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One of the main things to consider when building a computer is the power supply.

In this regard, a brand like Seasonic has long been providing excellent, reliable and high-performance products.

This also applies to the Seasonic Focus Gold GX650, of which we had the opportunity to test its quality and efficiency.

Seasonic Focus Gold GX650 • Unboxing & Box Contents

A great product is also noticeable in the details and Seasonic in this she is always very careful.

In fact, fromunboxing it is clear as well as the presentation and the packaging are well cared for from the company.

In the box you will obviously find everything you need to use the PSU and to better organize the cables inside the case. In this regard, together with themodular power supply the following objects will be present:

  • Instruction manual
  • Cavo Motherboard
  • 2 CPU cables
  • 4 PCIe cables
  • 3 SATA cables
  • Molex cable
  • SATA cable 3.3
  • AC Cable
  • A bag for cables and zip ties
  • PSU tester

To find out more about what is contained within the PSU, I invite you to watch the video review below.

You will be able to see the internal components of the device and observe with us the excellent work done by Seasonic to carry out this project.

Seasonic Focus Gold GX650 • Technical specifications

It is a very valid article, that is a very performing modular power supply, sold at a fairly high price justified by the quality of the power supply.

Speaking of performance, the Seasonic Focus Gold GX650 has an efficiency 80 Plus Gold. This means that the latter can be pushed up to 90% (From standard ATX specification).

Better efficiency means owning a quieter product, which consumes less electricity and produces less heat. In addition, the power supply in question also has a very useful function.

This is the so-called semi-fanless, which concerns the exclusive use of the fan only when the workload is greater than 30%.

This means that if you use your computer lightly, the fan will not start spinning (with sufficient gains in favor of silence).

Obviously, this is all possible thanks to the design of the power supply itself and the quality of its components. In fact, he manages to get one good internal air circulation it's a good dissipation even without the fan.

Finally, as previously mentioned, it is a modular piece, that is, you will have the full freedom of cable management to be used inside your PC.

You could also for example install fixed sleeved cables like the ones we reviewed a few weeks ago!

La fan is 120 mm and the whole power supply has a size of 140x150x86 mm.

Before dedicating myself to the interiors, I would dedicate myself a moment to the amperometric table reported on the back of the package and on the PSU.

All perfectly in order in fact on it: the 650 W declared as nominal power for the 12V are in fact distributed with 54 Ampere for a total of 648 W on the main rail.

Nothing to complain about on paper with regards to the distribution of power.

However, it is good to remember, although this is absolutely not the case, that it is never enough to trust the tables but it is always advisable to read the test in load to make sure that the product is actually capable of delivering that amount of energy.

And that's what you can check for yourself between two paragraphs.

Let's now dedicate ourselves to a quick exploration of the interiors!

Seasonic Focus Gold GX650 • Interior

We remind you that what we have done by opening the power supply to view the interior is highly discouraged as this operation invalidates the warranty made available by the manufacturer.

The platform Focus it is a refresh of something already seen in the past at home Seasonic: this one boasts some improvements, especially from the point of view of spaciousness and order.

These changes over the years have led to perfecting the full bridge topology platform making it usable also for a system semi-fanless like the one adapted from the jewel in question.

The structure is in fact not only very tidy but also quite airy and will allow a natural flow for dissipation inside.

This is obviously a fully OEM Seasonic platform.

The first block to be dealt with clearly is that of filtering of the current as well as the one present at the top right in the green ellipse.

Within this section we find exactly behind the the power connector a PCB and 4 capacitors of type Y, 2 of type X and two filter inductors.

There is also a MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) which serves to protect the system from the possible arrival of (reasonable) electrical discharges.

Then two bridge rectifiers share the high-density heatsink on the green arrow.

Immediately after we find theAPFC in the yellow circle, also widely dissipated.

Our primary capacitor is instead a Rubycon (if you are not very experienced I assure you that it is the top among the Japanese capacitors) from 470 µF, 400V e 105°.

The other capacitors marked with purple points are also all Japanese production. They should be gods Nippon Chemi-con but due to the small size I have not been able to ascertain with total certainty.

Finally we arrive at the DC-DC converter (red circle) where the voltages of 3,3 V and 5 V are obtained starting from the 12 V.

Seasonic Focus Gold GX650 • Energy efficiency

The first of the tests performed as well as the simplest was that ofenergy efficiency, where is the Seasonic Focus Gold not only has it distinguished itself with extensive and valuable merits but has even done better at certain points of the load (for example at 50%) than the ATX specifications predicted.

THEpower pack therefore it behaves even better than expected and this is only possible thanks to the high quality components of which it is made up inside.

Seasonic Focus Gold GX650 • Test

During the linear load test the voltages of 3.3, 5 and 12 V have been tested in a progressive and scalar way.

The test continued until the rated power was reached and no later than (no overload test).

We have been able to see how the voltages have changed their nature as the power delivered by the PSU and the result was really positive.

Il Seasonic Focus Gold has absolute control over voltages which are extremely clean and defined and comfortably fit into ATX standards.

Linear load in DC+ 3.3 V+ 5 V+ 12 V
∓65 W (10%)3.335.0312.13
∓160 W (25%)3.325.0212.10
∓325 W (50%)3.345.0412.08
∓487 W (75%)3.325.0512.05
∓650 W (100%)3.315.0311.97

even the ripple for this power supply it does not seem to be a worrying problem as it proves to be able to manage it comfortably.

We notice some small nuances more accentuated only when we approach full load where we barely touch 26 mV and no more (on the 12V rail).

Ripple in mV+ 3.3 V+ 5 V+ 12 V
∓65 W (10%)4511
∓160 W (25%)5612
∓325 W (50%)6618
∓487 W (75%)7920
∓650 W (100%)91326

The popular reputation of this power supply as well as the now evident excellence of Seasonic in the sector bodes well and the results of our tests confirm all these predictions with largely positive results.

As they say the devil is in the details; and in this case the attention to every minimum characteristic and internal component is not lacking.

It is only thanks to the work of a company that is now a leader in the power supplies that it is possible to create products of such reliability.

Seasonic Focus Gold GX650 • Photo gallery

Seasonic Focus Gold GX650 • General considerations

From our careful and scrupulous description, you will certainly have understood that we are facing an excellence by Seasonic. The Seasonic Focus Gold GX650 it can safely be used to create a high-end computer and handle large amounts of work.

The intense and constant use of the power supply does not risk damaging the piece itself and the connected devices.

Furthermore, the protection system integrated allows to preserve the PC components even in case of voltage changes or current overloads.

Sometimes some users overlook the importance of PSU, but buy a product efficient and reliable like this ensures the durability and performance of your computer for a long period of time.

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