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The Big Bang Theory is about two roommates, Leonard and Sheldon. They have something in common and that is that, although they both have a doctorate in theoretical physics, they don't know how to relate to the rest of society, especially with girls.

Together with other friends, they will live experiences of the most"freaks" that will change their lives completely. In addition, they will meet different girls that will bring great consequences in the relationship of friendship of the two protagonists.

This combination of humor and science has caused a great stir among thousands of viewers.

If you are a fan of this kind of series, from Gamerslance we are going to discover series similar to The Big Bang Theory that will surely hook you like never before.

The best series similar to The Big Bang Theory

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How I Met Your Mother

This series is about a love story told backwards, in which the main character (Ted), tells how he fell in love. After the main character's two best friends decide to take a step forward in their relationship and get married, Ted believes that the time has come to find true love .

To do so, he enlists the help of a friend who is an expert on love.

Do you think Tom will find his soul mate, or does fate have other plans for him?

Two and a Half Men

Created by Chuck Lorre (also creator of The Big Bang Theory), this comedy series follows the lives of two brothers who are very different from each other: one of them is single and loves women, the other is divorced and has a son who lives with him.

The two brothers end up living together with the son of one of them. Once settled in, they will have to live new experiences that will change their lives completely and will surely make you laugh like never before.

Silicon Valley

In third place, we present you Silicon Valley. This series narrates the adventures of Richard Hendriks, a rather introverted character who creates a recognition software. This will change his life completely as he has two options to choose from: sell the creation rights to the company where he works or start his own company.

Will the main character be able to be a great entrepreneur and change his life completely?


This series is set in Eureka, a city that does not appear on any map. Civilians are not allowed to enter this city because this territory has been specially created to host the geniuses of science. This city will bring a lot of problems and experiences that will make all the characters involved change their lives completely.

Eureka is an ideal series for those viewers who like science fiction.


Last but not least, we present you Community. This series is about a group of students who end up being great friends and form a group, but all with different lives.

With this series, you will be able to live first hand their evolutions, experiences and adventures that all the characters live but without leaving their beautiful friendship aside.

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