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Dark is one of the best series you can watch on Netflix today. Its story catches you from the first moment and is full of references that make it addictive and profound.

If after seeing Dark your body keeps asking you for more events paranormal and time travel. At Gamerslance we present you the 10 best series similar to Dark. This way you will be able to travel in time again to solve the course of history.

Top 10 Dark look-alike series

From Gamerslance we present you the 10 best series similar to Dark. This way, if your body asks for more time travel and mystery with this list you can satisfy it.

Strenger Things

The first series we present to you similar to Dark and also found on Netflix is Strenger Things . If you haven't seen it, the story is about a group of kids who live in a town called Hawkings, where strange events from another dimension begin to occur. It may remind you a little bit of the Super 8 movie.

The OA

Following the list of the 10 best series similar to Dark is The OA. The OA follows Praire Johnson, who returns to his family in Michigan seven years after he mysteriously disappeared . The twist is that when Praire disappeared she was blind and came back completely cured.

The Leftovers

The third similar series that we present to you to get you hooked like with Dark is The Leftovers. After two percent of the world's population disappears without reason, those who remain must learn to deal with their absence and to continue his life.

Les Revenants

The fourth series similar to Dark is Les Revenants. A small village in France receives the arrival of several new inhabitants. Or not so new, as they are people who died several years and come back to life without explanation.

Waywards Pines

Coming to the halfway point of this list of series similar to Dark is Waywards Pines. FBI agent Ethan Burke arrives in a small town in Idaho to investigate a disappearance, the problem is that you later discover that it's literally impossible to leave the city.


The sixth series that looks like this and is sure to get you hooked is Westworld. Westworld is an amusement park where even the most can become a reality without any kind of boundaries. But, as is often the case when artificial intelligence is involved, things start to get out ofhand.


The seventh series that we present to you similar to Dark is Travelers . A couple of centuries in the future, humans create an intelligence quantum that allows them to send their consciousness through time and to take over other people's lives. Four of them are coming into the 21st century to try to save humanity, but a federal agent notices the change and is willing to to solve the mystery.

American Horror Story

The eighth series we present to you so you can get hooked is American Horror Story. This anthology of horror and drama is one of the favorite series of many for presenting independent and shocking stories in each season.


The ninth similar series we present to you is Fringe. It is a series that is very endearing in its stories and characters, if not experimenting with the idea of the double dimension in an exciting way.


The tenth and last similar series we present you is CounterPart , a two-season series that achieved a great reception among critics for its mix of espionage and science fiction. In the 1980s, governments discovered that reality had duplicated, with important and very influentialchanges of one dimensionto another one.

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