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You know Anchor? Most likely yes! But maybe you don't know Soundcore...

Well Soundcore is one of the brands, brands that Anchor has created to market devices dedicated to the world of music.

Today we have the pleasure of testing and reviewing it Bluetooth speaker Motion+ that we can find on The Amazon at a price of around 100 euros.

Is Soundcore Motion + the new bestbuy?

Although the main theme of our portal concerns more specifically theHardware and the world of PC we never back down to test products tech that seem to be interesting.

We have tried it over the several years Bluetooth speaker all with their respective strengths and weaknesses, but we have never tried a product of Soundcore by Anker.

Se Anchor should also comply with all the quality standards in this sector that it has been making available for years for its most common products, we are sure that these items can become bestbuy.

And as we will see, that's right!

Soundcore Motion + • Technical specifications

Let's find out together what the technical specifications of this Soundcore Motion+.

Il Motion+ is equipped with powerful speakers from 30 Watts that are able to express at best, according to the company, the whole range of sound frequency ranging from 50Hz up to 40KHz

Potenza30 Watts
CertificationsHi-Res Audio Certification Qualcomm aptX BassUp Technology Customizable EQ
Battery life and size12 ore (6700 mAh)
Water resistanceIPX7
Weight/size1 Kg
InterfacesCharging via USB-C; audio input aux cable.
Dimensions:25 x 7 x 7 cm

The Motion + is then equipped with tech for the boost bass.

La battery from 6700 mAh allows you to play music up to 12 hours.

It is also possible to carry out a customized equalization by downloading the application Soundcore.

Soundcore Motion + • Package and box contents

La Motion + box is well cared for and the product is safely inserted inside.

The only two cables supplied are a wire AUX quite short and the charging cable of type USB-C.

If you want to find out more about the Soundcore Motion+ enjoy this unboxing video where you will also find many other products!

Soundcore Motion + • Sound quality and functions

As for the sound quality, the Motion+ it is certainly satisfactory. The sound emitted by this Bluetooth speaker it is warm and enveloping, as well as powerful enough to be heard even several meters from it.

The function of equalization via APP it is a plus that does not necessarily have to be used, but rather, we recommend it only to the most experienced, because otherwise it could only be counterproductive for the sound experience.

The function of bass boostingwhich can be activated using the appropriate button on the article.

This certainly does his own but can distort the reproduction of sound away from the one actually conceived. We recommend it where you listen to genres where low frequencies are predominant.

If we want a listening experience as faithful as possible to the original then it happens that it is better not to activate this function.

In general, however, the Motion+ with its 30W of power it emits a fully positive sound and one of the best that we have been able to ascertain among the products of its rank.

Soundcore Motion + • Design and build quality

Il design del Soundcore Motion+ it is very attractive and modern. The speaker it is covered with an outer layer of soft plastic of excellent quality.

The screen prints with the brand name are made in an optimal way and help to characterize the product in a positive way.

The build quality is therefore satisfactory and so speaker it looks very impact resistant and compact.

The buttons are simple and comfortable to use.

Overall Motion+ gives a feeling of reliability and resistance to any environment; also considering its certification for water resistance.

The product is available in three colors: black, red and blue.

Soundcore Motion + • Conclusions

Il Soundcore Motion+ è uno speaker bluetooth from the price of about 100 euros.

Its performances are absolutely balanced for the price at which it is offered.

If you are looking for one bluetooth speaker reliable and with good sound quality then this might be for you.

The product has no particular flaw, certainly the slightly high price can make it ineligible for most people, but the fact remains that a great product must also have a great price.

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