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Enough with the usual banalotti chassis, for the first time we offer you the review of a futuristic pc case: Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700, a product that requires great expectations.

Sharkoon now it is becoming more and more consolidated in the home market for the gamer public and I am really happy that it has revolutionized its line with this new Elite Shark CA700.

If you don't know, the CA series represents the high-end of the brand and finally we find it captained by a great piece, important both in size and in the true sense of the word.

Below you can also find the video review that came out on our YouTube channel!

Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 • Technical specifications

Let's talk right away about the elephant in the room: the price.

Il CASE​ is around a cost around 350 euros, money that claims exclusivity and high quality, in every respect.

Once we have established that this is probably not a product suitable for everyone's desk, let's go into more technical details of this Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700.

Weight: 17 kgArchiving: up to 6 x 2,5 "and up to 2 x 3,5"
Pre-installed fans: 5 x 120mm ARGBSD card reader: No
USB: 1 x 3.2 type c 2.0, 2 x 3.0Dimensions: 670 x 250 x 632 mm
Max Cooler Height: 165 mmRGB:  nd
Maximum GPU Length: 475 mmDust filters: nd

It does not go unnoticed both for the design and for the actual dimensions that require a rather generous desk to accommodate it.

These dimensions, however, allow you to do things that lower houses can only dream of, for example a beautiful liquid cooling with custom loops, pumps, tanks, radiators, fittings, colored liquid, waterblock ...

Ok, let's stop the monkey for a moment ...

Back with your feet on the ground, this Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700, albeit thought for aesthetic builds, certainly does not lack in comfort, being more flexible than one might think.

Inside they find the place to stay well 8 sata discs, Of which 6 da 2,5″ e 2 da 3,5″, really an excellent prerequisite for those who, like me, resort to the use of various discs to manage photo and video productions and obviously install games and programs without space limits.

Another important feature is the fact that it arrives assembled with 5 x 120mm ARGB fans but give it to you possibility to install up to 3 additional fans on the internal panel, next to the motherboard so to speak.

The fans, moreover, are manageable through the use of a from hub installed on the back of this panel and able to control up to 8 fans, without having to fiddle with unnecessary splitters and cables.

Another important feature is the ability to install the video card, at your own discretion, in horizontal or vertical position, (via PCI-e riser included) through a system of brackets that are present in the package but are not pre-assembled; a feature that will surely be appreciated by the most passionate.

This time I'm sorry to disappoint you but there are no dust filters o expansion slot for cd players o Additional I / O panels: this is an “Open Case” concept device, therefore you will have to expect some dust in moments of prolonged inactivity.

Nevertheless, maintenance is much easier precisely because of the generous dimensions and the fact that you can easily access each component or panel without disassembling the case.

Fan support on Fractal Design Define 7

As regards the I / O panel include two USB 3.0, a second generation USB Type C 3.2 port, double 3,5 mm jack for microphone and headphones, button to control the internal lighting, button for reset and obviously the power button.

It does not provide innovative functions but the USB Type C 3.2 is convenient to connect the latest generation external SSDs, on which I personally edit all my photo and video content quickly.

Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 • Build quality and modularity

First aspect that partially justifies the cost of this Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700, and the constructive quality and the materials it is made of.

You are faced with a houses built entirely of metal: every joint, every panel, inside and outside is a piece of solid metal and robust, which does not even bend to pay for it.

Of course, the specific weight of metal is not comparable to that of plastic, thus revealing the mysterious motif of 17 kg total weight empty of the case.

If we add to this the fact that on the side there is a tempered panel half a centimeter thick, you can well understand that Sharkoon did things really big with this big kid.

The case arrives almost entirely packaged, except for the panels front, top and side in glass and all are fixed on four special housings with rubberized pad to avoid smears on crystal and paint, really aexcellent attention to detail.

Moreover, theassembly was really facilitated by Sharkoon as each panel is fixed with an Allen key allowing you to work much more comfortably on the fans.

If we talk about modularity instead, a little gem super appreciated in my opinion, the CASE​ gives the possibility of adjust the inclination through four levels of inclination, settable through the system of screws placed on the bottom of the sides of the chassis.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, it presents the possibility of install the video card vertically or horizontally to your liking, while also bringing back space for a fantastic plant liquid cooling, an important feature on a case of this type.

Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 • Cable management ed estetica

The other element that goes to justify the cost of this majestic house is just everything that concerns the design, the aesthetics, the design of such exclusivity.

Lo Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700, as you can see from the images attached to this review, it is an extremely different case from what we are used to seeing in the stations of the many, which certainly makes it more exclusive, as well as the price, to an audience of true fans of pc build e Games.

Il design is just the tip of the iceberg, what is surprising, however, is thearchitecture, internal and external, which makes it unique in its kind, in a category, that of full tower cases, in which the competition is really fierce.

I love the boxy lines, the aggressive but sober look that seems straight out of a Denis Villeneuve film.

Earn another point thanks to the beautiful RGB lighting which can exploit thanks to the internal predisposition to create a custom build with light scenes according to your preferences.

While the case doesn't feature any bright detail, imagining a custom liquid cooling system paired with as many as 8 ARGB fans really gets me the ape.

Il cable management is another element of corroboration of the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700, which has an almost unlimited space inside for managing excess cables.

In the dedicated compartment, behind the side panel, it lends itself to a easy and easy cable management, thanks also to the supplied clamps and the installed fan hub.

I would have preferred to see something a little more structured, instead of leaving a sort of "closet" to hide the wiring but it is not a problem since it does not have a glass panel on both sides.

Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 • Final thoughts

I think this product has won a place in my heart but it is still a platonic love as long as I do not review the spaces available to me.

There are some things that made me turn up my nose a bit, like the fact that I would have preferred to see a fan hub a little less sparse o a more integral cable management framework but overall I feel more than rewarded by everything this case can offer me.

THEassembly is easy but not very intuitive for PCI-e expansion slots: I would have appreciated a little instruction leaflet in the package but nothing that cannot be found on the site.

I was surprised, not expecting such high quality, in materials and in the design but after all it is a product out of the ordinary and, given the price, it is also right to expect something excellent.

I will never stop saying that it makes me go a crazy monkey just thinking about what I could build in it.

Really great for extreme end configurations, for those who love the modding and for those who have an eye for design in their workstation.

In conclusion, I consider this Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 as the ultimate solution if you are assembling your own Dream Build and you don't want to skimp on the visual component of your new setup.

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