Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK3 Review • Economical mechanical keyboard

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If what you are looking for is one good gaming keyboard that does not cost an arm and a leg but is still reliable and of quality a right compromise is precisely the SGK3 di Sharkoon.

By continuing to read you will discover how this model has now become a best buy of the entry level range of mechanical keyboards da Gaming going to represent one of the best choices ever since rapporto qualità / prezzo.

So let's not get lost in further talk and see this together Sharkoon Separator MECH SGK3, RGB mechanical gaming keyboard.

Skiller MECH SGK3 Review • Economical mechanical keyboard

We had the pleasure of testing this one mechanical keyboard for a few hours and we have come to the conclusion that for what it costs it is almost impossible to find something similar on the market.

La Sharkoon Separator MECH SGK3 is equipped with a shell entirely in metal in its front part, while it is unfortunately, reasonably, in plastic in the back.

La mechanical keyboard returns an optimum feedback not only to the pressure of the keys but also in terms of resistance and constructive robustness.

The only thing that perhaps leaves something to be desired are the rear sticks to raise the keyboard which are made of plastic and do not inspire infinite confidence.

However, let us remember that we are dealing with a product that never reaches 60 euros in cost, this only flaw is forgivable.

La Sharkoon SGK3 it obviously does not have a wrist rest, however it is possible to buy an external one of the same brand as the WR200 which we tested and proved to be very comfortable and versatile.

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK3 RED Tastiera layout US
  • Type: Keyboard
  • Color: Black
  • Connection: USB
107,33 EUR

La mechanical gaming keyboard it is then aesthetically very appreciable: there are no particular gems except the logo Sharkoon in plain sight.

But overall the body and the good quality RGB lighting give a very good visual impression.

They exist well 3 different versions of this same model of mechanical keyboard: these mount different types of switches. The blue, red and brown switches.

Which clearly have different key actuation modes.

Inside the package there are no particular things to mention: there is only the product plus the complete and well-made instruction manual.

The latter clearly illustrates what all the functions made available by Sharkoon with this keyboard: including those for managing color profiles, traditional multimedia keys, disabling the windows key (during gaming sessions), lighting effects and games, the brightness of the keys and much more that you will discover by purchasing this keyboard!

Skiller MECH SGK3 Review • Economical mechanical keyboard

So what to say about this humble but fantastic Sharkoon RGB mechanical gaming keyboard?

As I had already told you this model is an absolute best-buy for the price range it covers.

It is absolutely not easy to find cheap mechanical keyboards of this level around that price range.

I would like to promote this article with flying colors by recommending it to it as it really doesn't have much to envy to keyboards produced by more famous and more expensive brands.

For what it costs, even in this case, it's a shame that it stays on the shelves!

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK3 RED Tastiera layout US
  • Type: Keyboard
  • Color: Black
  • Connection: USB
107,33 EUR
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