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What is Sony PC Companion?

If you own a SONY smartphone then most likely you have already heard of Sony PC Companion a sort of software package in which there are multiple tools and applications to manage the data of your Sony Xperia mobile phone. Once you have installed this software and connected your device to your computer, you can use it to update your phone's operating system, transfer data to Sony Xperia, backup and restore data on your computer, organize and manage contacts and calendars, play and sync songs, photos and videos. Here are the main tools featured in Sony PC Companion:

1. Xperia™ Transfer: tool that allows you to transfer files between Sony Xperia and other devices such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Blackberry, etc. It also allows you to transfer data from iTunes and iCloud backups to Sony Xperia.

2. Media Go: Easily transfer music, photos, videos and podcasts between your computer and your Sony Xperia. With it, you can also download and purchase TV shows, movies, and games from the PlayStation store.

3. Backup & Restore: as the name itself implies, this is the function that allows you to Backup data and restore them on Sony Xperia. Backup can also be done on the external SD card.

What is the best Sony PC Companion alternative?

If you are looking for a valid alternativa a Sony PC Companion to manage your Sony Xperia data, we recommend you try MobileGO per Android. It is one of the most famous "android manager" software with which you can backup and restore Sony Xperia data, transfer files to and from the Sony Xperia, remove duplicate contacts on the phone, install / uninstall applications, manage photos / videos / music from your computer, and so on.

As you can see from the screen shown above, all the tools are within reach of a "mouse" and there is no need for any manual to use the software.

If you are switching from an iPhone or Android phone to a Sony Xperia, or vice versa from Sony Xperia to an iPhone or other Android phone (eg Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, LG, etc ...), and you want to find an alternative way to the tool "Xperia Transfer”Present in Sony PC Companion, the best program to use is Mobiletrans. As an example you can read how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Sony Xperia, transfer data from Xperia to Samsung, etc ...


Sony PC Companion Alternative to Manage Data on Sony Xperia -

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