Silent PC Ship eVO ARGB 360 V2 • Review of a liquid cooler by Liquid AIO

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SilentiumPc is an emerging brand that from 2018 to now is churning out really good hardware products, known for the excellent relationship quality / price and for performance equal to or superior to the most advanced competitors as we will see later.

Today we will go to see the new top of the range of the Polish brand, which compared to seven other AIOs that I have personally tested, turned out to be the most handsome ever.

SilentiumPc Navis EVO 360 ARGB V2 • Technical specifications

Il SilentiumPc Navis EVO 360 ARGB V2 it is a liquid heatsink equipped with three fans and therefore a 360mm radiator.

The coupling of the Stella HP fans and the 9-pole pump allow a balanced flow and a silent cooling of the liquid.

Both have aARGB lighting, manageable through a supplied controller but also compatible with the latest generation motherboards so loved by the most demanding gamers.

The product is pretty basic, does not bring with it some of the features that we find on other top of the range, after all, it could not even be expected given the price with which it is proposed to the market.

The price of Ship EVO 360, in fact, it is probably the strong point of this product: we talk about 109 € right now on Amazon, truly unbeatable when compared with the same AIOs of more famous brands.

Pre-installed fans: 3 x 120mmHub: /
Fan mode: PWMRadiator dimensions: × × 54 395 120 mm
Tube length: 460 mmPump speed: 2500 +/- 10%
AMD Sockets: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2, FM2+, TR4Intel Sockets: 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066

SilentiumPc Navis EVO 360 ARGB V2 • Test and performance

All considering the performance of the SilentiumPC Ship EVO 360 they exceeded all my expectations and proved to be the most efficient cooler tested in this marathon.

As you can see from the previous graph the Ship EVO 360 he placed himself above each liquid and air cooler, sharing the podium with the Fractal Design Celsius+ S36 Dynamic.

I remember that all the results were observed on one stress test 10 minutes on AIDA 64 Extreme, always using the same components and always the same thermal paste in order to avoid inconsistencies.

In full load il SilentiumPc it proved to be a real opponent to beat with its temperatures of 67%, in advantage of a lot over the others in question but like the Fractal Design.

Even in idle lends itself to having the coolest temperature, 33%, tearing up the rival Celsius+ s36, which due to its dynamism is not allowed to better manage low revs.

In any case, it performed really well even in comparison with those that aspire to be the two best air coolers, such as the Noctua NH-D15 and the Deepcool Assassin 3.

SilentiumPc Navis EVO 360 ARGB V2 • Assembly

Il mounting in itself it was quite simple and fast, the instructions are surprisingly clear and detailed to ensure a great user experience.

Of all the ones I have tested, it probably does not rank first in the standings but still remains noteworthy considering that it is still a brand that is still under development.

SilentiumPc Navis EVO 360 ARGB V2 • Appearance and materials

Nothing to say about the aesthetic aspect of the product that thanks to the modality ARGB allows you to take advantage of adynamic lighting which is very trendy in recent times.

In the package there is a controller that the brand wanted to call Nano-Reset ARGB Controller, which allows the complete management of the synchronous lighting of the fans and the pump to create really interesting colored choreographies.

However, it remains possible to combine the functionality ARGB with the same offer from the latest generation motherboards, earning points in what is the versatility of this little one.

It has no features like additional screens on the waterblock unlike many competitors but it is not a thing of primary importance as I remember that the price is rather low.

Also materials they are well made, nothing to criticize, solid to the touch and the feeling of cheap product does not shine through as often happens in other models of higher price ranges.

The same goes for three o'clock Stella HP fans, equipped with blades with a shape that allows them to maintain a concentrated pressure on the radiator, of good construction It's silent.

SilentiumPc Navis EVO 360 ARGB V2 • Conclusion

To conclude my opinion at the end of this review of the SilentiumPc Navis EVO 360 ARGB V2 it can only be positive.

I was quite impressed with what it was able to offer considering it costs less than many 120mm or 240mm AIO coolers.

I do not think you can make negative comments on the performances that have really upset the result of the test compared to the other products I have come into possession.

What is certain is that it is a product that is aimed at those who want pure efficiency without dwelling on what may be the myriad of additional features but maintaining a very competitive price.

As mentioned at the beginning the price is precisely the strong point of this AIO.

In my opinion it wins the title for best all in one liquid cooler for quality / price ratio especially because it manages to prevail over its rival Celsius+ S36, with a difference of 60 euros.

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