The 10 best items to unlock in the Modern Warfare Season 5 Battle Pass

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The consensus around the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone communities appears to be that Season Five is by far the most impactful and exciting since launch. While there are an overwhelming number of changes to the game, the Battle Pass also looks to be the most promising yet. It's cluttered with varied and well-designed character skins, gorgeous charms, and even new weapons. In total, there are 107 items to unlock throughout the process, but we believe there are 10 clearly defined Valuable Rewards.

10. Crow Bro

It might not be the best charm, but it's definitely the cutest. The Crow Bro is a rare charm of a shiny black baby bird with large white eyes. It's much bigger than it looks and will spawn any gun on killcams. It can be unlocked for free at level 24.

9. Schematic of the Meltwater gun

At level 65, Battle Pass owners will have access to this Ice White Gun Blueprint. As a rule, pistol skins don't stand out from the crowd, but they are one of a kind. The model comes with an extended XRK V barrel, Tac laser, Cronen LP945 mini-reflex, heavy-duty trigger and 32-round magazine.

8. Fiorentino AR Master Plan

Although classified as rare, the Fiorentino is a detailed assault rifle blueprint that appears to be something Uncharted's Nathan Drake would own. Its design is that of an ancient world map, with holographic Kraken tentacles near the top - because why not. The attachments included are the compensator muzzle, stock FSS Close Quarters, and the Commando Foregrip sub-barrel. It is unlockable at level 45.

7. Four Winds Watch

Players have seen the inclusion of the UAV watch, but now the Four Winds watch brings a compass navigator to the game. We can imagine that this item will come in handy in Warzone team matches and team multiplayer modes. It's free to anyone who can reach level 61.

6. Nevermore Finisher

There are of course some major shocks to this season's pass. We can't believe that Nevermore's Finishing Blow can only be unlocked at level 20. With the Legendary Finisher, players can summon a deadly raven to take down weakened enemies. Without going into details, the bird is certainly not afraid to steal a part or two of its body from its target.

5. The company's blueprint for AR

Once Battle Pass owners complete all levels, they will have access to the AN-94 Company Action Plan. Its skin is not dazzling, but it does feature a diamond ammo clip, as well as the Fire Tracer. If players choose not to upgrade the AN-94, this blueprint will grant them the Compensator Muzzle, Factory X-438mm cannon, Tac laser, VLK 3.0x optics, and the Underbarrel Commando Foregrip.

4.ISO - new SMG

With the additions of the Fennac and Striker 45, no one expected the ISO submachine gun to make an appearance. The weapon is a balanced version of the MP7, as the rate of fire is quite high, its accuracy being exceptional. With the right accessories, the ISO can certainly be considered a worthy SMG. The cannon can be used for anyone after reaching Rank 15.

3. Lerch skin

As an instant reward for those who purchase the pass, owners will have access to the skin of Lerch, something fans loved in the Season 5 trailer. Lerch varies wildly from others, as the build of his body is the one that the greatest players have seen. We don't know how this will affect the hit boxes, but it is certainly a very interesting element.

2. Roze skin

Almost exactly the opposite of Lerch is that of Roze. The skin is a very thin woman dressed in all black. For Warzone players, Roze will certainly be a dynamic threat, as she will be difficult to spot in a number of darker locations, such as wooded areas. She and her color variants can be obtained after completing the Battle Pass.

1.AN-94 - new assault rifle

At level 31, all players will have the AN-94 in their inventory. It certainly looks like the AK-47, but its firing mechanics are reminiscent of the M13. However, it could be considered stronger, as its hyperburst feature allows for a two-shot burst on all initial shots. If season five convinces you to return to Call of Duty, the AN-94 is a great AR for Warzone and traditional multiplayer.

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