Skiller SGK60 Review • Sharkoon's best mechanical keyboard?

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Today we have the pleasure of testing and reviewing for the first time Separator SGK60 di Sharkoon: a gaming keyboard from middle band which could become a best buy of its category.

This is not a product with a top-of-the-range price, but it certainly represents the proposal top di gamma Sharkoon and hear, hear ... there is a Spanish layout if we wanted to buy it on Amazon!

Let's not get lost in further talk and discover this together SGK60 di Sharkoon!

Sharkoon Skiller SGK60 Review • Technical Specifications

Sharkoon Separator SGK60

La SGK60 is a keyboard with form factor 100%, then complete the numeric keypad and the rest of the keys.

As we have already anticipated, fortunately it is also available for purchase with Spanish layout!

Weight/size1056 g
Dimensions:450.2 x 164.5 x 38.4 mm
Connection technologiesUSB C
Informazioni Sharkoon Skiller SGK60

This keyboard is available in 3 different versions, with three different types of switchesI Kailh BOX white, red and brown.

We have received the sample with i Kailh BOX Red, The linear switch, with an actuation force of About 45 g.

Type of switchKailh BOX White, Kailh BOX Rossi, Kailh BOX Brown (owners of Sharkoon)
Key actuation force45 ± 10 g (Kailh BOX Rossi)
Button travelND
Key actuation point1.8 mm (Kailh BOX Rossi)
Materiale KeycapsABS (14 PBT light blue)
Information about the type of switches installed

La keyboard contains in box un set di keycaps in PBT, much rougher than the classics ABS installed by default.

La mechanical gaming keyboard connects with a sleeveless USB C cable, black, clearly supplied together with the rest, of the standard length of 1,8 m.

  • Conteunuto pack Sharkoon Skiller SGK60
  • Sharkoon Skiller SGK60 + SAC14 Keycaps PBT

It is equipped with both countless quick keys and a dedicated software, which we will discover together very shortly.

La SGK60 can be purchased on The Amazon in its various versions at a price that fluctuates between 85 and of 100 euro.

Sharkoon Skiller SGK60 Review • Experience of use

Our experience of using the Sharkoon Separator SGK60 it is absolutely positive.

We like the keyboard: it's well built, solid, excellent tactile feedback which return i keycaps also in ABS, clearly more slippery than those in PBT, that if we want we could install them as they are included in the package.

Il Spanish layout makes this keyboard comfortable to use for writing and not just for gaming.

Certainly there are some on the market Softer and lighter switches, with a faster implementation to play, but this does not pose a problem for the SGK60 which performs admirably with an average response.

Also in terms of ergonomics, as we will see later, there are no flaws to report.

Il Software as we will see it can be improved, but it allows you to tweak important settings.

Sharkoon Skiller SGK60 Review • Design, ergonomics and build quality

Il Design della Separator SGK60 it is certainly simple and not extravagant.

We find a led strip on the front of the keyboard, not visible, however, with the product supported, perhaps a positive detail due to the fact that it cannot distract the view and / or annoy.

La build quality is positive, metal shell confers a robustness not just to the product, which does not bend even by applying forces that these articles tend not to undergo.

The flaps to lift the keyboard they also have a very good non-slip rubber underneath, this detail, which is often forgotten, is certainly part of a cauldron of positive things that this mechanical gaming keyboard possesses and which we should not underestimate.

THEergonomics of the product it is satisfactory, in the norm, and there are no critical points to be highlighted.

Sharkoon Skiller SGK60 Review • Software and RGB backlighting

La backlight is powerful and clearly sufficient to allow the keys to be viewed at night. The plays of light are innumerable and can be managed through key combination or software.

Il Software is basic, however only available for Windows and still very crude from a visual point of view.

Allows the profile management, light games and creation of Macro that we can recall from the keyboard with a combination of keys.

The instruction manual has every clarification regarding the function of the various keys if the product is to be used without Software.

Il Software it is single for the specific product and not universal for each product Sharkoon.

Since they begin to be many periferiche Sharkoon, and most of them also of a very appreciable level, as it happens some work on the software would be needed, universalizing it and allowing to manage each device from the same interface.

Interface that should then, as already said, roughened and cleaned up, made more elegant, minimal and professional.

All tips that we are sure our friends of Sharkoon they will appreciate and put into practice in the near future!

Sharkoon Skiller SGK60 Review • Conclusion

Il price of this mechanical gaming keyboard it is absolutely balanced to the functions made available and convenient compared to the competition.

With less than 100 € we can in fact buy one 100% form factor mechanical gaming keyboard and with a excellent build quality, macro, powerful backlight and much more!

We are sure that this model is undoubtedly one of the best choices in its price range!

Don't miss it and to keep an eye on it, add it to your cart via the Amazon box below!

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