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Gossip Girl is undoubtedly one of the most popular series among teenagers. Its 6 seasons hook you from the first moment and it is impossible to stop watching it. Although it premiered in 2006, today it is still a hit series on many platforms.

For those who don't know, Gossip Girl is about a group of young socialites living in New York who study at the same high school. In addition, you can experience firsthand their impossible romances and their incredible parties surrounded by glamour, excess and luxury.

If you are a fan of this kind of series, you are in the best place! From Gamerslance we are going to discover series similar to Gossip Girl that you are sure to love.

The best series similar to Gossip Girl

Below, you can find a list created by our experts with the best series similar to Gossip Girl .

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First of all, we present you Baby. This popular series focuses on the lives of two teenage girls living in Paris . These young girls try to change their lifestyle as they are not happy with it. Unknowingly, they end up immersed in a prostitution ring. Once there, they meet important businessmen, policemen and politicians.

Will they be able to lead a double life without the rest of society finding out?


A series that reflects the 19th century in the UK, The Bridgertons tells a love story within the luxurious, wealthy, fun and sexual lives of London's high society men and women.

When everything seemed to be going smoothly, a diary full of scandals about high society comes to light. This will have consequences that will mark the lives of all the characters forever.

Are you ready to start this popular series?

Pretty Little Liars

This series has some great similarities to Gossip Girl. Set in Rosewood, this series is about a group of four friends who break up when one of them goes missing. Some time later, the other three friends begin to be harassed by a stranger who signs all his messages with the letter A.

With this series, you will experience a lot of forbidden loves, lies, secrets and many betrayals.

Do you think the stranger has something to do with the disappearance?


This series is undoubtedly one of the Spanish series of the moment. Élite is about teenagers who study at an exclusive school in the country, Las Encinas .

One day, an earthquake destroys a nearby public school and because of this event, Las Encinas accepts three working class students. From then on, the lives of all the students will change completely: they will live impossible loves, they will have adventures they will never enjoy again, complicated friendships .....

In addition, there will be a very traumatic crime that will mark a before and after.

Who do you think could be the author of the crime?


The exclusive town of Riverdale prepares for a new school year but with a great tragedy: the death of Jason Blassom.

On the other hand, you'll meet Archie and Betty. There is a connection between the two of them that will not leave you indifferent and will have a big role throughout the series.

What will end up happening between the two of them?

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