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From GamersLance we want to offer you a list of the 10 best house design gamesto be creative(Interior Design), in 3D format. If you want to know which are each of them, don't miss our post !

Everything is better in a digital world, including decorating your home!

Whether you're creating the dream home you want to rest in in real life, or just experimenting with your tools to create the craziest house possible, there are tons of games you can play to achieve these goals. Best of all, they all make sure you have fun doing it.

House design isn't new to gaming, but some games do it better than others - these are the games we're reviewing here!

While The Sims 4 isn't just about house design, building and designing your house is a big part of that - this is where you can have a lot of fun in the game because of the almost limitless possibilities of what you can design! Different styles of houses that you can populate with whatever furniture or decor you want, all of this creates a home designer experience that complements the main goal of the game.

We spent more hours than we would like to admit in this part of the game.

This mobile game gives you the opportunity to be creative as you design homes for clients, whether real or imaginary. As you design your way, you'll also unlock in-game rewards for completing successful projects. The app is free on Android and Apple, but the real trick is that if you find a piece of furniture or decor that you really like, you can use the app to buy it in real life!

There couldn't be a list of games with house design without mentioning the latest Animal Crossings. The latest version of the long-running series is just as charming and fun as its predecessors, and gives you the opportunity to design not only your own house, but an entire island! You can plan the layout of all your inhabitants' living quarters, the island's infrastructure, etc. As you focus more, you can decorate your home with one of the many decorating options and tools available to you. As you continue to play and design, you will unlock more options to take your home to the next level.

While New Horizons is quite mobile on Switch, sometimes you just need something smaller that fits in your pocket. Hence the mobile entry in the series that you can download for free. Allowing you to manage your camp, interact with other campers, and everything else you'd expect from the series, Pocket Camp allows you to design your tent and camp in many ways. The amount of options the game gives you for a mobile device game is truly amazing, and it doesn't feel too hidden behind paywalls. Obviously, you can purchase microtransactions to speed up your design processes, but they don't feel like they're mandatory.

The purpose of this app is to give you the opportunity to design a real room in your real home digitally, but it's also a lot of fun to play around with. Players can upload images of the room of their choice and play with all kinds of furniture and decorations. The app will also allow you to select products from popular retailers, as well as browse other users' projects for decorating inspiration.

This mobile game offers more than just home design; it also gives puzzle enthusiasts something to think about. The game is all about working with customers to decorate their home the way they want and solving puzzles to unlock different activities like virtual remodeling and flipping, decorating and building. Unfortunately, it's only available for Android users, so Apple fans will have to stay away from it.

While it provides you with all the design and decorating tools you could ever need, this game also makes it as part of your dream tropical paradise. Who doesn't dream of owning their own seaside property? This app brings us one step closer to making that dream come true. It's available for free for Android and Apple users.

Design almost any type of house you want in this app that also includes puzzles to stimulate your brain. Beyond designing your home, you can even make friends and chat with your virtual landlord, because who doesn't love to have a good buddy to embark on our decorating adventures?

This mobile app allows you to take your design and decorating beyond your home. You can still participate in building your perfect home, but you can build an entire city with your friends! You can choose which character you play as and use your creativity and imagination to achieve your goals!

Okay, we know it's not really a 'house design' game, but we'd be lying if we said we haven't spent an obscene amount of time building and designing our bases and settlements. House design shouldn't just be appreciated in a modern setting; in fact, we'd say it's a lot more fun when done in the apocalypse. There's something innately fun to work on designing your house when there are Radscorpions and Raiders trying to kill you. Plus, there are a good amount of elements and decorations, some normal and some not, that make designing a real pleasure in Commonwealth.

While many of these games are mobile, there are still some available for PC and consoles, which means you don't have to be forced to use your phone to enjoy the fun of decorating. So go ahead and dive into one of these games and unleash your interior designer!

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