the chair it is made of very resistant metal. Even the wheels and the skeleton of the carried structure are extremely solid.

Il matter of the padding is in imitation leather as in 90% of the models on the market.

They are then provided a lumbar pad and one for the head, comfortable and easy to install in the chair in a few seconds.


As regards the comfort overall I found this strange chair compared to the previous ones I had in my hands.

Although it is still a very expensive chair, it does not reflect the comfort standard of that price range.

La sitting it becomes inconsistent when compared with other models and tastes economic, when in reality what we have in our hands is not economic.


The choice not to place a rigid layer immediately after the layers of padding but rather a skeleton to hold the structure upright is perhaps a serious mistake.

What you feel while sitting is almost a feeling of emptiness both behind the shoulders and in the legs.

In addition, the two side barriers in the lower seat cushion are high and limit the movements of the legs excessively.


The lumbar pad is far from comfortable and soft, it is even stiff.

The overall feeling you get is that of being seated on a chair for just over a hundred euros.

Furthermore, at the end of the assembly the chair turned out to be crooked, not perfectly perpendicular to the ground and this is also felt in the session.


Gamdias Achilles E1 RGB • Photo gallery


Gamdias Achilles E1 RGB • Price and Conclusions

To learn more, you could also take a look at our video review.

La sedia da gaming RGB Achilles E1 RGB it is a great attempt to create something interesting in which, however, the brand is lost in a glass of water.

It makes little sense to offer plays of light RGB and adjustable armrests in the direction when the overall feeling of the seat is poor in relation to the price.


La Gamdias Achilles E1 RGB it's a chair with a lot of wasted potential. We hope that the brand can improve in the future under certain points of view in which it is lacking today.

However, we thank the company for the sample sent to us and we hope that the next products will improve a lot!

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