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From October 13, the banner of Kokomi gives way to the second rerun of Tartaglia, the first character to obtain a third banner in his honor. A new weapon banner will also be present. The new character banner will be available for 3 weeks, as will the weapon banner!

We come back right away to everything there is to know!

Banner and Tartaglia

The Hydro Archer will be back with the same 4* as Ayaka's banner a while back, namely: Yanfei, Ningguang, and Chongyun. These 4 stars accompanying Tartaglia do not seem to form a pre-built team for him, few combos being available with Tartaglia.

A banner that looks pretty uninteresting overall.

trial dungeon

As usual, the Trial Dungeon will contain Tartaglia (20 Prime Gems) as well as Yanfei, Ningguang, and Chongyun which will allow you to earn Enhancement Ores, Moras, and Adventurer's Advice.

Banner of arms

A new weapon designed for Tartaglia will appear. Its relatively hard passive to use at its maximum potential and the comparison with the other 5-star bows already available and very powerful make it an unattractive banner.

Also, the catalyst that comes with it, Deadly Chains, isn't a very interesting weapon.

In 4 stars, a rusty bow and a new claymore are in the game. Two very good weapons, especially with the rusty bow for Tartaglia. The catalyst is uninteresting. The spear and the sword will be favonius, far below the first 2 weapons but still usable on a good part of the supports.

And you, are you going to pull over?

Does Tartaglia tempt you if you haven't already had the opportunity to collect it?

Does the new weapon to equip this Tartaglia sound like a good idea to you?

Feel free to tell us in the comments or come and discuss the quality of these banners on Discord!

And if you want gacha tips, this guide is for you!

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