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Are you looking for a spacious case with excellent features at a not exorbitant price? What I am about to present to you today will surely amaze you!

You may never have heard of Silentium PC, an emerging brand, which produces respectable items for the pc da gaming, at very competitive prices compared to the competition.

Today is the time ofSG1X TG RGB a really cool gaming case! Let's find out together!

SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB • Technical specifications

From the point of view of the technical specifications this SG1X TG RGB leaves nothing to be desired!

Let's start with the price: 70 € at the time of review. A competitive figure and in which we believe this product has a lot to offer.

About the CASE​ first of all we have two large and eye-catching panels in tempered glass on the side and on the front.

They are included well 4 x 120mm fans one on the back and the rest on the front to let air into the chassis. All 4 fans operate at a rate of 1600 RPM and are fully RGB.

These can then be connected to theRGB HUB which is located in the back of the case (if we want to be honest they are already installed in it by deafult), and you can connect others.

This HUB will make life really simple for those who want to customize the lighting of the case as it is compatible with all the major management software of the various manufacturers of motherboard such as MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and Asrock.

We also have space to install additional 4 optional fans, 2 of which are in the upper section at the outlet and another 2 in the lower section at the inlet.

Weight: 5,6 KgArchiving: 2× 2,5″, 2× 2,5/3,5″
Pre-installed fans: 4 x 120mmSD card reader: No
USB: 2 x 3.2Dimensions: 447 x 216 x 413 mm
Max Cooler Height: 161 mmRGB:  MSI, Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte
Maximum GPU Length: 325mDust filters: 4

Also dust filters not lacking in this chassis! They are in fact present well 4: two on the front, one for the power supply and one on the top.

We can then go to install liquid systems up to a length of 360 mm in the front section or up to 240 mm in the upper one (with ram no more than 32mm high).

There is also space for storage: we can mount up to 4 SSD or instead of two of the previous classics Mechanical hard drives.

SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB • Build quality and modularity

Let's leave the technical data behind now and get to the point: it's time to find out if this SilentiumPC SG1X TG RGB has the cards on the table to represent a clear competitor in its price range.

I assembled a configuration in this pc and it didn't take longer than usual.

Il case and gaming it is well organized inside, spacious and airy and this allowed me to mount everything there without any particular problems.

It is not a detail to be underestimated, we always remember that we are dealing with a product that at this moment can be purchased at 70 € about.

La constructive quality it is excellent and leaves nothing to be desired, I have not noticed any detail that made me turn up my nose (rare on chassis of this figure).

In terms of modularity, the case is well designed. Simple to disassemble the main sections and tidy the spaces needed to manage the cable management.

All the main armor is made of metal and the plastics that make up the rest are of excellent quality. THE dust filters they too meet product standards far superior in terms of price.

Le pre-installed fans they are not of the highest quality, but on the other hand it is the same in any mid-range case. Despite this, I found them even better than those installed by some competitors in the same price range.

SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB • General considerations

Il Silent PC Signal SG1X TG RGB it is a case with truly incredible potential!

It is in fact one of the few products in its price range to put competitors in difficulty and can afford it thanks to a case and gaming really engineered as it should be and the quality of the materials should not be underestimated.

From the point of view oflighting the case is very intriguing.

THE RGB HUB it allows you to control the play of light of the case from the various proprietary software of the motherboard manufacturers, otherwise you can modify the reset button of the case to be used as a switch between the various lighting modes.

This takes a few simple steps and is clearly explained in the manual.

So what about this SG1X TG RGB signal?

Personally, I can't deny it's one of the best mid-budget gaming houses I've ever reviewed.

At a very competitive price it offers build quality and features that you will struggle to find in products on the same price range.

It is a great buy.

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