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Let's open another chapter on one of the main elements in assembling a PC. L'power pack it is certainly the real base from which to put together a fast and durable computer.

In this regard, famous companies such as Seasonic offer gods awesome PSUs performing and reliable, at an excellent quality-price ratio.

We had the opportunity to test the company itself Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750, and the review of which in word will allow you to understand its great potential.

Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750 • Unboxing & Box Contents

Before proceeding with the evaluation of the piece itself, one of the aspects to consider is also theunboxing. An excellent product, in fact, can also be seen from how it looks when it is opened.

What we can find inside the box, in addition to the power supply neatly packaged inside a bag, are the following items:

  • Instruction manual
  • Jumper 24 pin
  • Modular cables
  • AC Cable
  • A bag for cables and zip ties

For a more careful analysis of the product and an evaluation of what it has to offer, I invite you to look at ours review below.

In the video you can observe the internal components and well-maintained unboxing of Seasonic.

Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750 • Technical specifications

It is certainly a high-end product, more performing than another power supply from the same company we recently tested (here you are Seasonic Focus Gold GX650 review on our site).

Returning to Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750, the specifications are very interesting but the price is consequently high (between 200 and 250 euros).

The latter is endowed with an efficiency 80 Plus Platinum, that is 94% of the energy consumed, and a 135mm fan with function semi-fanless.

This means that the power supply fan may remain inactive until the 30% of the load. To do this, simply press the button for Hybrid mode.

Also, in case of current overloads or power surges, you won't have to fear for your PC thanks to his protection system.

The PSU is completely modulate, so you will have full freedom in cable management. For example, you might decide to use excellent ones sleeveless cables, which we already positively talked about some time ago.

As soon as I tried the power supply I noticed the decidedly relevant weight of the piece, which testifies to thehigh quality of components internal.

The whole power supply has a size of 140x150x86 mm and 12 year Manufacturers Guarantee.

As regards the distribution of power on the power supply rails, we have an excellent subdivision, worthy of a model of this range.

As reported by amperometric table they are indeed well 744 i Watts on the main rail from 12V on which they are therefore provided 62 Ampere.

However, it should be remembered that an optimal distribution on the rails is not always synonymous with reliable power supply in toto. Obviously, however, this is not the case.

Let's now dedicate ourselves to a quick exploration of the interiors!

Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750 • Analisi interni

This power supply, like most of those belonging to the high-end now, has a division into two blocks for the supply of current.

The first part is the one that provides for the transfer through the filter (yellow ellipse), the alternating current inside the PSU.

The latter is, in turn, divided into two sections: the first to be examined is a PCB attached to the rear socket, clearly visible in the photo, with 2 Y caps, 1 X caps and 1 CM02X.

The second is on the Main PCB and a MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor), which will take care of saving the power supply one step away from frying if overvoltage discharges arrive from the home network.

Immediately after, you pass the bridge to get to theAPFC (green circle), next to which we find ours Japanese main capacitor from 820µF quoted at 105 ° of operating temperature.

It then passes between the purple circle to get to the blue one through the main FETs and then reaches the main transformer.

The tensions from 3.3V e 5V instead they will be obtained from the converter DC / DC (red circle) starting from that of 12V.

Put your secondary capacitors featured on the board (pins in the picture), are of high quality and made in japan.

Overall the internal structure is neat, airy and clean.

The bandages on the components allow perfect cooling and avoid the problem of coil whine.

Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750 • Energy efficiency

Let's now review the tests carried out on this model of Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750 W starting from the simplest and most immediate one or theenergy efficiency.

This power supply with efficiency 80 plus platinum fully respects the standard ATX which it proposes to offer to the buyer.

At 50% load it therefore reaches the 94.05%, a result, as expected, really good.

Overall, moreover, it remains very close to and beyond the threshold of 90%.

Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750 • Test

During the linear load test the voltages of 3.3, 5 and 12 V were tested in a progressive and scaled way until reaching the maximum power indicated on the label and not beyond.

Linear load in DC+ 3.3 V+ 5 V+ 12 V
∓75 W (10%)3.335.0312.13
∓187 W (25%)3.325.0212.10
∓375 W (50%)3.345.0412.08
∓562 W (75%)3.325.0512.05
∓750 W (100%)3.315.0311.97

What emerges from the load tests carried out is that the Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750 skilfully juggles the supply of voltages as limpidly as possible, fully falling within the specifications provided for by the standard ATX.

Ripple in mv+ 3.3 V+ 5 V+ 12 V
∓ 75 W (10%)555
∓ 187 W (25%)5515
∓ 375 W (50%)5515
∓ 562 W (75%)5520
∓ 750 W (100%)101020

Also with regard to i ripple, this power supply provides a very clear transmission of the output voltages.

This specific result is really extremely positive.

But we would have expected it from a power supply of this caliber.

Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750 • Photo gallery

Seasonic Prime Platinum PX750 • General considerations

It is never easy to choose the ideal power supply for our PC. SeasonicHowever, it has long been able to create gods very good products, as the Prime Platinum PX750, which facilitate our search.

La quality of a power supply it can be seen from components used and from performance which manages to deliver even with large loads. In this sense, the product in question has absolutely not disappointed our expectations.

A great high-end configuration can't be denied a powerful PSU like this one. Although the cost is not the lowest, it is worth investing on such a piece.

This is because, I will never stop repeating it, a durable and performing computer needs a equally powerful and reliable power supply.

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