Sycamore for Google's quantum supremacy

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Among those who are investing resources in the quantum computing there is also Google, which today celebrates the achievement of what it calls its "quantum supremacy". An article published in the journal Nature puts on paper the progress achieved so far by the Mountain View group in the design of a computer with these characteristics.

Quantum computing: a term that sounds "futuristic" because until recently it has been. Today, however, we mark a milestone in research that opens up new possibilities for this technology.

Google: the Sycamore processor and the Quantum Supremacy

Not a computer like the others, but able to perform operations that are not manageable by those currently in circulation: a status labeled by experts, in fact, as "quantum supremacy". In practical terms, the chip baptized Sycamore by bigG, a 54 qubit processor (just one more than its competitor IBM), it is capable of doing in 200 seconds what the most powerful of existing supercomputers could do in no less than 10.000 years.

Unlike what can be called traditional computing, quantum computing is based on the properties of quantum mechanics and opens the door to the possibility of imagining how to solve some problems that would be too complex for today's computers: from the design of innovative batteries to the synthesis of molecules to which the cure of diseases today without remedy can be entrusted. It can also be useful for improving existing technologies such as machine learning.

Are we therefore in the midst of a revolution? Not really. As Google also points out in his speech, the results achieved so far constitute a start point and not the achievement of a goal. The way to go is necessarily the one that passes through collaboration between all the parties involved: in this regard, bigG has already started partnerships and discussions with both the academic and research world, identifying the areas to which the potential can be applied. quantum computing and making its tools available with an open approach, typical of the open source universe.

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