The 10 Best Apps for Sleeping Well (2022)

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Sleep plays an important role in maintaining your mental health, and according to the CDC, 1 in 3 adults don't get enough sleep. This trend is also very similar in other regions of the world. So if you're someone who doesn't get enough sleep or has trouble getting to sleep on time, we can help. For starters, you can start the workout or yoga as it will help you reduce the stress level. On top of that, you can use sleep sounds, which have proven to be very effective, and that's what today's guide is about. Here are the best apps for sleeping well.

sounds for sleep

Sounds for sleep is undoubtedly one of the best applications for better sleep. The best thing about this app is that it comes with dozens of high-quality soothing sounds, which will guarantee you good quality sleep.

The app includes sounds such as refreshing rain, rain in the forest, brisk stream, evening beach, train sounds and many more. It also includes a timer, so it automatically stops the sound when you fall asleep.


Nosili is one of the best sound apps for better sleep. The app mixes different sounds to create the perfect soothing sound so you can sleep.

It comes with sounds such as rain, thunderstorm, water jet, fan, rumbling train, coffee, white noise and many more. You also have the possibility to create the sounds of your choice by mixing the different sounds. You can get the app for €2,29.


Pzizz is another very promising app, which is also the editor's choice app on Google Play. The application uses the scientifically proven patented system to guarantee you a better sleep.

It plays the unique sounds every night, which will help your mind relax and fall asleep as soon as possible. The app also includes different modules such as sleep module, nap module, and focus module. You can get the app for free, but it comes with in-app purchases.


Calm is another app that can help you relax your mind and get quality sleep. The application includes more than 30 soothing sounds, which will help you sleep on time. It also includes over 100 sleep stories that you can listen to before bed.

Besides that, it also comes with features that help you break habits, relationships, gratitude, body scan, forgiveness, mindfulness at work, and many more. You can use the app for free, but with in-app purchases.

Ten Percent Happier

Ten Percent Happier is one of the best apps for sleeping well. The app includes a huge collection of relaxing sounds, which will help you fall asleep very easily.

It also includes a collection of over 500 guided meditations, which covers topics ranging from anxiety to parenthood. So if you need an app to help you with your sleep and anxiety issues, then Ten Percent Happier is a great app for you.


Moshi is one of the most promising apps with tons of sleep sounds, which will help you sleep effectively. The app includes 170 soothing sounds created by the experts at Moshi.

The app also covers a variety of mindfulness-related topics to encourage emotions such as kindness, gratitude, calm, making friends, and self-appreciation. Moshi is free, but it comes with in-app purchases.

sleep sounds

Sleep Sounds by Craftsman Spirit is one of the best apps for good sleep. The app can help you sleep better and solve problems like insomnia and tinnitus.

The application allows you to create and mix the sounds of your choice. You can also adjust the volume of each sound which is a nice feature. It also lets you set timers for sleep, which automatically stops the sound on time. You can get the app for free, but with ads and in-app purchases.


Tide is arguably one of the best apps for sleeping well. The app has tons of nature sounds, which will relieve your tension, relax your mind and help you fall asleep.

Just like most apps, Tide also lets you mix the different sounds using the music blend mode. It also comes with meditations and quotes, which will bring you positivity and help you stay relaxed. Tide is a free to use app, but it comes with in-app purchases.

Better Sleep

Better Sleep is a very capable app that can help you sleep better. The app includes a very minimalist user interface, which makes the app easier to use.

It also includes tons of sleep sounds, including nature sounds, rain sounds, and more. If you're looking for a sound app with tons of great sleep sounds, better sleep is a solid option for you.


Headspace is one of the best apps for sleeping well. The app helps you sleep better by relaxing your mind. In the app, you will get tons of sleep stories, sleep music and relaxation, which will help you sleep.

Also, it helps you learn the different techniques you can use to deal with stress, anxiety, and other issues in your life. Headspace is a free to use app, but it comes with in-app purchases.


That's it, guys. These are the 10 best apps for sleeping well. Most of these apps are free and tested by thousands of users around the world. You can use them to sleep better.

If you think your stress level is very high, we recommend seeking the services of a professional psychiatrist, as this could be the only reason you are not getting quality sleep. Additionally, we recommend exercising regularly or doing yoga as a daily activity, as daily exercise is proven to help reduce tension levels and stabilize mood. Good luck!

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