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During 8 episodes of Euphoria, we witnessed how cruel, energetic, and risky today's teens can be . But whatever controversy it may have caused, especially to those adults, the series showed the harsh reality of young people, full of insecurities, where they are not afraid of drugs, and to be open with their sexuality. Something that has rarely been shown on the screen.

So if you've been wanting more Euphoria and the harsh reality, at Gamerslance we present the 10 best Euphoria-like series.

Top 10 Euphoria-Like Series

If you liked the Euphoria series, at Gamerslance our series and movie experts, we present you with a list of the 10 best series similar to Euphoria.


The first series similar to Euphoria is Skins . Drama British teenager, winner of two BAFTA awards, in which a of teenagers living in Bristol make their first forays into the chaotic world of adults through sex, drugs, eating disorders and food and other...

Skam Spain

The second similar series we present you is Spanish, this is Skam Spain . Skam Spain is a portrait of the 16-year-olds born from 2000 onwards. The themes of this series are are: sexual harassment, feminism, bullying, homophobia, the fat-phobia or islamophobia.

Palo Alto

The third series similar to Euphoria that we present to you is Palo Alto . It tells the story of a group of teenagers with tendency to get into trouble, such as getting high, causing accidents or to make out with adults like their teachers. Adaptation of a series of short stories by James Franco.

Next Class

The fourth series we present to you is Next Class . Next class has four seasons that are considered independent of all the above and which is limited to the problems current issues facing teenagers. Feminism, anti-racism and LGTBI+ fight are three of the pillars that support this almost pedagogical product that, in addition, remains very linked to the present time and does not leave aside topics such as the refugee crisis.

My Mad Fat Diary

Arriving at the halfway point on the list we find My Mad Fat Diary . We could describe it as the enhanced version of Skins, as this series keeps the British air of a group of friends of the nineties, but avoid the dark representation of youth.

Faking It

The sixth alternative that takes us past the equator is Faking It. It shows us an American school where the usual rules are not applied in the same way as in other parts of the world. Here, the most popular are the students who traditionally would belong to discriminated groups.

Freeks & Geeks

The next series similar to Euphoria Freeks & Geeks . This original NBC series introduced a group of teenagers to the late nineties. Instead of focusing on the typical Who is the most popular, Freaks & Geeks gives us a view from within the group of rebels who skip classes and think that high school dances are silly and the most geeky.


The eighth similar series we present to you is Merli. Original from TV3, Merlí is one of the most acclaimed Spanish series for teenagers and a reference of the genre as it had not been since Physics or Chemistry.

Gilmore Girls

The ninth and penultimate Euphoria-like series is Gilmore Girls. Although it is not a usual teen series, Gilmore Girls has a lot of that step into adulthood thanks to Rory Gilmore. It is one of the few representations of youth in which the protagonist's relationship with her family is healthy and stable.

Everything Sucks

The tenth and last similar series in the list of the 10 best series similar to Euphoria is Everything Sucks . This series set in the late nineties is one of the most tender representations of adolescence from this list. The protagonists, a group of social outcasts in their most of them manage to survive day to day in the institute while dealing with bullies and school projects.

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