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Today we will look at a super sharkoon feeder, who kindly provided us with a sample to test and review for you!

The article is very recent: the release took place in the first weeks of 2019, now we will see in more detail all the various features of this PSU which, I can already anticipate, has satisfied me more than I could believe.

In fact, it presents some functional goodies that, added to the overall, make this one of the best PC power supplies released in the current year!

Review Sharkoon Silent Storm Cool Zero

Lo Sharkoon Silent Storm Cool Zero it's a power pack of the latest generation, with a fresh platform (in every sense) and with a truly exceptional power (more on this later).

Sharkoon has currently presented three Silent Storm Cool Zero models respectively by 650W, 750W, 850W.

As you can already guess from the scope of the wattage is a series of power supplies high-end, which promises to return a lot of satisfaction to the buyer.

Let's start now step by step to discover this together Silent Storm Cool Zero: starting fromunboxing, continuing on technical, the general considerations, the functions implemented, the design and much more!

In order not to miss anything, keep an eye on the index below, it may be useful:

  • Unboxing and box contents
  • Specifications
  • Fan delay & ZERO RPM Fan modes
  • Overall Considerations & Design

Sharkoon Silent Storm Cool Zero • Unboxing and box contents

As soon as received the Sharkoon sample I catapulted on it: I admit, I was impatient, moreover, as soon as I saw the packaging the hype skyrocketed.

In fact, it should be emphasized with regard to the boxes that contain the prodotti Sharkoon the great care in fine detail and build quality.

In rare cases I had come across something so well done.

This is an added value for those like me who have the mania to keep the most beautiful packs of components Hardware.

It is really true that the eye does its part.

The situation became much more interesting when I opened the box in my hand: the power supply was supplied inside an extremely elegant fabric case.

Furthermore, as if this were not enough, inside the package there was an additional case for storing the cables: also of excellent workmanship and extremely convenient and useful.

Se come me adore i Gadgets contained in the packages then it is better that you read the video review so as not to miss any details.

Inside the box there were obviously:

  • Instruction Manual
  • CPU power cable (62,5 cm)
  • PCIe power cable (55 + 15cm)
  • motherboard power cable (56 cm)
  • SATA cables (12 total connectors)
  • adapters for Molex and Floppy disks
  • 220V power cable

Having found in the package i Cavi of course you immediately realize that you are dealing with a Full-modular power supply.

This makes it possible to better manage the cable management inside the pc case, as well as possibly evaluate if needed one cable sleeving.

The only flaw I can find in this product is the length of the cables: although in any case there should be no particular hitches in my case (I have a rather large case), the connectors for CPU and MOBO were a bit short.

It would have been enough to make them a few centimeters longer to avoid having to keep them under tension.

Now let's move on to the next paragraph: the most important of all!

Sharkoon Silent Storm Cool Zero • Technical specifications

Having received a sample of the overall power of 750W my considerations will be related to the aforementioned product but in any case also for the versions from 650 Watts e 850 Watts almost nothing will change except the value tables on the box.

Let's start by saying that it is sharkoon Silent Storm Cool Zero it is certainly a power supply of high-end, don't expect to buy a similar monster for 50 euros.

The introductory price is in line with the products of the same range, but I think this power supply has something more to offer.

It possesses an efficiency 80 Plus Gold, which is already an excellent level since the efficiency achieved is around 92% when the power supply is on the optimal load (which generally corresponds to about the moment in which the PSU delivers half its maximum power).

But always remember: efficiency is not everything!

In fact, it is good to remember that the true quality of a power supply (and the following model has some to sell) can be attested by other values.

Values ​​on which in this case we will make some simple hints as they are very difficult to digest for the less experienced.

The power supply has some ripple very low on all three voltages (12V, 5V and 3,3V) even at high power and full load, respecting the ATX standards and performs very well in situations of crossload (since the technology used by the power supply is DC / DC).

On the rail da 12V the model from 650W will have in otuput exactly 650W, that from 750W will have 750W and the same story for the higher power model.

This stands for a power pack which actually delivers what has been declared.

To help the less experienced to understand what is written and to make it as short as possible:power supply is great, and not so to speak.

Lo Sharkoon Silent Storm Cool Zero possesses all the protections against over voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature, over power and more.

Even if by now most of the reliable power supplies today have them, we can only be satisfied with them.

As for the platform that I also talked about in our video review, we are dealing with a product entirely studied and designed by Sharkoon, who decides not to refer to anyone and puts on one platform, reliable and of excellent quality.

The Japanese capacitor is up to the Wattage it has to offer, the conductances are well wrapped in layers of plastic to avoid the unpleasant electronic noise called coil whine.

There is also room for another capacitor, probably Sharkoon will reuse this platform for models with higher Wattages.

Sharkoon Silent Storm Cool Zero • Fan delay & Zero RPM modes

Now we come to what is perhaps the most interesting part of this review: let's talk about what makes this power supply truly valid and one of a kind.

The two switches of the “ZERO RPM Fan” mode and the “Fan delay” mode.

In the back of the article, where you insert the power supply directly to the socket, in short, there are two further switches in addition to the on and off button.

One refers to the function Fan delay mode while the other refers to the ZERO RPM Fan mode.

La Fan delay mode takes care of extending the dissipation of the power supply for about a minute even after turning off the PC, a very useful function that would benefit the health of any power supply.

La ZERO RPM Fan mode, when active, it allows you to hold the 135mm fan with motionless hydrodynamic bearing when the load on the power supply is low and then start it as soon as the PC requires more energy.

At the moment in which I am writing to you, for example, being the PC not under stress, the fan is stopped.

This feature makes it Sharkoon Silent Storm Cool Zero it's a power supply semi-fanless, much loved by buyers these days.

If necessary, if you do not want to use it, just deactivate both switches to block both functions.

Sharkoon Silent Storm Cool Zero • General Considerations & Design

Here we are at the end of this reviews about the Sharkoon Silent Storm Cool Zero power supply!

Well what to say, it is a product made with criteria, of high quality and also extremely beautiful.

Il design despite being simple it is very elegant and makes a good impression, the black color makes it an excellent universal choice.

We have talked extensively about the qualities and functions available on this platform and I don't think there is anything else to add.

The article passes the reviews with flying colors.

Furthermore, the OEM platform is owned by Sharkoon, one more reason to support a brand that instead of relying on others designs its own power supplies.

Do not miss such a product, you can find it here at a super affordable price!

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