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EstrenosDTL has always been one of the best torrent download websites preferred by users. This download portal has made a name for itself among the big websites for downloading movies and series, as it has managed to be able to upload new movies in a very short time and to have a great variety of different files to download.

From Gamerslance we want to present you the best alternatives to EstrenosDTL, so you can use other types of torrents in case EstrenosDTL fails you one day because of its multiple failures or if it closes definitively.

What are the problems with EstrenosDTL?

As all the websites for downloading audiovisual content, EstrenosDTL is no less and also has problems with the typical closures and the temporary shutdown of the page. These closures are due to complaints from the movie companies that don't want to lose money . Here are some of the problems apart from copyright:

  • Excessive advertising, wherever you click you will see an annoying ad and you will not be able to flow well through the web.
  • The download flow is not very good.
  • It is constantly closed for not respecting the copyright and Hollywood licenses.

As you can deduce only these problems can be a big problem when downloading movies. For this reason there are many other sites that have been created as an alternative to EstrenosDTL. alternative to EstrenosDTL, so that in this way all these problems are solved and you can download the movie without any concern. Here we leave you with the 13 best alternatives to EstrenosDTL.

The 13 best alternatives to EstrenosDTL

From Gamerslance we want to present you a list with the 13 best alternatives to EstrenosDTL, so you can watch the movies that have just been released.


The alternative with which we open this list list, the website that we present you as one of the 13 best alternatives to EstrenosDTL, is This website is characterized by having a very simple interface but being a great website for downloading movies super effective and quality, which has gained many followers around the world.

Advantages of Zooql:

  • 100% secure links.
  • Most of the contents are in English but have Spanish subtitles.
  • Downloads are instant and without interruptions.
  • It is completely free.

Reviews of Zooql: [Average rating 4'8/5].

  • Simple is the best you'll find. -Alberto.
  • I didn't have them all because it seemed like a joke but it works very well, I love it. -Guillem.
  • One of the best sites I've ever used in my life, very good. -Nuria.


The second alternative that we present you in this list as an alternative to EstrenosDTL is YTS . YTS is a website with a very attractive design to the human eye that is characterized by the graphic quality of its graphic quality of the audiovisual contents. All the files are available in HD and 4K quality with the particularity that they hardly take up any space.

Advantages of YTS:

  • The files take up little space and are virus free.
  • Option to download the movies in high definition.
  • There is also the possibility to download the files in 4K.
  • There are premieres and classics to watch whenever you want.

YTS reviews: [Average rating 4'6/5].

  • I've only done one download and it has already convinced me, phenomenal. -Carlos.
  • Great download site to watch series. -Sergi.
  • Downloading movies is now easier than ever before. -Roger.

Torrent Paradise

Torrent Paradise is another one of the most efficient search engines of the moment, which is which thanks to the good reviews of its users has earned this third place in this list. The page allows you to see different tops of movies or series, and is updated every 30 minutes.

Advantages of Torrent Paradise:

  • One of the best Torrent in the world.
  • Every 30 minutes content is updated.
  • No need to register to use it.
  • Lots of movies, series and books to download.

Torrent Paradise reviews: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • Best Torrent I've ever used. -Fran.
  • After using it I don't know if I will use other similar ones. -Sandra.
  • Great quality of service, it's normal that it's among the best. -Pedro.

The fourth alternative in this list that we present to you so you can download movies if EstrenosDTL fails is . This Torrent allows you to download all the movies you want or you are looking for, since it has a great collection of movies, series and documentaries.

Advantages of

  • Archive of more than 250 series.
  • No need to register.
  • Large catalog of movies.
  • It is free and virus free.

Reviews of [Average rating 4'9/5]

  • I follow the DARK series and I've seen all the episodes. -Estela.
  • It's my first time downloading on a site like this and I didn't think it would be so good. -Ramon.
  • I'm a big fan of Indiana Jhons movies and here are all of them and with good quality. -Juan.


Pepeliculas is the fifth alternative to EstrenosDTL that we present to you because of its community. This is one of the best websites to access the latest movies and TV series, including new releases. It has an app that allows you to watch movies on the train or in the car.

Advantages of Pepeliculas:

  • It offers updates on the latest chapters that have been uploaded to the platform.
  • Before choosing a movie, you can access the trailer and user comments.
  • The contents are improving in quality.

Reviews of Pepeliculas: [Average rating 4'5/5]

  • The best of all the movies I'm using. -Carlos.
  • No doubt, since they closed the other ones I'm sticking with this one. -Cristofer.
  • Very good, perfect. -Marta.


Coming to the sixth alternative of EstrenosDLT we present you RARBG . RARBG is one of the platforms most used by veterans in the world of Torrents. It's a recommendable option if you're looking for new releases, since it's regularly updated, almost regularly updated, almost every week. If you do not know what to see you can always enter the top 10 in each category and the global.

Advantages of RARBG:

  • Top 10 from different categories.
  • Weekly updates.
  • NO registration is required and it's completely free.
  • You can see the trailer of the movie you want to watch and if the file is corrupted.

RARBG reviews: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • Great site, great top 10. -Jordi.
  • I love the freedom that the web gives me. -Martí.
  • I don't have a cinema near my house and this is enough for me. -Anna.

The Pirate Bay

The seventh alternative, passing the middle, of this list that we present is The Pirate Bay. One of the great features of this torrent is that the files are very controlled by the creators of the web with alerts if the content is in bad condition. Another thing that characterizes it is the great community that surrounds it.

Advantages of The Pirate Bay:

  • Great community for transferring files of movies, series, books, audiobooks, etc.
  • The fraud system avoids viruses.
  • No need to register to use it.
  • Great film library with which to spend hours.

Reviews of The Pirate Bay: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • Whenever I have downloaded a file in green there have been no problems. -Fran.
  • Good service from the publishers and good movies. -Sara.
  • I like it a lot, I have downloaded all the movies I could. -Marcos.

The eighth website that we present to you so you can download more movies if you fail EstrenosDTL is This site is set up solely for uploading movie files that as its creators say are only in the best quality possible. The site is free and without subscription.

Advantages of

  • You're only going to download movies in high definition or the best possible.
  • They take care not to present misleading download products to users.
  • It is completely free for everyone.
  • No subscription is required to use it.

Reviews of [Average rating 4'3/5]

  • I always download what I want it's not misleading like others I've downloaded with. -Lorena.
  • Good website, everything is in HD and everything is perfect. -Víctor.
  • There is a lot of variety of movies. -Alex.

Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrents, the ninth in this list of alternatives to EstenosDTL, is one of the most popular websites for downloading files nowadays. files at the moment. Its catalogue includes all kinds of contents that adapt to users' needs. Each of the files offers detailed information about its origin and quality.

Advantages of Kickass Torrent:

  • Each download has a description of who uploaded it to the site for tracking.
  • Large catalog of movies for everyone.
  • No need to register on the site to use it.
  • Totally free and for everyone.

Kickass Torrent reviews: [Average rating 4'6/5].

  • One of the best sites I've ever seen. -Carlos.
  • I've been able to download the whole lord of the rings saga. -Carmen.
  • The best without any doubt. -Paco.

Coming to the tenth of the 13 best alternatives to EstrenosDLT that we present to you is . This website allows you to hide your IP or change your IP in case you can't find the downloads on your country's IP. It is also one of the most used in all Spanish speaking countries.

Advantages of

  • One of the most used Torrents by Spanish people.
  • Quite reliable, it doesn't usually crash or close.
  • Great variety of film registrations.
  • Allows you to hide your IP or change it. reviews: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • It's very cool. -Hector
  • Fantastic. -Marylin
  • I didn't think it would go so well, recommended. -Jesus


On the eleventh place of the list of the 13 best alternatives to EstrenosDTL we introduce you to Gnula . On this site you can't download the content, but if you have a tablet, computer or mobile device you will be able to watch everything in streaming.

Advantages of Gnula:

  • You can watch everything online for free.
  • If you are looking for a specific content and you can't find it on the web, it lets you request it.
  • Recommended for fans of action movies.
  • It contains a section with the premieres and you can give your opinion in the comments section.

Reviews of Gnula: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I prefer watching online rather than downloading movies. -Paula.
  • Fantastic, I love it, the best. -Jana.
  • Great website to watch series online without fear. -Marina.


The last alternative of this fabulous list of alternatives to EstrenoDTL we present you Limetorrents. Limetorrents is characterized by having one of the best interfaces where finding the movies you want is very easy because of its search system.

Advantages of Limetorrents:

  • It has updated lists with the latest episodes of series and movies added or the most popular of the moment.
  • All files offer information about when the file was uploaded.
  • You can find everything from movies, to music, applications, recently released games and even newspapers.

Reviews of Limetorrents: [Average rating 4'3/5]

  • Of the latest torrents I've used it's the best. -Pepe.
  • There are things to improve but it downloads everything very fast, faster than the others. -Roco.
  • Great torrent fantastic, delighted. -Manolo.

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