Secretlab TITAN XL Review • The chair of the giants!

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To date the gaming chairs are increasingly present in the gaming stations of passionate users tech around the world.

Here to celebrate the new year we take you with us to discover the SecretLab TITAN XL, certainly one of the best gaming chairs of the current year.

SecretLab TITAN XL Review • The most spacious gaming chair

Sedie da gaming que su we have seen so many that we can immediately recognize which ones are worth; and believe me this is valid.

After all, the brand from which it originates, SecretLab has become perhaps the most coveted by the entire tech community and in just 6 years of life it boasts a worldwide reputation.

All the more so if it is one TITAN, considered the queen of gaming chairs that unfortunately will have to leave the title to her older sister, the TITAN XL which is much larger and more spacious than the traditional variant.

To take a closer look at the chair, follow our detailed video review!

SecretLab TITAN XL Review • Unboxing and editing

The packaging leaves no doubts on safety in transport and, as it has accustomed us to SecretLab, the various pieces are conveniently stored and protected by a series of protections that prevent damage to them, as well as to the box.

Just like the previous ones, this one too TITAN XL features a mounting system that stands head and shoulders above its competitors in terms of practicality. ed guessability.

However, the portability and manageability of the components is a little less practical, due to the dimensions and weight not exactly contained since we are talking about well 36kg at the ready

The leaflet of the instructions of the rather generous dimensions is very convenient, which makes it much more Quick the process of assembly.

Another gem that we often find with SecretLab chairs is the fact that the seat is already connected with the armrests, saving you time and effort.

The components to install are very few: with just a few screws and bolts it is possible to make the entire chair, complete with covers for the most exposed parts.

In addition, there is also a mounting kit with screwdriver included.

SecretLab TITAN XL Review • Technical Specifications

Within the line-up of gaming chairs by SecretLab you can find 4 models, in order, the Thrones, OMEGA, TITAN and finally the TITAN XL.

La Secretlab TITAN XL is therefore the top of the range of the singapore brand, positioning itself one step above the in TTI classic, for which they already boast an enviable reputation.

Le dimensions of the chair are as generous as they are bulky but suitable to withstand a weight up to 180kg.

Considering that the height of the backrest reaches 85 cm for a width of 56 cm, it might be ideal if you are tall 1.90 m or more or if you really want to sit on a real one gaming throne.

We define it Throne precisely because of its seat, the size of 57,5 cm in width and 50,5 cm in depth, adjustable both in height (from 48,5 cm to 58 cm) and in width (69,5 cm - 77,5 cm between the armrests).

SecretLab TITAN XL Review • Functionality

Although the functionalities of this chair are the same that you can find in the SecretLab TITAN review, I will briefly introduce you to what this increased version has to offer.

Starting from armrests, these are adjustable in every sense, in height, in width, in depth and even in angle.

As for the backrest adjustment controls, the chair already has a lumbar pillow, whose curvature is adjusted by a knob placed on the back of the backrest.

THEinclination instead it is controlled by the lever on the right side of the seat which allows a flexion of about 165°, while another block on the left controls the swing.

The seat height, on the other hand, is adjusted with the classic compressed air lever.

SecretLab TITAN XL Review • Materials and comfort

As per practice SecretLab presents its products in a number of variants of colors e materials which will make your chair much more original than the others.

Among the many options you can also choose prestigious materials such as real leather or the LEPA leather, to the detriment of the price which rises considerably.

Also included is a cervical pillow in memory foam and covered with a soft touch fabric and with the logo SecretLab embroidered in gold color.

La sitting it is robust, as indeed also that of the TITAN classic and the seat is strengthened in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences as often happens with other cheaper competitors.

Very comfortable it certainly is back which being the widest ever tested makes that feeling of comfort which is not found elsewhere, keeping the shoulders wrapped.

La lumbar adjustment finally, it plays a fundamental role in maintaining posture during long PC sessions.

It cannot be said that it is not there gaming chair More comfortable never tested until now but if what you are looking for is an ergonomic or postural chair you should look elsewhere.

SecretLab TITAN XL Review • Comparison with the SecretLab TITAN

Speaking in terms of comparison between the two versions of SecretLab TITAN and SecretLab TITAN XL, we can assure you that the differences are not many after all.

The price increase and the positioning derive directly from the fact that it is simply bigger, more comfortable and more spacious.

To date, the list price is estimated at €559, well € 100 more than the younger sister, money that can be justified if I had some physical needs.

In conclusion the two chairs are identical, we direct you to the TITAN XL only in case you were a rather tall person or if you are heavier than what is offered by the TITAN.

In all other cases, however, we advise you to aim for the TITAN classic without looking back, with the promise that you will not regret it.

SecretLab TITAN XL Review • Conclusion and judgments

The high price clearly places this model in one market segment not accessible to everyone, however, as far as gaming chairs are concerned, we have no rivals to highlight.

If then the budget not a problem, if you have specific physical needs then this SecretLab TITAN XL it will not disappoint you.

Alternatively you can always evaluate the SecretLab TITAN or the SecretLab OMEGA, which bring the usual advantages of the brand but are aimed at those with lower demands.

The newer Secretlab Titan Evo Series is also a tempting solution.

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