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Running a business is not an easy task as it involves many decisions which make the whole process very complex. Back then, it was even more difficult, but nowadays we have the apps that help a lot in many processes. Today we will be discussing business management apps that will help you in your business affairs. Here are the best business management apps for Android in 2022.


Asana is one of the best business management apps. It's basically a task manager app that you can use to add the different tasks that you need to complete during the day. As a business owner, you will surely have to take care of a lot of things, and it is also true that we do not remember everything. That's where Asana comes in, and it reminds you of what you need to do.

You can also use the app to assign the task to your employees, and the free version supports up to 15 people. However, if you have a bigger team, you will have to pay for the premium version.


Back then, document scanners were very important and many companies had them in their office. But, in 2022, we have applications that allow us to scan documents with the camera of our smartphones.

CamScanner is a handy document scanner application that you can use to scan your documents, ID cards and other types of documents. It comes with a variety of filters that enhance document visibility. If your business involves a lot of document processing, CamScanner is a must-have app for your business.

G Suite

If you have a large team and they share a lot of documents, you can use G Suite. It is the service of Google, which includes a collection of Google applications that support better collaboration and communication.

With G Suite, your team can easily share documents, images, notes, and other data through Google Apps. Moreover, the service also comes with means of communication that your team can use for messages and calls.

Google My Business

If your business is on the service, you can use Google My Business. It's basically the service that lets you show your business on Google Search and Google Maps.

As Google is the largest search engine in the world, your presence on the platform will attract many customers to you. By using this service, you can share your service address, opening hours and other relevant data.

Microsoft 365 Business

Just like G Suite, Microsoft 365 Business is a service you can use to improve your team's efficiency. With this service, your team will have access to services such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive, making it easy to share data.

On top of that, you'll also get the dedicated communication platform that your team can use to share messages, videos, and voice notes. It also comes with Office Lens, which is a service similar to CamScanner and can be used to scan documents.


PayPal is one of the best business management apps. As we all know, PayPal is a very popular online payment solution and you can use it to get your payments worldwide.

The company also offers PayPal Business, which is primarily designed for businesses. You can use it to expand your services in supported regions and get paid easily.


Slack is one of the most popular business communication apps. This is a great app for you if you have a large team, and they can use it to communicate effectively.

The app comes with a lot of features like conference calls, document sharing, and groups that make collaboration easy. It also works perfectly with third-party services like Google Drive, Asana, and others, which is a major plus.

Square Selling Solution

If you're a small business owner looking for an efficient point of sale solution, Square is for you. You can use this app to set up the POS, and the company also provides the magnetic stripe reader for free.

The app comes with a variety of cool features such as receipts, inventory management, refund management, discounts, and other relevant stuff. The problem with this app is that it will charge you 2,75% of each purchase, which can be a deal breaker for many people.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is one of the best business management apps for Android. We recommend using this app if you have a very large team and need an app that can accommodate it.

Besides video conferencing, ZOOM also lets your team collaborate, and you can share files, photos, and other data on messages. For now, ZOOM is completely free to use, so if you can't afford G-Suite or Microsoft 365 Business, you can use this service.

Security Apps

If you are a business owner, it is very important that you protect your data. Hacking being a very common problem these days, you can always use the combination of good security apps to keep your data safe.

You can use apps like Dashlane or LastPass to store your passwords in encrypted form so no one else can access them.


That's it, guys. These are the 10 best business management apps on Android. Some of these apps are free, but if you want to access the premium features, you will need the premium subscription. Also, if you're a small business owner, you can use social media apps for marketing, and you can check out our "Best Social Media Apps on Android" guide.

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