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    • Secretlab OMEGA

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    • Secretlab TITAN 2020

    • The starting point for those who want the top!
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    • Secretlab TITAN XL 2020

    • The most comfortable chair
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    • Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022 Series

    • Secretlab's most innovative and recent chair
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    Le sedie gaming Secretlab are among the best gaming chairs you can buy, a non plus ultra for all gamers and streamers who want the most from their gaming station not only in terms beauty but also of comfort.

    Founded in 2014 a Singapore by Ian Alexander Ang and Alaric Choo, former eSports champions on Starcraft, the start-up has quickly become one company with international collaborations and official supplier of many content creators!

    Over the years, the company has grown increasingly prominent to produce custom models inspired by rpg games such as The Witcher 3 o cyberpunk 2077, but also many other very famous titles.

    But what makes them special sedie gaming Secretlab? And which ones are the best models on the market?

    In this guide we will go through several chairs that we have reviewed making a small ranking, to help you choose the one that's right for you.

    We come now to the analysis of models we have reviewed on our portal, to make you understand which one ready for Secretlab gaming can do for you.

    • Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • Why Choose Them
    • Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • Ergonomics and materials
    • Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • OMEGA
    • Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • TITAN
    • Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • TITAN XL
    • Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • TITAN EVO 2022

    Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • Why Choose Them

    Le Secretlab gaming chairs are designed by players for players: the two founders of the company wanted to put their experience to good use decennial in having tried armrests and backrests of all kinds to guarantee the gamer the greatest possible comfort.

    <strong>The Eurobursar</strong> secretlab it counts within it of doctors specialize in orthopedics, experts in the correct posture to keep when you are playing or just working in front of the PC.

    Furthermore, the gaming chairs are subjected to very hardships stress test to verify its solidity and durability.

    Le secretlab they are therefore very renowned for being practically indestructible and for offering the maximum of comfort possible, in order to guarantee you hours and hours of gameplay without getting tired!

    Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • Ergonomics and materials

    Le Secretlab chairs they all have a system of lumbar support patented directly by the company covering up to 57% more of the back than the competition based on 63 flexible adaptive hinges that follow the micro-movements of our body.

    Also the basis area of sitting is designed and patented by secretlab and guarantees a perfect 90 degree angle for our knees.

    To meet the needs of whom plays moreover, by profession i armrests and pillow for the head of Secretlab are replaceable starting with the latest versions, allowing you to keep yours gaming chair for a long time!

    The whole is obviously produced in memory foam: a material that recalls the crafts of our head or our back and makes the gaming chair really staff.

    I materials in which the Secretlabs are built are the hybrid leatherette Secretlab NEO and the fabric SoftWeave Plus Secretlab: materials specifically tested by the company to ensure that unlike other faux leather chairs, they flake off after a short time from purchase.

    The chairs are also secured by one warranty with extension up to 5 years. How to do? Just make a nice one photo to your own workstation and send it tocompany!

    Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • OMEGA

    The Secretlab OMEGA gaming chair is recommended for those with a height between 160 and 180 cm and a weight of less than 100kg.

    It is the most "moddata"From the brand: you can find both in version branded per Games or for comics or other things peculiar to nerd culture.

    Le features are already of the highest level: we find it adjustable backrest, the wrist rests adjustable in height, direction and distance, the possibility of doing to swing the seat and the classic regolazione in height.

    Equipped with two bearings, the one for the forehead and that lumbar, it could be your choice to enter the amazing world secretlab.

    The only drawback of the chair are the side bearings of the session that shrink a little 'legs, which could lead you to choose the next model: the TITAN!

    Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • TITAN

    The Secretlab TITAN gaming chair is considered by to be one of the best gaming chairs on the market. It is recommended for anyone who has one height between 175 and 200 cm and a weight of less than 130kg.

    Let's start with the fact that the chair does covering so easy, thanks to the generous dimensions of the the packaging and the fact that the instructions they are huge, so you don't have to go crazy to understand which vines go into which lodgings!

    The box also comes with a screwdriver specifically for the mounting and sitting presents i armrests already assembled, saving you a lot of fatigue if you want to take this model.

    Le feature compared to Omega are many: i armrests they are adjustable in 3 different positions (perpendicular to the backrest or tilted to the right or left) and can be moved more inside the seat, but the best thing is the back which is adjustable in section lumbar thanks to a knob!

    In addition to the features, i materials are as always at the top, making the TITAN one of the most comfortable chairs we've reviewed and the safe choice if you're on a budget.

    Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • TITAN XL

    The Secretlab TITAN XL gaming chair is a real “giants” chair: designed for to bear to 180kg and a height greater than the meter and ninety, gives the impression of being seated on a throne gaming too!

    Compared to the TITAN we find gods armrests practically adjustable in any position, even in angulation, and the pillow again lumbar procedure.

    Like the younger sister, moreover, the mounting è easy despite the total weight of this beast that reaches up to 36kg!

    You can also choose other materials at the time of purchase such as real leather or the LEPA leather, which however increase the price and not just a little.

    It is undoubtedly a chair designed for those who have needs of a certain type: it is basically a TITAN, but more great, comfortable e spacious.

    Cloth we suggest, therefore, only if you need such a chair huge!

    Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • TITAN EVO 2022

    The Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022 gaming chair is the new top in gamea of the Singapore brand, designed to replace the previous one TITAN.

    There are three versions: S, R, and XL, each designed for heights e weights different. A nice step forward for secretlab which in this way uses the same model in dimensions different.

    This gaming chair offers some more features than the model previous: the pillow for the head it is no longer a band but magnetic, covers of the armrests are detachable. The support lumbarmoreover, it is also adjustable in height.

    For the rest it is practically identical a la TITAN: if you like these little ones features additional also think about the purchase which is substantially an increase of 50 euros compared to the other.

    Needless to say, even for this one chair i materials I'm level highest, so it's up to you decide which features you prefer.

    Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs • Conclusions

    As you have read, the sedie gaming Secretlab they are the absolute top of the range for those who want to play comfortably for hours.

    Better than that we can just go on chairs ergonomic or on brands like Herman Miller, but for the price of one expenditure not indifferent with the wallet!

    If yours obiettivo is simply having the maximum comfort while you do your three hours of Gaming per day and you have budget, we can only recommend the famous brand of Singapore.

    Alternatively you can take a look at ours guide on the best gaming chairs to see what can be within your reach, or consult ours reviews of chairs such as the Sharkoon SGS40.

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