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Telegorda is a well-known application for Android mobiles with which you'll be able to watch TV channels online. Here you will find numerous Spanish channels, both public and private, as well as others deprived of payment. To obtain it, you must visit Telegorda APK and download the application. To access, you need a password for Telegorda for today, which is usually available on the same page

Sometimes, Telegorda does not work properly, so many people look for legal alternatives to Telegorda in order to access their favorite TV channels. That is why Gamerslance presents you with the 3 best alternativesto Telegorda.

What problems does Telegorda present?

Telegorda may seem a bit dubious, since you have to go to other unconventional places to download it. And it may also fail to download and get the password to enter. So here are some of the problems to try other options:

  • Application that downloads to dubious portal.
  • It may contain viruses.
  • Difficult to access and download.

These three problems alone can present serious problems for you to back out and use other alternatives of the same style to Telegorda. That is why Gamerslance presents you with a list created by our experts with the 3 best alternatives to Telegorda. Now that it is closed, we present you with different alternatives for both mobile and SmartTV.

The 3 best alternatives to Telegorda

Gamerslance presents you a list created by our experts with the 3 best alternatives to Telegorda .


The first alternative we present to you as an alternative to Telegorda is Mitele. The Mitelestreaming service is an interesting alternative to the Telegorda app that you should take into account. From the hand of Mediaset, this service includes several channels: Telecinco, Cuatro, Divinity, Boing, Me Mad, Energy, Telemania and many others.

Advantages of Mitele:

  • From the producers of Mediaset.
  • You can see all the Spanish free and paid channels.
  • Free service.
  • You can choose a premium version, just change that you can see without ads.

Reviews of Mitele: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I used to use Mitele, this one's better. -Paula.
  • I like it very much, one of the best. -Carles.
  • Very good. -Carmen.

SKY Spain

The second of the three best alternatives to Telegorda is SKY Spain . If you want a good alternative to Telegorda to be able to watch all the Spanish DTT channels, as well as movies and series, SKY Spain is the application to download.

Advantages of SKY Spain:

  • You can watch non-Spanish channels translated into Spanish.
  • In next updates they will put sport channels.
  • You have one month free trial.

Reviews of SKY España: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • Good one. -Anna.
  • I can watch FOX news. -Andrés.
  • It's worth paying. -Fran.


The third alternative we present to you is AtresPlayer . Thanks to this streaming service you can watch series, movies and television channels such as: Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Mega and many more. It's free but if you pay you can access content exclusive.

Advantages of Atres Player:

  • You can watch all the Spanish channels.
  • You can watch all the Atresmedia series.
  • There is a premium option.
  • You can watch the series and the programs in deferred.

Atres Player Reviews: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • The best way to watch Spanish TV from your mobile phone. -Maria Josefa.
  • I like it very much. -Perico.
  • The best, I recommend. -Miria.

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