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Have you ever wondered what could be the simplest and most elegant way to make yours PC really aesthetically enviable?

Forget the usual annoying lights, which in addition to damaging the sight distract the attention of the eyes from the screen.

I have the ideal solution for you: buy some sleeveless cables that are able to give an unprecedented appearance to your machine!

But not very common cables sleeve purchasable on the stores: but rather cables made by hand by the best artisans who deal with this very small circle of products!

In fact, today we discover together the cables sleeve made in Italy of the portal Hardwire!

Sleeve cables • How are they made?

I cavi sleeve di Hardwire – Custom cables maker they are handmade by Alessio Boccacci: a Spanish craftsman who maintains the very high standard of this sector thanks to his experience and the materials used.

I Hardwire cables they are made using only the highest quality materials produced by the company MDPC-X which is the absolute leader in this particular sector of the modding.

Because in the end it is of modding we're talking about.

It is important to underline for the sake of honesty that all cables that can be purchased on the shops use low quality fabrics; nothing to do with the handmade products of Hardwire.

The portal Hardwire it is also one of the very few retailers in Spain of the company's modding materials and fabrics MDPC-X.

On the site it will be possible to buy all the tools for making cables plus the fabrics themselves.

However, it is useless to point out that these without a minimum of practicality and experience are not enough to make good ones cables sleeve.

There are more than 50 or so colors available to choose from and it is therefore possible to create any combination with a unique and original pattern.

All cable end splices will obviously be managed with one thermorestrictive guinea of the highest quality also produced by MDPC-X.

With the cables sleeve are also provided combs if you select them and you have a multiple choice:

  • Acrylic combs: created by one of the most prepared Spanish modders Daniel “Twister” Bolognesi, present in 11 different colors.
  • Aluminum combs: sold by Alphacool.

Sleeve cables • Which cables to buy?

On the portal Hardwire it is possible to buy different types of cables:

  • Direct cables: are the type of cable (more expensive) that comes sleevata from the beginning (therefore starting from the power supply) until reaching the target component.
    They are longer and this leads to a price increase.
    Extensions tend to be preferred as they are more agile and versatile.
  • Extensions: they are those cables that are connected in succession to the power supply cables supplied in the original packaging.
    This allows you to save money and the length of the cable and to use only the affected part "in sight", leaving the rest hidden.
  • Power cables AC: it is also possible to request special cables of supply for the power outlet.
  • USB cables: classic data transfer and power cables available in several variants.
  • Minor cables: among the cables of lesser importance we find the classics HOURS, Molex and cables for fans which, however, do their part in the totality of a build.

Sleeve cables • Which to choose and how to buy them?

How do I know which cables to buy?

Unless you have special aesthetic needs, common extensions should be right for you.

It is obviously understood that these cables can be used only and exclusively with modular power supplies.

First decide on the colors; you can help me also by looking at different cables sleeve in modded pc found on the web.

Once you have chosen the color and the pattern you will be able to access the customization window of Hardwire which allows you to create the cable design in real time in a simple and intuitive way as shown below.

At that point you just need to check the number of pine that are used on the components installed on your pc and choose a length for the various cables.

In fact, you can choose whether you need 4 power pins for your processor or a 4 + 4 pin simply by looking at the connector on your motherboard.

The connector for the motherboard is generally a fairly standard 24 pin ATX (20 + 4).

For the video card, on the other hand, it varies much more often due to the model and you can go from a classic 6 pin to a 6 + 6 pin or even to an 8 + 8 pin and so on.

All possible configurations are available on the portal, so fear not.

You can also indicate the components of your configuration so that there is no margin for error and make your build wear the cables with the perfect pre-bend!

Sleeve cables • Differences with common cables?

What are the differences with some common cheaper cables that can be purchased on Amazon?

As previously mentioned, the first factor is undeniably the qualitative one: the cables handmade di Hardwire they are made with very high quality fabrics, while the common ones tend to wear poor materials.

And this is true both as regards the cover and the sheaths that in common kits can be in paracord while in Hardwire cables they are in PET.

A sometimes very underestimated detail is that common cables are straight and stiff: they are not designed to have certain curves!

I Hardwire cables sleeve on the other hand they are extremely flexible and made with a natural curvature based on the model of the Video Card on which they are to be installed and the position in which they are to go.

To be sure that your cables then respect the curvature and take the desired direction you can specify this in the notes during the purchase.

Just to give the idea: the sleeve cable set provided to us by Hardwire was designed and built to be mounted on a GPU installed in vertical in the case!

Having cables with natural curvature therefore has countless advantages: rigid and straight cables would obviously be unsightly by bending them since the external radius will be greater than the internal one and this will result in an imbalance in length.

The most obvious advantage is that of being able to draw to your liking the pattern of the cables to buy by choosing colors and shapes!

Impossible thing with a common cable kits.

Also choose exactly the number of connectors you want and need for CPU, MOBO e GPU it will save us from having unpleasant living excesses that one might have with common kits designed to be universal.

As regards the direct cables instead these must always respect the scheme of each power pack to avoid hardware damage in supplied voltages or misfires.

in common kits sometimes it is necessary to verify the possible possibility of using them by checking if they are compatible with our PSU.

Hardwire instead it allows you to create direct cables for any PSU on the market.

Sleeve by Hardwire cables • Our review!

In reality, what has been said so far is the result of our first-hand experience with motivation cables so if you missed something it happens that it is better to go back and reread in detail!

Broadly speaking the impact that these cables sleeve they had on the configuration they were installed on was really devastating!

La quality of materials è resounding, sheaths have been shrunk to the right point, the precurvatura of the cables is perfect and flawless and then as already said i MDPC-X cables have unbeatable tactile and visual feedback.

If we then add to this that i Cavi are handmade from a Spanish craftsman then this may be enough to understand how it is preferable to support a reality made of commitment and profile such as that of Hardwire.

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