Sharkoon Skiller SGS40 Review • The best high-end chair!

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The world of gaming chairs is now so vast that it is even comparable to that of pc components, which is why it is necessary to order and choose wisely the products to buy.

Today we have the opportunity to discover more closely what I consider the best gaming chair for quality / price ratio in the medium-high or high range.

Let's talk about the Sharkoon Separator SGS40 a product that deserves to break the market by becoming a new standard.

Sharkoon Skiller SGS40 Review • The best in the high end

If you have previously read our guide to the best gaming chairs you will certainly have found it Sharkoon Separator SGS40 within one of its sections.

This product offers great quality at a lower price than competitors.

This makes it an extremely good pick in the high end, for those with a fairly large budget.

Its price is around i 300 € or on there, much more than some mid-range proposals (however attractive), much less than the renowned Secretlab Titan and Titan EVO 2022 that touch the 500 euros in price.

Of the latter the SGS40 takes advantage of the most important features and proposes them in a basic chair model, by excellent quality, at a more affordable price.

Sharkoon Skiller SGS40 Review • Unboxing and assembly

The packaging of the SGS40 it is certainly very bulky and heavy, also due to the precautionary packaging used to keep the various pieces safe.

Inside the package we clearly find all the bolts and keys necessary for installation, plus every part to be assembled.

The armrests, as we would have expected, are supplied already installed to the seat and this facilitates the assembly which in any case resulted fast and smoothly.

The assembly mechanism follows on the false line that of the Secretlab and many other high-end chairs and is therefore well designed and simplified to the right point.

  • Seat of the SGS40
  • Backrest of the SGS40

The assembly is aided by the multilingual instruction manual and you should be able to complete in about 10 minutes.

Sharkoon Skiller SGS40 Review • Technical Specifications

Regarding technical specifications we have some more important details to report and others less relevant:

  • The length of the back is 86 cm, while the width is 58 cm.
  • The seat width is 60 cm, while the depth is 53 cm.
  • The minimum seat height amounts to 51,5cm, while the maximum height is 59cm.

We then have various information regarding the dimensions and positions of the armrests or other sections of the chair, on which, however, it makes no sense to dwell further.

The maximum inclination of the backrest reaches 160%, which with the function of tilt can clearly approach 180%, coming almost in a horizontal position.

An interesting detail and perhaps the only flaw of this chair is that it does not have a cervical pad.

While with regard to the lumbar section for this, an integrated curvature has been adopted in the backrest (not adjustable as in the Secretlab models).

Sharkoon Skiller SGS40 Review • Functionality

Le functions made available by this SGS40 they are not clearly comparable to those found on Secretlab models.

In fact, as already mentioned, even if this chair looks a lot like the products already mentioned, it retains only the fundamental and cardinal characteristics.

On the SGS40 we have the possibility to adjust the inclination of the backrest, the height from the ground and finally the tilt of the backrest.

These are the functions that we find now on practically every gaming chair, even low-end. Nothing new therefore from the point of view of functionality.

As regards the armrests, these can be adjusted in 3 different axes:

  • we can move them further forward or backward than the backrest.
  • we can change the angle.
  • we can change the height with respect to the seat.
  • finally we can move them more towards the inside or outside of the seat.

These three corrections are made through 3 simple buttons placed on the armrests themselves.

Sharkoon Skiller SGS40 Review • Materials and comfort

From the point of view of construction quality and the materials used this SGS40 di Sharkoon it does not have much to envy to more expensive and noble models.

The steel skeleton is strong and well built.

As for the skins, these are also from good quality, perhaps aesthetically a step behind the competition, but still of excellent quality.

The mix of good quality materials gives the chair an aura of safety and reliability.

Perhaps some attention is missing from an aesthetic point of view, where the chair does not disappoint anyway.

As for ergonomics, there is no possibility to adjust the curvature of the lumbar section of the backrest.

The seat is however very spacious (you can cross your legs without too many problems) and it is very comfortable even for prolonged play and work sessions.

Review Sharkoon Skiller SGS40 • Confrontation with the SecretLab TITAN

If we wanted to draw a comparison with the Secretlab Titan we would find several points in agreement and some in disagreement.

First of all the Sharkoon costs significantly less, even over 180 euros less at present (prices may vary).

From a structural point of view, the two chairs are very similar, both in terms of spaces and also in terms of design.

The result is that the Sharkoon it appears as a very comfortable chair, valid from the constructive point of view and solid for the materials used, costing much less.

La secretlab it has on its side the functions of regulating the lumbar section, the cervical pad (which however we would not struggle to buy separately) and clearly a breathtaking aesthetic.

Between the two I would choose the Sharkoon unless the aesthetics or the functions implemented in the backrest are essential.

Sharkoon Skiller SGS40 Review • Conclusion and judgments

We have come to the end of this review and we have now perfectly outlined the profile of the Sharkoon SGS40.

An high-end gaming chair, which winks at those who would love to have a Secretlab but do not have enough budget to buy it.

It provides everything you may need to spend hours on the PC with the certainty of not harming your health.

Clearly it is not an ergonomic chair and does not have any similar device, but it is at least comfortable and ergonomically acceptable (as indeed any non-ergonomic gaming chair).

Il rapporto qualità / prezzo of this Sharkoon SGS40 it is certainly more interesting than that of the models secretlab.

It's also true that 300 € they are not few and not everyone can reach this figure.

Anyway this is the first true spacious and comfortable gaming chair that you can buy at the lowest price around.

Everything we find at the below the threshold of 300 euros it always has small seats, sacrifices or qualitative flaws.

We recommend purchasing this SGS40 which for us represents a bestbuy in high end of the PC gaming chair market!

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