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If you have stumbled upon a guide like this it means that you are looking for a SSD per PS5 o Xbox Series X/S, which dramatically increases performance in Gaming of your platform Playstation 5 o Xbox.

Well in the following lines we present what we think are the best SSD for consoles, with a little final gem!

SSD for PS5 and Xbox • Buying guide

There are a myriad of companies that sell SSD: some only sell them, others are real producers.

Choosing, however, is not so simple because you have to consider several factors, starting from the type of memory they use, the size of the memory and the type of connectivity they use.

For convenience we have compared NVME M.2 Gen 4.0 SSD models with 1 TB of memory.

Having made a careful selection, based on personal and non-personal experience, we accompany you in the list of the best compatible SSDs for consoles, for which a video has also been released on our YouTube channel:

Kingston KC3000

You can't make a list of best gaming SSDs without mentioning Kingston, a giant of memories with decades of experience.

In addition to being a brand very reliable, produces memory cards of all kinds, from RAM to SD for the camera, however, the flagships are precisely its ultra-fast memory disks.

Il Kingston KC3000 is the latest addition to the KC range, an acronym with which the US company names its best SSDs, and promises truly flawless performance for those with record-breaking needs.

We had a chance to put it to the test with specific tests that proved the raw power of this SSD and gaming which turned out perfectly as well compatible with the latest generation consoles.

In the cut from 1 TB the parent company supports travel at a speed of 7000 MB / s in sequential reading e 7000 MB / s in sequential write.

According to our tests it went above and beyond as you can see in the Kingston KC3000 review!


The second one SSD per console that we propose is theAdata XPG Gammix S70 Blade, A disc SSD NVME M.2 with very generous performances, which on paper should even surpass the previous one.

We are talking about a SSD with a speed of 7400 MB / s sequential read e sequential write of 6800 MB/s.

However, it is known that SSD with these performances they tend to heat up a lot, which is why Needle has seen fit to accompany him with a dissipating body, as well as very beautiful to the eye, certainly nothing transcendental but it helps a lot to maintain reasonably low temperatures.

The price of this SSD XPG Gammix S70 Blade it is not even a big obstacle, it usually fluctuates between 160 euros and 170 euros but often also drops to 150 €, where it really turns out to be a probable best buy!

Seagate FireCuda 530

Other SSD compatible with PS5 and Xbox is the new Seagate FireCuda 530, a disk SSD NVME M.2 of fourth generation that wins a niche in the market both for its performance and for its peculiarity: the dissipatore EKWB.

First of all the performances of this SSD are of extreme pleasure: sequential read up to 7300MB / s e sequential write up to 6900MB / s, sometimes even higher than the tests that we have been able to observe from some colleagues.

A great added value is provided by the heatsink which comes precisely from EKWB, a well-known company in the dissipation market, famous above all for its custom liquid systems for great enthusiasts.

In this case, the combination of performance with controlled temperatures are a big plus in the ranking of best SSD for consoles, given where the disk will be located.

The icing on the cake, however, is the service offered by Seagate for the Data Recovery of the disk, in case there are problems of data corruption or loss of them, an additional service that makes it clear how safe they arereliability of its products.

Crucial P5 Plus

In the list of best SSD for consoles finally a disk from Crucial.

We are talking in this case of the Crucial P5 Plus, an enhanced version of the Curcial P5 of which we have already seen the review.

You must know that Crucial is another of the historical producers of memories that in the last 30 years has developed a certain know-how in the field, so much so that his memories are coveted by everyone because of the performances of all respect to a very affordable price!

Il Crucial P5 Plus it is, consequently, one of the most popular SSD for PS5 and Xbox, given the price within everyone's reach in relation to the performance of the medium-high range.

The speed of this SSD, in fact, is 6600 MB / s in sequential reading and 5000 MB / s in sequential write, which although they may seem to detach a lot from the previous ones, often the performance gap is not so evident, especially on consoles.

Usually we are around 130 euros for this SSD and often it also falls below 120 €.

Not to be missed!

Sabrent Rocket Q4

New record, new brand. Optimal ssd per Playstation 5 ed Xbox Series X/S.

Sabrento is a memory manufacturer that is becoming popular in recent years thanks to the high performance and reliability of its products.

The series Rocket, in fact, it has been very successful in the SSD and gaming, and now it is also compatible with the latest generation consoles!

Il Sabrent Rocket Q4 it's a SSD which has a specific positioning in the market in which it arises: it is the first on the list that implements QLC type memories (Quad Level Cells), which lead to some advantages, including a reduced cost but also disadvantages, including a reduction in performance.

Despite being a platform-based drive 2th generation NVME M.XNUMX, the test results show a substantial reduction in performance but also in price.

The parent company promises on paper a speed of 4700 MB / s sequential read and a sequential write of 1800 MB/s, although following tests carried out personally I can say that they were rather humble in the statement, as I was able to detect a writing speed twice that established by Sabrento.

As for the price, we are probably not at the levels of Crucial P5 Plus, however, I don't think it's to be ignored.

Best external SSDs for PS5 and Xbox

With this latest generation of consul it is allowed, even if not recommended, to install External SSDs rather than the classics M.2 Nvme.

Let's see what a (slower) but portable solution can be.

Sabrent Rocket Nano

The last External SSD for consoles that we propose is very different from all the products you have just seen.

As you may have noticed, it is a External SSD, which can lead to great comforts but also to great compromises.

In this case we would like to recommend the Sabrent Rocket Nano, both because of its unbeatable size and because of its ease of use!

In fact, not everyone is willing to open their own PS5 o Xbox and get our hands on to replace the memory disk, that's why we have included this solution as well user friendly.

Even if the performances suffer a lot, also considering the limit of the USB 3.0 connectivity, this Sabrent Rocket Nano it still guarantees you greater efficiency than standard discs, reducing game loading times.

However, the results are not so bad, as it reaches a speed of 1000 MB / s in sequential reading e 1000 MB / s in sequential write, in the size of a little finger!

At the price level, however, we are not even remotely close to the previous ones, as 1 TB costs 140 €!

After all, the convenience of not having to manually intervene on the console is paid.

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