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If you are looking for information regarding the case and gaming Sharkoon TG4 you are in the right place!

The aforementioned case and gaming released by Sharkoon it occupies a segment of the market which a large public faces.

Thus going to compete with products that have established themselves for some time now and which will therefore be difficult to overthrow.


Without getting lost in further talk, let's go and see this case specifically.


Review Sharkoon TG4 • Case and gaming RGB

I would like to underline first of all that the information below, as well as the considerations, are exclusively a consequence of the experience of use that I had personally with the product that Sharkoon kindly sent us for testing.

Therefore, having ascertained that this guide was written with the product by my side, we can launch into the first section: that of general considerations.


Sharkoon TG4 Review • General Considerations


Il case and gaming Sharkoon TG4 it can be purchased at an overall price that is not at all demanding on the Amazon Shop.

The strong point of this article is precisely this: the rapporto qualità / prezzo.

If you are looking for something really reliable and cute without having to spend a fortune, this product could be for you.

The merits and demerits of a gaming case that can be purchased at this price are almost always identical on all models except in rare special cases.

If you are buying this product with the idea of ​​having an extremely high quality item in your hands, I am sorry to disappoint you but this is not the case.

It is an article that complies perfectly with the standard imposed by the price range within which it resides.

What I have learned over the years is that the quality of what we buy will always be proportional to the amount spent.


Lo Sharkoon TG4 it's a case and gaming which is spacious enough to allow low-end and mid-range configurations to be installed inside.

You absolutely cannot expect to install a large air cooler, as I would not recommend installing a custom liquid cooling system.

You will say rather trivial and obvious considerations, and I admit that you are not completely wrong.


La quality of materials used for the product is good, the shell is in metal, the panels they are both in tempered glass and as easily understood there is a colossal difference compared to a plastic panel.

Il case and gaming has non-slip rubber pads at its base and of dust filters removable.


The article includes well 4 RGB fans, and notice, it is not easy to find on the market cases equipped with 4 fans including RGB that have at least an appreciable quality.

This is one of the strong points of the cabinet.

The front air intakes are very large and actually allow the fans to draw air effectively.

What is missing is the upper wall with air intakes for the possible installation of fans (which all in all are not needed since we already have 4).

However, it might be of interest to someone to be able to install an AIO liquid cooler in the top of the case. In this case it is not possible.

Il cable management it's not a problem in most cases and is in line with other products in the same price range.

Space is scarce, organizing it well gives an advantage, but it will still be true that space is still scarce.

THEairflow it is enough thanks to 4 fans included and it is not at all worrying in this case.


Although we are dealing with a product designed for a price range reachable by anyone, there is no lack of interesting details and goodies.


Sharkoon TG4 Review • Appearance and interior


The shell made in metal and the panels made in tempered glass allow you to give the case and gaming a very inviting look despite being a product entry level range.

The non-glazed side panel has a camber to allow for better cable management.

You cannot install any CD or DVD player due to the conformation of the product, but this is easily understood by looking at simple photos.

When turned on and running the case delivers 14 lighting modes RGB of the fans.

Very pretty, they make their figure. The fans can then be controlled via controller for static coloring.

There are also two colors Blue and red at a significantly lower price.

The installation of storage devices inside the case is simplified and functional.

The inner wall is devoid of any installation bay of Hard Disk that it takes up a lot of space and annoys the eye.

There will be only a small lodging for the Traditional hard drives, while i SSD they can be installed on the same wall where the motherboard is placed.


There is a separator that allows you to hide the power supply and better organize the cable management but it is all in all almost impossible to do in a case of such limited size.

On the power panel we find the keys for: Start, restart, 2 USB 3.0 ports, microphone jack and headphone jack.


Personally I find the case good looking considering the amount with which we can take it home.

It leaves me a little perplexed

the top completely closed, but this choice gives it a more look minimal and classic to the article.


Sharkoon TG4 Review • Conclusion

Lo Sharkoon TG4 is definitely a case and gaming which has so much to offer and proves to be up to par with competitors in the same price range.

Aesthetically sound, a little cramped, but with a fantastic glass panel: lo Sharkoon TG4 it is a case that does its duty.

The flaws we found are almost present in all items in the same price range.

To eliminate them, a few more banknotes will need to be released from the wallet.


Now let's see together what are the most important technical specifications to take into consideration regarding the Sharkoon TG4.

Weight: 5,3 Kg Maximum 3,5 ″ HD: 2
Pre-installed fans: 4 Maximum 2,5 ″ HD: 4
USB: 2X3.0 Size: x 45,5 20,0 43,0 cm x
Max Cooler Height: 160 mm Available colors: Blue, red, RGB
Maximum GPU Length: 375m


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